Custom Wedding Toppers

It's hard not to fall in love with whatever artist, Sarah Neuburger does, but I have to say, her custom wooden figurine wedding cake toppers are one of my all time favorites. 

These are custom cake toppers for the traditional and untraditional bride and groom. Figurines can be clothed in your wedding day attire, as well as include your pets, babies or any props signifiying hobbies or interests.  

Sarah works from her home workshop in Decatur, Georgia. To create the toppers, she uses wooden clothespins for the bodies, then adds a neck, head and arms. Polymer clay is applied and she paints as needed, then adds all sorts of fun add ons. I just can't handle the bouquet of succulents...such gorgeous fun.  

As Sarah has completed over 800 wedding cake toppers to date, it's safe to say she's a bit of a pro at this. These are really just the perfect, personal addition to any wedding or anniversary cake- a special keepsake to last a lifetime. She includes a drawing of her creation as well, to be used on invites, accessories or party decor. ...Adorbs. 


Photos: The Small Object      Content: Sweet Peach