Fulton & Roark

Solid cologne has been around for ages but they tend to be scents for the ladies...until now. Kevin Keller and Allen Shafer of Fulton & Roark in Winston-Salem, North Carolina have created the ultimate guy's provision, as it's well designed with high quality ingredients. Plus, it's practical and fulfills a need.  

They currently have three scents available: Shackleford, which is a sophisticated blend of sandalwood and warm amber; Hatteras, a fresh and green scent with light spice; and Tybee, a brisk white musk accented with rosewood and cedar. 

The best part is the sleek and slim containter that fits easily right into your jeans or coat pocket.

I found these at Tweeds in Atlanta but click here to see where it's carried in your state. Or check out their shop to buy online. It'll be fun to keep an eye on these guys as they're already concocting their next manly creation with a Fulton & Roark Shaving Cream. Yes, please...


Photos: Fulton & Roark/ Metaleap Creative/ Sweet Peach     Content: Sweet Peach