Parrott Canvas

I like bags made with a specific lifestyle in this Carpenter's bag made with a removable, covered board to give structure to the bottom. Crafted with wax canvas duck fabric, it's strong and durable, plus it's built to be taken places where it may get wet, dirty, kicked around... do what you will, it can take it. 

The crew at Parrott Canvas, based out of Greenville, North Carolina, have been designing and producing manly totes and bags for over 20 years. These are my favorite of their stylish, functional bags but their shop includes hundreds of options for every carry need. Pick your favorite, here.


Images: Parrott Canvas     Content: Sweet Peach


Awl Snap Leather Goods

A bag is an important part of our everyday life. It carries all of our important things... we rely on it, bring it everywhere, care for it, depend on it. So taking time to pick the right one makes a lot of sense. One southern bag maker that currently has my rapt attention is Erin McRoberts of Richmond, Virginia... 

At her studio, Awl Snap Leather Goods, Erin and her team of designers and fashion students craft some really beautiful bags for both men and women. Buttery soft leather is sourced throughout the world, including Italy, Mexico and Germany and each handcrafted piece comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

I love the second adjustable leather handle on Erin's Tesser Tote. Why don't more bags have this feature? I want, I want...

And just because it's a really good idea, the team created this fantastic hand stitched leather beer holder with vintage bottle opener. Which reminds me, it's Friday and I'm more than ready for happy hour. Enjoy the weekend y'all...


Images: Awl Snap    Content: Sweet Peach