Holler At Ya Boy

This spring and summer, I'm helping out Cathead Vodka by taking a few pics of cocktails. All of the drinks are made by mixologists here in Atlanta and all are available at their respective bars throughout the summer. I'll be featuring a few here on Sweet Peach as they can be made at home too...it just takes a little crafting. 

The first bar we ventured into was my favorite neighborhood haunt, H. Harper Station. Owner and chief mixologist, Jerry Slater crafted this super tasty cocktail he calls Holler At Ya Boy. By incorporating Cathead Pecan Vodka, walnut bitters and sassafras, each sip has a nutty taste with hints of sweetness. I'm a fan of so many of Jerry's concoctions and truth be told, this one continues to impress...




Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

Cathead Vodka

Cathead Vodka is based in Jackson, Mississippi and is the first legal liquor produced in the state since 1907. Richard Patrick and Austin Evans, who were college friends at the University of Alabama, began the company in 2010 to showcase a love for their Southern roots. Their stylishly packaged vodka, which comes in regular and Honeysuckle, is corn based and crafted in small batches. 

Richard and Austin chose the name Cathead as cats is a common blues singer slang for musicians. Their logo was inspired by cat artwork that Delta blues musicians made to supplement their income. What I love most, besides their homage to the Mississippi blues, is that a dollar from each 750ml bottle sold goes to support live music in the Jackson area. 

I recently got together with my friend Wendy Binns from the Atlanta Intown Paper to prepare a couple of Cathead cocktails. I particularly like Cathead's concoction called Blues Cat, where the first step is to muddle together 10-15 blueberries. 

Add to the muddled berries 3 oz Cathead Vodka, 1 oz. fresh lemon juice, 1 oz. simple syrup and 5 basil leaves, muddled. Shake well then strain. 

Add ice then garnish with blueberries and a basil leaf. So good... 

I love the idea of Honeysuckle Vodka and Richard and Austin are the first distillery to attempt this combo. Honeysuckle is a Southern vine, growing plentiful in Florida, southern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The Cathead brand is all about Southern roots, afterall...

To make a pitcher of Honeysuckle Lemonade, mix together 4 cups of Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (5-6 lemons), 1 cup basil simple syrup and 4 cups of water. 

Pour your lemonade into 8 oz mason jars filled with cracked ice, then garnish with a mint sprig and lemon wheel. And then may I suggest sipping this tasty beverage on your front porch with a little music playing in the background. Blues music, of course...

Learn more about Cathead Vodka and the Mississippi Blues, here.


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach   2nd Pic: Clarion-Ledger