Holiday Peach Picks: Rob Wilson

One of my favorite things about Instagram is being able to get a sneak peak into the lives of artists I designer and illustrator, Rob Wilson of Dallas, Texas. He draws the most ingenious and aesthetically pleasing things and as his style feels a bit mid century and Scandinavian to me, I love him all the more. If you follow Rob, you know he has a cute dog, Maisie, who is often featured in his Instagram posts. So when I asked Rob to share his Peach Picks for this season, he happily did so. And happily for the rest of us, his picks are....

all about dogs. 

1. Hair of the Dog Flask, $24. What can I say? It's the holidays and we all need extra gulps of Christmas cheer. 

2. Chewed, $25. My dog Maisie and I have mourned many chewed up toys and this book reminds me of many of them. 

3. White Dog sweatshirt, $145. Designer Nicole Musselman's sly wit shines through in this bold, stylish sweater. 

4. Eleonor Bostrom ceramics, from $24. We are 1976 is one of my favorite stores in Dallas- you never know what owners Vynsie, Julie and Derek have found on their world travels. These quirky ceramic dogs from Eleonor Bostrom in Sweden caught my attention. They're almost like two dimensional scribbles come to life. (available in store only at We are 1976

5. Throne Dogs print, from $150. Juliette Borda is one of my favorite illustrators. I see her charming work regularly in the New York Times Style section. 

6. Dog luggage, $40. I definitely would've wanted this as a kid. Instead, I had a giant and furry cat head overnight bag. 

7. Letterpress card, $5. The handsome craftsmanship of this letterpress stationery, all made in Dallas, is a signature of designer, Lily Smith + Kirkley.  

8. Maison de Pawz dog treats, from $5. These dog treats are lovingly made in New York. And they have the cutest mascot, Tyler, whose adventures I follow on Instagram. 

9. Pets Behaving Badly prints, $150. I recently created this boxed set of 10 risograph prints called "Pets Behaving Badly" for Erin Cluley's gallery. It's a limited edition of 50 sets, printed by Constance Studio in New Orleans. The mixed media illustrations are drawn from my personal experiences of having cats and dogs. (I won't tell you the outcome of the cat meeting my parakeet) 


Dog + Bone

Flora and Leland. That's where it all began...

Years ago, Anne and Ivan Cook adopted two dogs named Flora and Leland. Together, they lived a very active outdoor lifestyle in Austin, Texas...but, their pile of worn and weathered dog collars never seemed to keep up with their adventures. So, they decided to design and produce their own...

These Dog + Bone collars are perfect for the active pup...pups that love the water, the woods and everything in between. Both the snap collars and Martingale collars are constructed from durable nylon webbing with solid brass hardware and super sturdy buckles. And then there's the fabulous bright and poppy colors...

I'm also loving these adjustable dog leashes. They adjust from a 6' length to a 3' length. This feature also allows you to clip your pup's leash around the leg of a picnic table or post. An added D-ring attachment connects waste bags or a light. It all comes back to the adventure and dogs (and owners) on the go. I think we have Flora and Leland to thank for that. See the entire Dog + Bone shop, here.


Photos: Dog + Bone      Content: Sweet Peach

Sweet Petunia

My friends Monica and Chris (who I just featured in the Low Country Boil post) recently began fostering a pup named Petunia. She is about 3 years old, weighs 50 lbs and is believed to be a Bulldog/Boxer mix with perhaps a breed or two or three more mixed in... She is as sweet as can be and needs a place to call home.  

Monica, "Petunia is mellow to the point of sometimes being mistaken for a piece of furniture. She never barks or chews and she barely sheds. She is not a 'bolter' and we often hang out on the porch watching the world go by with no fear of her chasing squirrels, cars or strollers. She loves her crate and will nap there throughout the day and night. She is learning to walk on a leash and gets better at it every day."

Petunia is lucky to also have another pup in her foster family. Her name is Magnolia, whom Chris and Monica adopted last year. The two get along beautifully and seem to have the same temperment. Every time I stop by, Magnolia and Petunia are often lounging side by side, perfectly chill under the hot southern sun.  

Monica and Chris often call Petunia by her new nickname, Potato. Monica, "We call her Potato because all she really wants to do is snooze on the couch." 

I've worked with a lot of kids and animals over the years but happy to report that Petunia was one of the easiest. She's as laid back as they come but certainly appreciated a treat or two to accommodate our many requests to sit here, there, then look over this way, no that way...

She did like rolling around in the petunias...

...but did not appreciate them placed upon her head. Good sport though- she at least let me get the shot. 

Monica and Chris are fostering Petunia through a wonderful organization called Ruffus Rescue in Atlanta, which do weekly adoptions at the Pet Supplies Plus location from 11am-4pm. You can find Petunia there on the weekends, or contact Monica directly to schedule a time to meet. You really can't find a better pup (or foster parents). I hope this July 4th, we can celebrate a new home for this very sweet, loving, adorable Miss Petunia. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

See Scout Sleep...

Oh, how I love a good pet shop. See Scout Sleep is based in Metairie, Louisiana and they sell a variety of pet beds, collars and leashes, all the while keeping function, style and sustainability in mind...

Their well designed products are handmade utilizing sustainably grown, hypo-allergenic materials such as hemp fabric, chemical-free buckwheat hulls and poly-fill made from recycled plastic bottles. Love that.  

It's hard to find a good leash but in their shop, it's easy. Their offerings are all colorful and cute, like every dog deserves. 

Great collar options as favorites have a bold and fanciful brass clasp. 

I think it's time to upgrade my pet's accessories as now I feel their hardware is quite inadequate. Find all your favorites at See Scout Sleep, here. 


Photos: See Scout Sleep site       Content: Sweet Peach

Ellen DeHeneres & friends...

When I recently met general contractor, Kara O'Brien to help me remodel my kitchen, we ended up spending more time talking about her brood of chickens than things like appliances, tile or cabinetry. But I blame it all on Ellen DeHeneres. This is she, above. Once I heard her fabulous name, I just had to know more...

Kara has 11 chickens in all and each one is quite different than the next. This is Fleur, which is French for flower. Her breed is, afterall, Mille Fleur d'Uccle. Mille Fleur means 'thousand flowers,' which plays off her pretty plumage. Fleur is full grown here and Kara calls her the Love Chicken as she can't wait to snuggle. Kara pets her every day without fail- "She loves to be petted. Her whole body vibrates."

Kara says that Mango, shown top right, is incredibly sweet and friendly. Chicken Piccata, a Polish chicken, (they are called Polish but are actually from Holland) is bottom right. Kara, "Piccata is neurotic and screamy. My daughter, Walker and I joke that she's always filing a complaint with the Administration!" 

The lovely Amelia is a light Brahma chicken. Kara describes her as very regal and benevolent, adding "She rules with a velvet wing." (Kara has the best descriptions) 

This gorgeous thing is a Wyandotte chicken which Kara aptly named, Tammy Wynette. She has russet brown feathers laced in lavender. Her pretty plumage makes me think of a pine cone and the perfection and genius of mother nature. Tammy Wynette is the most gentle bird of the group.  

And then came Izzy-Belle. How can you not love this lanky, cotton ball charmer? She's a Japanese Silkie with five toes on each foot and black skin, whom Kara describes as "meek like a melted bunny." She's a little on the dumb side and can't fly at all, so Kara built her a special needs ramp up to the coop so she can roost with the others. (As Kara says, "Bless her heart.") Kara also is Izzy's part time stylist- cutting hair away from her eyes so she can see.

When Kara called all the chickens back into the coop, they all came a running, except Izzy-Belle...she was in her own little world of course. We retrieved her by hand. 

As Kara is a contractor, she built her own incredible coop using reclaimed materials and leftover pieces from contractor jobs. The tin roof is new but the pink door Kara found in the West End and all the trim came off a house from a recent gig. The stained glass window is Victorian from 1890 and the side window is a craftsman from 1910.  

But my favorite part may be the 60' long chicken tunnel or Chunnel Kara recently added to the coop that runs along the far end of her property. Lots of chicken owners use them to give their birds more space and protection. Kara built hers from wooden pallets, then painted the chunnel a green color to blend with the yard. She found a Valspar historic paint color called La Fonda Jalapeno, which thrilled her to no end. The chickens went wild with the new addition. Kara, "Their knees were up high like ladies in skirts, running down the thing." 

From top left is Jackie Onassis, Tammy Wynette and Sipsie. 

As you can tell, Kara treats her chicks well. They eat garden peppers, tomatoes, organic oatmeal, yogurt and all manner of table scraps (they love frozen watermelon). She recommends all chicken owners add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to every gallon of water to keep them nice and healthy. A lover of wildlife with a fun, creative spirit, Kara is a girl after my own heart. But after naming one of her chickens Ellen DeHeneres, I guess I already knew that....

If you're in Atlanta this weekend, come meet Kara, Ellen DeHeneres, Izzy-Belle, Chicken Piccata and others at the fabulous Urban Coop Tour. 12 chicken coops will be featured and will certainly be an entertaining way to spend an afternoon or two- especially if you're hoping to start your own backyard brood. Purchase tickets here and checkout the Urban Coop Facebook page here. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach



When I was pondering what to blog about for Valentine's Day, my friend Tiffany answered my question in one phrase, "What about Valentino?" Valentino is a puppy that Tiffany and her husband, Jeff were about to rescue in a few days time. They had just seen this one photo of him with a heart shaped nose and the name Valentino was born, as well as a love for this little guy they had yet to meet. 

Valentino was being fostered by Christine Totten after being rescued by Amanda Liston and her partner, Terry King of Carolina Care Bullies. Amanda and Terry rescue dogs, focusing on pit bulls on death row in North Carolina shelters. They have so far placed 250 pit bulls into permanent, responsible homes. Many have a negative idea of pit bulls, which is often fueled by the media, but the many pits that I've met over the years are truly sweet, loving dogs...and they love to clown around. 

So, here's how it all went down. Last Saturday morning, Valentino, to the left, was unbeknownst to him, about to meet his new family which included Mischa, to the right, sporting here a fashionable winter scarf. (Tiffany and Jeff adopted Mischa from the same organization 8 months ago) 

Mischa waited in the car...then the two met and Mischa wasn't sure what to make of it all. Was this pup going home with her? After all, she's a spoiled child that gets lots of love and attention and occassionally gets to wear fabulous accessories...  

Back at home, Tiffany showed Valentino around as she walked him inside and out on a leash. Valentino found comfort in a good chew toy as Mischa paraded around the house, letting little V know whose house it really is. Until...

Mischa realized that Valentino was the most amazing play friend ever. As Mischa is just a year and a half old, she has a ton of energy. As I saw her last week with my two dogs who have arthritis, back problems and no real desire to leave their dog beds, she was none too pleased with their lack of enthusiasm. Valentino, on the other hand, could play for hours and hours on end...and they did, almost four hours straight. And that was just day one. 

They have since bonded beautifully. Mischa loves her little brother. She licks him incessently and watches over his every move. 

So Mischa found her Valentine in a cute four month old aptly named Valentino- so lucky. She's not even two and she's already got love all figured out. (amazingly, the happy pair were rescued from the same animal shelter and happened to be fostered by the same caregiver) I hope this offers a little inspiration to rescue your own dog someday...and check out the site of Carolina Care Bullies. They give those on death's door the best gift of all. A chance at love. 


Photos: The Santiagos, Carolina Care Bullies    Content: Sweet Peach

Eleanor and Milo

As autumn is in full swing, there's a need to add layers and get cozy and warm. The same holds true for our pups, which is why these stylish dog cowls, hand made by Kate Butler of Raleigh, North Carolina, are so necessary. 

The best part is these canine cowls are made from upcycled jersey fabric that Kate finds at The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC, as well as thrift stores like Cause for Paws and ReTails Thrift Shop, which donate to animals in need. 

The cowls are patiently and expertly modeled by Kate's white boxer, Eleanor. She knows how to work the camera, doesn't she? 

With so much recyclable material at her disposal, Kate also makes squeaky dog toys that can be personalized with embroidery. Sizes come in small, medium and large. 

Pretty packaging is always a plus and Kate does not disappoint as each cowl or toy is wrapped in heavy duty recyclable Kraft paper, tied simply with a white ribbon and tag. What a great gift...thanks Kate! Peruse the entirety of her lovely store here. 


Photos: Eleanor and Milo    Content: Sweet Peach 


Dog Ties

This is Henry, sporting The Henry, a black gingham collar with a mustard paisley print tie. Henry is hip and laid back, yet knows when to spruce things up with a little style...

Jalina Colon from Augusta, Georgia creates a myriad of ties for spoiled pups across the country. All collars are made to order, have a velcro closure and are machine washable. I'm particularly fond of the polka dots...

The ties are particularly popular for special occassions- such as weddings, anniversary and birthday parties. Jalina also makes a variety of colorful bowties for the pups whe prefer to be a bit more trendy. 

See all of Jalina's stylish doggie couture creations here. And may I suggest you spoil your pup today. Whether it's with a dog tie or lots of extra kisses or playtime, they can always benefit from a little extra love...



Photos: Jalina Colon   Content: Sweet Peach

Dogs with hats

I have a thing for dogs in hats. The whole outfit ensemble can prove a bit sad to me as the dog often wants no part of it, but a hat...that's just fun. Even if they get a little annoyed, it's kinda worth it. Above is the Oh Christmas Tree hat, hand crocheted with kelly green yarn and trimmed with red and white crocheted Christmas balls.

Bernadette and Julie, a mother and daughter team from Sykesville, Maryland have lovingly created these hats for pooches of all sizes but the inspiration comes from their three pugs; Jellybean, Pickles and Pumpkin. Pickles has grabbed the limelight from her siblings however. As Bernadette shares, "Pickles loves to model. Jellybean and Pumpkin like to stay behind the scenes." Find the Little Devil hat here and the Dog Groom wedding hat here. 

It's kinda hard not to love your dog infinitely when they put on the Church Mouse hat. If you prefer something a little more subdued, I like the neck warmer which can be adorned with a flower of your choice. 

I do believe I've saved the best for last. Pickles strikes a pose in the fabulous Carmen Miranda ensemble, which includes an apple, orange, banana, cherries and grapes. It's hard to top this ...yet in the new year, Bernadette and Julie will venture into the not so charted territory of cat hats. I look forward to sharing their feline creations that will amaze me in the sheer fact the cats keep them on long enough for a photograph. Thanks for sharing your wonderful dog hats Bernadette and Julie. To see all of their creations, which would make an excellent holiday gift, just click here. 


Doggie Freebie...



This week's freebie is especially fun as it's for the dogs in our lives. Dublin Dog from Charlotte, North Carolina (where I just so happen to be writing from today) have been so gracious to offer one Sweet Peach viewer a free Babylon collar and matching leash of your choice. If you haven't experienced these collars, you're missing out. They are 100% waterproof and as their site exclaims, "they won't absorb moisture, retain dirt or harbor bacteria." Just leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner via this Friday, December 16 at 5pm.


I have a lab and he rolls in all manner of nasty things on an almost daily basis. All you need to do is run the these collars under the faucet and they're like new again. Or better yet, if your dog jumps in a nearby pond or lake, the cleaning is done for you. And just as important, these collars and leashes look good. Every one is well designed and why shouldn't they be? Dogs deserve great style too...

I'm a huge fan of Dublin Dog's Original All Style, No Stink Collar. Their latest version includes a 100% waterproof sub layer for increased strength and durability, a new double buckle and softer, more pliable material that will withstand anything mother nature throws your way. Just comment below for a chance to win a leash and collar for your pup...and thanks so much Dublin Dog! 


Happy Dogs...

Remember when Big Mike in the film The Blind Side asked for a license just so he could have something with his name on it? There's something about having your name printed in an official capacity that just feels good. It's safe to say these dogs have no idea their beds are branded but hey, they look cute and it makes us owners feel good. Sweet Enzo, I want him in my life...

Kent and Amberlii are the husband and wife team behind Bow Wow Beds. Based in Northern Kentucky, they custom make dog bed covers for our beloved pooches. The fabric is a durable duck canvas which comes in a variety of sizes, including XXXL for the big dogs in our lives.

Besides a bevy of pretty colors to choose for your fabric, Kent and Amberlii also offer these incredibly fun chevron stripes. This is a necessary shop in the dog owner's life as many of us know the pain of trying to find a well designed bed to fit in with our decor. Why not make the dog bed a complementary conversation piece if you can? See all of Bow Wow Beds fashionably cool dog covers here. 

Photos: Bow Wow Beds    Content: Sweet Peach 

Dublin Dog

I first found these dog collars when I lived in Los Angeles and became an instant fan. I own a pug and a lab, and for all of you that have retrievers, you know well the mess they make. My lab loves to roll in dead animals, mud, manure, go jump in a lake, then run out, shake, and do it all over again. So when I saw that these collars were waterproof, solidly built, easy to clean, well designed and boasted a 'no-stink' claim, I became a customer for life. 

Dublin Dog carries leashes, apparel and dog toys as well. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, their products are wonderfully made and much appreciated by dog owners everywhere. They really do make a hike into the woods that much more fun. My lab has had the same collar for five years now and it still looks like new. And trust me, it's seen some pretty bad days...


Photos: Dublin Dog   Content: Sweet Peach