Sew Lola

If you've been following Sweet Peach, you know I have a thing for pretty packaging. So when I saw these lovely hand stripped ribbons from Sew Lola of Boca Raton, Florida, I just had to blog about them...

Lola learned how to sew when she was just 11 years old and since that time, it has been her focus and passion. Her wonderful ribbons are, as Lola shares, "great to wrap gifts, favors, vintage books or to decorate your home." 

I especially like Lola's chunky and colorful twine which is four times thicker than traditional baker's twine. Many of her ribbons have frayed edges which add a Southern, rustic charm. I know that any of her goods sitting on my shelf would inspire me. I'd want to make or buy lots of gifts for my friends so I could package them and make them pretty...

You'll find a small collection of dainty vintage napkins in her shop too. As Lola shares, they're "perfect for an outdoor tea party or wedding." 

I like how Lola offers bowties on her site as well. This one is a free style bow tie that she made with a vintage plaid cotton fabric. And it's pink so what's not to love? Thank you for all your lovely creations and finds Lola... I'm officially inspired. 


Photos: Sew Lola   Content: Sweet Peach