Gifts of Indigo...for the men

Indigo seems to be the impact color this year. It's rich, earthy, enticing and it sprung up in all manner of gifts for the guys this year. This mix of items above I found over at the Stag Provisions shop in Austin, Texas. 

From top left: Tweeds floral pocket square, $40. The Hill-Side indigo bow tie, $85. Appointed Workbook, $24. Billy Reid chevron tie, $125. Sid Mashburn scarf, $85. Mifland Rucksack, $415. 

More gifts to impress include Sid Mashburn cashmere sweater, $475. Herringblone blanket, $420. Indigo dopp kit, $51. Imogene + Willie jeans, $235. Indigo catch all, $150. Anchor Bracelet, $31. Oak Street Loafers, $325.  


Warfield Supply

As my bag obsession continues, I couldn't pass up writing about this up and coming leather company which I happened upon on Instagram the other day. Warfield Supply is owned and operated by Ricky Foster and Jazmin Lee in Nashville, Tennessee and you need to know about them...

With a passion to create functional, stylish products with their own hands, Ricky and Jazmin have amassed an impressive bag collection made from high quality, raw leather. With almost a dozen bags in their arsenal, they've covered the need from small wallet to tote, from clutch to duffle. 

I always love reading about artisans who feel like they've finally found their passion...because it shows. All of these bags are beautifully made and classic in style. Shop for your personal favorite, here.


Images: Warfield Supply     Content: Sweet Peach


Misc Goods Co.

I love a good Kickstarter story... and this one is particularly inspiring. Dead broke and in need of a job after his wife had a child, Tyler Deeb borrowed $1200 from a friend to keep the bills paid. After playing with the idea of designing a deck of cards, he decided to give it a try and start a Kickstarter campaign. He was asking for $6250 to manufacture his cards. After just 20 days, he raised $146,596. 

His campaign went viral primarily because he was giving a face lift to something that sorely needed it and the design was incredibly cool. Quality was paramount and each set of cards are printed on Bee paper, which is the highest quality coated playing card stock. The handsome tuck case is printed with black ink, silver foil and is embossed. And I love the option to have a hard case, made by hand with cherry and walnut wood. The leather strap is tanned and the button is brass. 

Tyler fulfilled those 10,000 orders and then instead of expanding his card line like many expected, he went on to create a variety of innovative, cool things, hence his shop name... (here's his ceramic flask, which I blogged about a few months ago) 

This dark brown leather wallet is made with the modern, minimalist guy in mind. It's big enough for your cards and loose bills without adding too much heft to your pocket. Tyler burned some safe keeping instructions as a fun, added touch as well. See what else Tyler is up to in his Louisville, Kentucky workshop, which you'll never guess on your own, here...


Images: Matthew Stevenson, Molly Roberson, Misc Goods Co     Content: Sweet Peach

The Reuben Wallet

Every time I see the handiwork of Dallas, Texas based artisan, Barrett Alley, I'm reminded why I'm such an avid fan. His mix of handcrafted leather and vintage Japanese or German cloth is as good as it gets...

His latest creation, the Reuben Wallet is 2.5" x 3.5" and meant to hold up to 8 credit cards or a mix of cards and cash. It's not a carry all by any means- just there for you when you want to keep it simple (and stylish).

I like to think the Reuben Wallet is a manly necessity, functional yet modern and classic. Purchase your favorite, here. 


Images: Barrett Alley;    Content: Sweet Peach

New leather goods... at Peter Nappi

From time to time, I always like to check in with Peter Nappi in Nashville to see what he and his team have been up to. Besides their beautifully crafted shoes, I always seem to be lusting after their leather bags. This Nina Clutch is no exception...


Made of high quality vitello leather and brass hardware, each of the clutches, offered in 6 different color variations, are fully lined in neutral nubuck suede. 

I personally love a simple, classic wallet such as this. The Lia Continental is made in rich brown vitello leather with brass hardware and offers ample compartment space. It's a beauty. 

I'm excited to break out my passport again this summer and I'm starting to think I may just need this Mandorla holder. Such a sucker for new, leather goods...see the entire Peter Nappi collection, here.


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The Voyager Wallet

Simple and uncomplicated is how most guys like to keep their shopping experience. So may I suggest a good go-to wallet that fulfills both those requirements. It's called the Voyager Wallet by Motive Goods of Orlando, Florida. 

The Voyager is made of hand picked black walnut and fitted with rubber bindings to secure cards and cash. These bindings come from recycled bicycle tires donated by a local bike shop. Another plus- for every wallet purchased, Motive Goods donates a portion of the proceeds to the Plant a Billion project. So buy the wallet and a tree is planted. Simple enough...


Images: Motive Goods      Content: Sweet Peach


Noah Marion

Oh, vacation is over...such a sad sad thing. But, alas, I'm refreshed and refocused on the blog and ready to share some wonderful new finds from the South. There's a lot I have in store for part two of 2014 including some fun collaborations and more editions of the Sweet Spots paper. But first, I begin with these handsome leather goods that recently caught my eye, by Noah Marion of Austin, Texas. 

Noah has created a rather impressive collection of bags, belts, home goods and accessories but I particularly like his wallet selects for the men. Each one is classic, clean, durable, attractive... 

After inheriting a sewing machine from his dad, Noah taught himself to sew using found fabrics and other recycled materials. Having a love for timeless, well made goods, his leather line was born organically. 

Oh how I love a good dopp kit. These are smartly made from a simple one piece construction, available in natural or black. You can add a cool monogram too...nice holiday gift actually. 

These manly goods are made with untreated, undyed, natural vegetable tanned leather. Check out the entire line, here or if you happen to be in Austin soon, check out Noah's brick and mortar shop at 2053 S. Lamar Blvd. 


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Brooks Reitz Shares His Favorites...

Brooks Reitz of Charleston, South Carolina has a good thing going. As the mastermind behind the Jack Rudy Cocktail Company, he has created a legion of avid fans across the country. His small batch tonics are incredibly good and his care for product quality and design is truly inspiring. Featured in the NY Times, Garden & Gun, GQ and Bon Appetit to name a few, Brooks was kind enough to take a little time to share his favorite Holiday Gift Picks with Sweet Peach. Thank you Brooks...

1. BILLYKIRK CARD CASE WITH SNAPS, $74. Billykirk, a collaboration between the very talented Bray brothers, has been around for quite some time. This wallet, which is the only one I carry to this day, is streamlined and thin. The leather has gotten softer and more supple with each passing day and it never fails to invoke a compliment. 

2. CREAM-NUT PEANUT BUTTER, $6.49. Surely peanut butter is one of the most widely consumed foods in our fair nation, but most brands are packed with all manner of terrible sugars, preservatives and chemicals. Cream-Nut is BY FAR the greatest peanut butter ever made. Crafted by the same family for over 80 years in Michigan, this stuff is so good, it's worth buying by the case. 

3. ROPE KNOT DOORSTOP BY THE-COMMONS, $45. The Commons, a brilliant pop up shop in Charleston, focuses on American made objects for the home. I recently picked up a doorstop made from nautical rope (in pic above) that I use as a paperweight. The cool thing is they used technical rope to give it a modern feel. I love it. 

4. CERAMIC ASHTRAY BY HOTEL SAINT CECILIA, $25. I don't smoke but on a recent trip to Austin for my girlfriend's birthday, I picked up this ceramic ashtray from Hotel Saint Cecilia. Liz Lambert, the owner, is one of the most exciting hoteliers in the nation, as this hotel is a dream. I use this ashtray atop my bedside table for change, my watch and other crap I accumulate each day. 

5. QUILTED FLEECE CPO JACKET, $275. David Mullen, the owner of Save Khaki, designs beautiful, understated clothing that is produced in the USA. His clothes are made for guys that like nice clothing but don't have a taste for too much trend or fluff- like me! This jacket is perfect for Charleston, where it never gets too cold. You can toss it on when you leave the house and it carries you through the day.  

As a big fan of Brooks' wares, I had to include some pics and links to his incredible creations, the Small Batch Tonic and the Small Batch Grenadine. You'll find these in stores across the US or on his site, here. They make an amazing holiday gift- made better when you can share it with friends and family on a cold, winter's night. Enjoy. 



Time to Shop...

One of my favorite shops is Mockingbird Domestics in Austin, Texas so I made sure to include them in the Holiday Picks this year. The talented team, headed by Jeff and Laura Daly, support Texas artisans by offering their scrumptious, well-designed home provisions in their popular shop. And lucky for us, their well stocked online shop allows all of us to get a taste of Texas... 

LONGHORN TRAVEL POSTER, $21. These travel posters come in a variety of themes and feature different landmarks around Texas. Plus, as unique works of art, these prints are known to trigger feelings of nostalgia...

BOOT SCRAP WALLET, $42. Made from workshop scraps by the Cobra Rock Boot Company in Marfa, these wallets are simple, rugged and slim. Brown, oil-tanned leather complements the compartments for cash and cards. 

CONCRETE SOAP DISH, $22. This soap dish is handmade in Austin and is perfect for a housewarming gift. Pair it with some Marfa Brand soap and you'll be feeling the love. 

MARFA BRAND CAMPFIRE SCENTED SOAP, $10. A woodsy smoky scent infused with lapsang souchong tea, this soap will have you dreaming of bonfires and crisp autumn nights. 

SET OF 6 TEXAS BEESWAX CANDLES, $12. These candles make the perfect little hostess gift without breaking the bank. They are hand-poured in Austin and their natural honey scent is just perfect. 

CHICKEN TEA TOWEL, $18. These tea towels are hand screened in Austin with love- it even says so on the sleeve. They make the perfect holiday or hostess gift and come in a large array of designs and colors. 

AUSTIN STAR PLANTER WITH SUCCULENTS, $210. This concrete star planter is perfect for your Christmas cactus collection. Plus, it's a nice reminder of the rich heritage of our Lone Star state. 



Every man could use a good leather bag, particularly one with a classic desgin that only gets better with age. That was the motivation behind the creation of ColsenKeane leather goods, created by Scott Hofert of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Scott set out to make bags that would hold the things that men use on a daily basis. He wants these bags to be practical and useful. As Scott shared on Bearings, "I often tell out clients that this bag will not really be theirs until they spill some coffee on it or have to run through the rain with it. In other words, use it. Let your life, schedule and reality make their mark on these pieces." 

Scott crafts all manner of leather goodness, which includes satchels, notebook holders, iPhone holders, belts and iPad covers. And he loves to custom design a piece for your specific needs. Just send him an email here.

I particularly like his MicroWallets, offered in tan, brown and black. They have a simple, clean design that exudes a manly sophistication. The wallets hold 6-8 plastic cards, 7-8 folded bills and are small enough to keep in your front pocket. No need for a bulky, unattractive wallet, these handsome holders help a guy keep it simple...

For an overnight stay, Scott's Minimalist Toiletry Case is the perfect way to carry along your bare style, of course. 

See all of Scott's creations here, all of which are lovingly handcrafted with great passion here in the South...


Photos: Colson Keane      Content: Sweet Peach

Gift Ideas for the Boys

Here's a compilation of some of my favorite manly products of the past year. Some are new and some are oldies but goodies... Old Try state prints ($40); Sid Mashburn dark brown boots ($145); Blackberry Moonshine ($20); Moore & Giles belt ($150); Chiefs Energizing Face Wash ($17) Makr round wallet ($240).

Best Made Axe ($250); Picker's wallet ($31) Alton Lane Pocket Squares ($35, available in store only); Blue Claw iPad sleeve ($75); Otis James handcrafted tie ($110) *Otis will inscribe the name of tie wearer on the backside of the tie; Moore & Giles slim briefcase ($515); Edisto Oyster Knife ($300).

Ledbury gingham cashmere scarf ($155); Bexar Goods waxed canvas bag ($240); Hamilton Gingham shirt ($245); Elijah Craig Bourbon ($25).  

Witherspoon watch ($130); iPhone wireless handset ($110); Jack Rudy Tonic ($21), Piggy Bank ($125).

If you made a little extra cash this year and feel the need to really splurge, this may be the best manly gift yet. It's the Mahogany Mailbag by Emil Erwin in Nashville ($1250) and is based on the original satchel carried by postmen for most of the 20th century. It's so beautiful, I think we need a moment of silence...



What's New?

I like to check in to see what's happening with some of my favorite artists that I've already featured on Sweet Peach. Many times they've added just one or two new items to their shop so I thought the best way to showcase some of their latest creations is by putting together my recent favorites in one blog post. 

Clarke Titus of Rough South Home in Atlanta has done well with his amazing pallet chairs. His latest creation is now availabe with colorful steel legs, which add strength as well as a more modern, stylized look. 

From top left: Fox & Brie Woodland Gingham bow tie ($45); Whipping Post vintage messenger bag ($265); Whipping Post guitar pick bifold wallet ($37); Twelve South BookBook for the new iPhone 5. ($59)

From top left: Aqua serving tray by Jeanette Zeis ($62); Alabama Chanin organic tote bag ($20); Pony & Poppy set of three tea towels ($44); Colette Bream owl pillows ($84); Visuaria retro print ($17); Bla Bla cloth dolls ($34).

I've seen the Sideshow Sign Co. in the press lately and I really love all the new items Luke Stockdale handcrafts for his shop, including this incredible state sign for Tennessee and cherry red exclamation mark. Old Try creates some of my favorite artwork of the South so I was happy to see these incredible new prints for Louisiana and Mississippi. Hope you liked the roundup of latest finds. Perhaps one would make the perfect xmas gift...


Photos: Respective shops  Content: Sweet Peach 


Whipping Post

Ryan Barr likes his guitar. So much so, he created a couple products to accent his passion. The first are these really wonderfully made, handstitched leather wallets. 


He offers two choices, the Mojave Picker's wallet and the Georgia Brown Picker's wallet. They each have compartments for cards and cash and a place to hold your pick. Genius, eh? 

Ryan has also handcrafted some really amazing guitar cases. His own guitar is a bit beat up from tons of travel and use. As he says on his site, "Despite being banged up, scratched and abused, it looks and plays great." He wanted a case that matched the character and soul of his guitar... "Something that could age with time and maintain its classic appeal like any well made instrument. The more it got used and abused, the better it became." 

Ryan took his time learning about the best leather and crafting techniques from some of the world's best. As he shared, "I used the toughest, most expensive full grain leather you can find. I hand cut and stitched them with marine grade threading, put in an inch of high density foam to protect and insulate and finished it off with stainless steel hardware." I can't think of a musical artist that can't appreciate that. Find his cases, which he offers in three different colors, here. And happy strumming...


Photos: Whipping Post   Content: Sweet Peach