Foxwood Co.

A couple months back, my eye landed on this walnut vessel and it's been love at first sight ever since. This piece turned out to be one of many eye catching and original works be Annapolis, Maryland couple, Casey and Amy Johnson.

Casey is an artist and sculptor by trade and takes great pride in constucting aesthetically pleasing, clean and functional forms. Amy helps in the design process and streamlining the logistical and marketing side of things. It's a a good match as their pieces feel wholly original with staying power. As shared on their site, "Our hope is that they become heirlooms, gathering their stories from kitchens, dinner tables and homes as they are passed from hand to hand." 

Casey sources the wood locally and no dies or stains are used. What does shine through, however, is a great respect for the process, as it's evident Casey lets each piece of wood tell the tale it wants to tell. The results are simply stunning, much like Mother Nature herself. See the entirety of the incredibly lovely shop, Foxwood Co., here. 


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Kristin Mayfield Meredith

Since blogging about Twine and Twig, I've had a thing for bigger and bolder jewelry pieces that embody a natural aesthetic. So, I was a bit head over heels when I spied the lovely work of Atlanta based artist, Kristin Mayfield Meredith, on Instagram. 

Kristen finds beads and accessories that are both new and vintage, sourced locally or as far east as Africa. Her wooden beads are crafted by a wood turner in Vermont. Such lovely pieces, I can't wait to seek them out here in Atlanta but for the rest of y'all, you can check out all of her current work in the online shop...


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I dream of my next home having lots of white space and natural light....and in that home I will be placing lovely pieces of modern, clean furniture much like this...

Furniture designer and builder, Kelly DeWitt of Austin, Texas has created an impressive home decor collection. I particularly love her plant hanger, welded from steel and hand-casted white concrete that works just as well indoors or out. 

What a beautiful, timeless aesthetic she has -inspired by the Texan desert of her home and influenced by traditional American design and Shaker furniture principles. Keep up with Kelly's latest creations and whereabouts on Instagram, here.


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Cainnon Combs

I can't help but love a wooden comb, especially these, handcrafted by Cainnon and Kiki Gregg of Tallahassee, Florida. They're made with all hair types in mind and meant to be versatile- for tangled curls, pinning up long hair or even managing unruly beards. 

I love how all the wood used for the combs is salvaged and southern. Cainnon, "Our walnut was salvaged from my great uncle's farm in East Tennessee, our oak is from a fallen tree in Piedmont Park in Atlanta and our hickory was pulled from the Suwanee River down here in Florida." Check out the entire wooden comb collection, here.


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Someday, I want a home with white washed floors and if i'm lucky, some weathered white brick...and if that dream so happens, I'm purchasing these modern and playful hairpin tables from Arrowhead.

Arrowhead is a small craft operation based in Durham, North Carolina. The team produces a multitude of custom pieces using local, native hardwoods and salvaged heart pine. These blocky hairpin swivel stools quickly caught my eye, made of red oak and mild steel. 

Here in the South, we love a good bench and this one is a true piece of art, made of tornado salvaged walnut and a steel base. 

This porch swing is beautifully constructed without even one fastener...just rope and some crafty engineering. To see the entire current collection of handcrafted pieces by Arrowhead, just click here. 


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For the Host

Cheryl of For The Host, based in Washington DC, adds simple, modern flair to your kitchen with a bevy of playful and pretty cutting board and utensil sets...

Cheryl uses acrylic paints on solid beech wood boards and spoons to liven up her kitchen goods. Makes a great hostess gift- just as the name implies. See more of Cheryl's pretty wares, which include gift sets plus salt and pepper shakers, here.


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Flannel & Floral

I don't think I've ever seen an egg stand before but now that I have, I kinda love it. This stand, built for a half dozen eggs, is made of hand carved pine and walnut and sealed with tung oil. Makers Shannon and Megan Brantley of Southern Alabama make two other stands fit for a dozen eggs. See them here and here. 

In their online shop, Flannel & Floral, Megan and Shannon craft a multitude of wooden spoons, bowls and home decor items. I'm always a sucker for a new hand carved wooden spoon, no matter how many already fill my drawer...

You'll find almost a dozen wooden jewelry pieces in their shop as well. I love how they incorporate vintage brass chains with each piece to add character and style. 

How sweet is this pine and copper stand for your loose jewelry? Adding a few cute, stubby legs just makes all the difference, doesn't it? Peruse Megan and Shannon's entire online shop, here. 


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The Sea & Asters Wood Planter

Modern simplicity is on display here and in the prettiest way possible. These small, wooden planters by Sea & Asters of Tampa, Florida quickly grab your attention and admiration. 

Owner, Monica Raguckas offers two types of wood planters. One version is designed to hold a Tillandsia (air plant) while others can handle small cacti or mini soil based plants. These are offered in a handful of poppy hues so you can easily find one to complement any shelf, sill or table. They make the cutest gifts too...

Check out the entire Sea & Asters shop, which includes pods, terrariums and tillandsia, here. 



I hadn't heard of wood embroidery until I saw the work of Nosheen Iqbal of Dallas, Texas. And now that I have, I'm a bit obsessed...

Nosheen combines thread, paint, wood veneers and bamboo to create some truly stunning pieces of art that she sells from $80 and up. Much of her work is commissioned based or found at local Dallas shops and events. 

Nosheen found much inspiration in her childhood as both her mother and grandmother had impressive textile and thread collections and taught her how to sew at a young age. Nosheen experimented with using wood and thread and slowly she found her own niche in the market, now designing under the name, Noshii. 

This beauty was an installation piece Nosheen did for the Hermes window in the Highland Park Village of Dallas. 

What I love too is her transition from panels to jewelry as she also crafts rings and bangles with wood and thread. Nosheen is currently sold out of these in her Etsy shop but I'd keep a close eye on the shop, or contact her here for more info. 


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Wdwrk Co.

Good kitchen wares are a good investment. Particularly anything handmade by Rob Laliberte from Knoxville, Tennessee. In his online shop, Wdwrk, you'll find a collection of well made, well designed, wooden pieces for the home that stand the test of time. Plus, they just look good...

Rob, "This began with the idea of creating unique and simple pieces meant for the ritual of daily use." Like these handsome black walnut hand carved spoons, perfect for stirring a pitcher of iced tea or anything inside a tall, tall glass. 

All of the items are crafted from locally sourced lumber in Knoxville. I think every kitchen can benefit from the addition of a handmade salt cellar and spoon as well as a small rolling pin...

This is a flat bottomed cocktail muddler in black walnut which is a pretty cool addition to any bar...

Woodworking has always been a passion for Rob, as well as designing and illustrating. It's nice to see his talents mingle with his ever expanding shop of small wares. May this inspire you to inquire further... and happy Manly Monday everyone. 


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Reformed Wood

I've been searching for a reclaimed wooden crate bed for my pups for a while now and as it turns out, it's being made just across the Georgia border. Artist, Kevin Mulrooney of Birmingham, Alabama has been working with reclaimed wood for years- and has created some impressive pieces to show for it. 

I can see this chalkboard crate working just as well on a General Store shelf as it would atop your office desk or to organize a kid's room. And this wine crate has a worn, stylish cool that makes it work for any myriad of uses, from storage to display. 

I think my favorite piece of Kevin's is this side table that he handcrafted from old barn wood- an old Alabama horse barn to be exact. It has steel hairpin legs with a gray/silver patina that complements the worn wood quite beautifully.  


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Geometric Goodness

These delightfully pleasing and one of a kind works of art come from husband and wife team, John and Janet LeGrand of Peckerwood, Alabama. After deciding they wanted to create a cost effective handmade product to sell on line, Janet was inspired to create something with stripes that also had a clean, modern look. John suggested accomplishing this with wood, to which Janet replied, "that's awesome." I'd have to say their final result is exactly that. This Complementary Set of Three would look lovely in my someday office.

Their art best complements a design aesthetic that is minimal, modern or rustic. Much of their wood is found at the local sawmill, often in piles of 'waste wood' that are full of pine and white oak. They also utilize some heart pine timbers that John's dad acquired, a type of wood once commonly seen in the flooring of Southern homes. Peruse their shop to pick your favorite and learn more about their process here.

To diversify their look, John and Janet created these very cool giclee prints accented with clip art. Click for the Cow or Seven. So uniquely, perfectly lovely. I want one of everything... 


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