Reclaimed Vintage Ties

The go-to guy gift tends to be the standard necktie. I'm all for it but I like to seek out one that stands out from the crowd. These ties, out of Nashville, Tennessee, are reclaimed and repurposed. When a vintage tie with a cool print is found, it is cleaned, taken apart, then resized and resewn for an updated, modern look. 

Well priced at $50 each, Reclaimed Vintage Neckties are a good gift to give. Better to keep your holiday interesting & unexpected & these stylish ties certainly fit the bill... 


Starlite Showroom

In preparation for the unveiling of the next Sweet Peach Sweet Spots edition, I'll be posting quite a few stories on shops in Athens, Georgia. Starlite Showroom is one of my new favorites as it's full of well curated vintage finds at great prices. 

Mark Opel and Dan Beynart opened Starlite this past March. They met playing semi pro baseball and realized quickly their combined admiration for vintage home decor and mantique shopping. Mark has been an antiques dealer in Athens for ten years and Dan has owned local businesses there for years. Together, they realized they could make a good team, as long as they could find the right spot....

With a lot of vision, the pair decided to renovate an old mechanics shop and used car store they found on Broad Street. The space, with half a dozen rooms, initially was a complete mess. It took the pair three months to renovate it, tearing down paneling, rewiring the electrical, adding centralized heat and air and repainting the entire place. Luckily plumbing and contracting is something they both have done on the side and were able to do all the grunt work themselves.

Subsequently, they have low rent and low overhead so they've passed on the savings to us. Their prices are much better than you'll find in many other southern cities- with the large, vintage maps starting as low as $80, the working General Electric AM tube radio is for sale at $81....the ceramics are priced to move and the lattice side table is just $174.

As deer and antlers remain popular sale items, you'll find a plethora of choices here. I particularly liked the large velvet deer painting for just $23. 

As the boys know how to restore antiques as well, all items in the shop are home ready. It's an incredible find and so happy I was directed to it by the women who helped me curate the upcoming Athens Sweet Spots paper- Kristen Bach, Rinne Allen and Rebecca Wood. Next time you're in Athens, you'll have to pop in and check it out. (It's good to note they accept consignment and select items from dealers as well.) With a philosophy of showcasing well-curated retro home goods at great prices in an open, uncluttered space, Mark and Dan have created a shopping experience you're really gonna dig...


Images: Sweet Peach     Content: Pamela Berger


Bobo Warehouse Sale #2

In case you missed the first giant warehouse sale, Atlanta based Bobo Intriguing Objects will be opening their doors to the public once again, this Friday and Saturday (3/27, 3/28). I got a sneak peek last week to take some pics for Sweet Peach and this sale may be even better than the last. So many ridiculously good finds- like these wooden letters and numbers, sold separately at just $30 each. 

As they say over at Bobo, think of it as a super-luxe estate sale. Inside the 20k square foot space, you'll find wall to wall unique, cool and quirky conversation pieces- and everything is priced to move. Many items are discontinued, less than perfect, samples and one-offs. 

Their silver collection is designed and made by Bobo and all of the pieces are inspired by old hotel silver. These serving domes are about as fun as serving domes get, priced well at just $85 each. 

Iron medicine cabinets, wooden planters made of azobe wood, natural horn desk accessories and barware collections...statues, baskets, frames, mirrors, cribs, lights, birdhouses, signs. It's never ending and the best part is each piece feels like it's one of a kind. 

I'm particularly excited that my good friend, Clarke Titus from Rough South Home now has his workshop situated in the back of Bobo. At this sale, you'll see a bit of his latest handiwork in stools, tables, benches, chairs and even some prototypes and one-offs, many at deep discounts. Don't miss this. 

Big glass vases for $10 each...rustic glass cloches for $35's just too fun to peruse this space. And if you can make the trip, the sale is two days only: Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28 from 9am- 6pm. For more details, click here. Just arrive early and ready to load up, items will move fast and furious...


Images and Content: Sweet Peach


Vintage finds by 1767...

Patrick Hayes is a dabbler. He has a lot of passions, which include music, photography, art, design, food and mixology. I first found him after a glimpse at his rustic wall art on Instagram, featuring some incredible pieces made from reclaimed wood in Nashville. After perusing Patrick's website, I learned that he also curates a must see vintage shop.  

As Patrick salvages wood on a regular basis, he tends to stumble upon some very interesting finds along the way. His shop includes over a 100 vintage items for the home, with each item showcasing its old age and character. 

Many of his found pieces have a story to tell, like this round silver boho serving tray. It was salavaged from a home in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville, a home that was just demolished but had been standing since 1930. 

Personally, my favorite find of Patrick's are these mid century drawer pulls, also once a part of the 1930 home. I'd love to polish them up and place these on my own bedroom dresser. Check out Patrick's entire site, which includes his blog and artwork, here.


Images:     Content: Sweet Peach


Checking in with The White Pepper...

When you find a good vintage shop online, it's worth bookmarking as the inventory is constantly changing. Such as The White Pepper, based in Lynchburg, Virginia, which is always stocked with original, beautifully curated finds from the past. It's like the perfect yard sale...

I can't get enough of these vintage brass pineapple ice buckets. Aren't they amazing? I can envision this set on the bar I don't yet have. I suppose it's a good enough reason to make room for one...

Another brass treasure are these vintage pineapple and palm tree candle holders. It's all just so good. Check out hundreds more finds just like this, here. 


Caprock Vintage

It's been a while since I featured a vintage shop on Sweet Peach but in my opinion, a while is way too long. Through her collected vintage finds, Iylana of Caprock Vintage in Lubbock, Texas tells a story of her life in the wild west of Texas. 

As brass gains in popularity, I love finding small pieces that would look pretty atop a table or credenza. Iyanla features three dozen vintage brass items in her shop. The bottom is a fly trinket box which makes me think of my friend Bryce...he has a similar one that he uses as an ashtray for guests on the porch.

Iyanla recieves much help from her friend and fellow vintage shopper, Nylece. Together they find objects that have history and style. As Iyanla shares, "We love how objects from the past can connect you to the events you read about in history books and the stories you've heard of your ancestors. These are items we search for and hope to bring to you. They're not just objects, they're part of your history." 

I must admit, I have very few holiday decorations in my home as I'm never in Atlanta during that time. But, I always have one or two items placed somewhere. I can't help but be a bit head over heels for this vintage stained glass Christmas tree votive for $8. I may just have to get it. In the meantime, I'll be perusing more of Iylana and Nylece's fabulous finds, here. 


Photos: Caprock Vintage    Content: Sweet Peach

The Bobo Warehouse Sale

If I encourage you to do one thing this week, let it be a visit to BoBo Intriguing Objects' first ever warehouse sale in Atlanta. Doors open this Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13, from 10am-6pm. 

Mark Sage has been in the business of buying vintage and designing antique reproductions for a couple decades now. And his massive 100k square foot, full-of-this-and-that-warehouse, proves it. He's the guy with the dream job, as he travels each month internationally to seek out the unique and unusual in remote villages of Argentina, Poland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Vietnam, India and more. 

As one of the major suppliers to Restoration Hardware, Mark has over 18 fixers around the world that keep an eye out for original pieces to buy or be inspired from. With a close working relationship with dozens of factories internationally, Mark also has an infrastructure and network unlike any other. Up until this Friday, his doors have never been open to the public, only to dealers and designers. So trust me when I say, this is a real treat. 

You'll find thousands of antiques here as well as antique reproductions designed by Mark. Many are one of a kind prototypes he had made but never sold. As his marketing guru, Aysan Balkhanian says, "You can find just about anything in here." 

Lighting is an important part of the BoBo line and you'll see hundreds of original fixtures dangling from the ceilings. 90% of their lighting is made in Poland and materials are usually raw- like driftwood, wine barrels, metal and unfinished wood.  

I particularly liked the hundreds of vintage Belgian school chairs stacked in the back part of the warehouse...

This was my first BoBo purchase- a few stacks of Vietnamese rice bowls dating back to 1886. They were recovered from a sunken ship - how cool is that? Each one has a different shape and coloring. Some lie flat, others are a bit rolly polly. And at just $3 a piece, such a steal...

You can also choose from dozens of deer horns sourced from the Czech Republic...

Aysan, "Mark is the person who finds items where people say, 'Where did you even get that?' He has an eye." 

It's true. You can find anything in here, even Mel Gibson. There will be significant markdowns with prices ranging from a few bucks to over $10,000. Even if you don't buy a thing, it's so much fun just to peruse Mark's diverse and valuable collections, both new and old, sourced or inspired from all over the globe. His dream job turns into our dream afternoon...Here's the flyer, now go check it out! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are a great go-to for artwork in your own home, particularly the vintage pieces. I think it's fair to say I haven't come across one I didn't want. 

The good thing is, they're easy to find. Antique and flea markets, Etsy, local shops and markets. Plus, they're easy to download off the internet. Poppytalk offers six botanical prints you can download and print for free. So there's no excuse not to bring a little nature- and charm, inside. Enjoy your weekend everyone. 



Photos: Stadshem;; Lonny Mag;; Architectural Digest; Sopie Wilson;; Brittany Ambridge; Casa Sugar; Pernille Folcarelli     Content: Sweet Peach

Checking in with Bellalulu...

There are a slew of vintage shops on Etsy but very few are consistently full of great finds. Bellalulu Vintage out of Tulsa, Oklahoma just has it going on...

Jill Ridener of Bellalulu is a treasure hunter. She seeks out cool finds at estate sales, yard sales, antique malls and her local Saturday flea market. She is so thorough and productive in her search that she adds one new item to her shop every day. 

No matter when I check in with Jill's shop, she always has the greatest metal and wooden containers and contraptions to choose from. Mid century is popular too- as well as the quirky and unusal. See her current finds here and happy vintage shopping...


Photos: Bellalulu Vintage    Content: Sweet Peach


A Vintage Kitchen...

A good vintage shop is like a diamond in the rough. The Old Red Hen Etsy shop out of West Palm Beach, Florida has lots of scrumptious vintage goods for your kitchen- some for use, others for decor... 

A primitive copper pot looks amazing against an old, weathered table.

I've always wanted to find a vintage dish rack at a yard sale but no luck...good thing I found The Old Red Hen shop. Peruse the entire gathering of vintage kitchen goods here.


Photos: Julie of The Old Red Hen       Content: Sweet Peach

Checking in at Screen Door...

I travel to Asheville a few times a year and even if I just have one free hour, I always love to check in with the antique and home decor shop, Screen Door. Inside, they have 25,000 square feet of space with scrumptiously good finds to peruse.   

My personal favorite vendor (of the 100+ inside) is Susan Chancey of Lost & Foundry. Her section always has such fun, unusual items you'd want in your own home. I especially loved her windowsill herb holder at $52. 

Susan also carries these unique red and white numbered vases ($25) and this wire wine rack I really love, which can be affixed to the wall ($70).

The best part about Screen Door is just how much you have to choose from. Every vendor offers something special, catering to various tastes and interests. 

I particularly loved these unique lamps handmade by local artist, Kim Dryden. ($124) 

This vintage restaurant sign would be amazing in the right cafe and at $345, it's a pretty good deal. 

In this booth I found a bevy of pretty papers that sell for $8 each. Framed or affixed with washi tape, they quickly become cool and interesting artwork. 

I think my favorite find of the day was this collage owl art piece, selling for $300. 

Perhaps the best part about visiting Screen Door is all the inspiration it offers. I'm always learning new ways to display or organize things. Even if you don't buy a thing, you always leave with at least one good idea...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

Tribute 212

Heidi in Huntsville, Alabama has a good eye. Curator of the vintage inspired Etsy shop, Tribute 212, she shares, "I love to hunt and gather lovingly worn objects." 

I love both these finds, a vintage milk can which could make a great umbrella stand, and an oil can made pretty as a vase for fresh herbs...

Heidi states that she "lives a barefoot life. As casual and free flowing as possible." I somehow get a sense of that lovely life through her pics...

Heidi's scrumptious finds include tableware, signs, milk crates, furniture and accessories. See all of it here. It's the next best thing to salvaging yourself...


Photos: Tribute 212    Content: Sweet Peach

Pine and Main Vintage Goodness...

Katie of Pine and Main, based in North Carolina, has slowly created a vintage shop on Etsy that many others would like to emulate. Her goods are beautifully curated, her photography spot on... I just always love to see what new finds she's unearthed for our viewing and buying pleasure. 

You'll find a lot of kitchen and tabletop pieces, as well as a myriad of planters and vases at Pine and Main. I'm liking the idea of finding different vintage glass bottles for your window sill that you can fill with clippings from your yard or street. I should start with one of Katie's...

Although I'm an Atlanta girl and embrace anything vintage Coca Cola, I can't help but love this old Pepsi Cola crate. This would look great on a side porch or atop a kitchen shelf. Love, love... Peruse all of Katie's finds, which are updated continuously, here. 


Photos: Pine and Main   Content: Sweet Peach

The Vintage Chair

My favorite part about antique shopping is finding that unexpected piece. This set of vintage cinema seats has a multitude of uses. It works great as a bench for a hallway or entryway...even the kitchen or bedroom. It comes via the savvy ways of Rhapsody Attic, based in Atlanta.  

I'm a sucker for a bright colored chair with a fabric seat. This pattern is great and reminds me of growing up in the 70's. This pair of Lyre back chairs are made of mahogany wood and work great for the kitchen or patio...too sweet. 

This may be my favorite piece found by Rhapsody Attic, primarily becuase of its versatility. If you find the right spot for this chair, you get the added benefit of a shelf to add plants, books, fresh flowers or found objects. This would look great next to an old schoolhouse map, like this one. 

I think the folks behind Rhapsody Attic have a knack for finding great chairs. Check out more of their fabulous finds here.

I apologize for no post yesterday. I'm currently working in Turkey and the internet is anything but reliable...hoping it won't have to happen again. 


Photos: Rhapsody Attic     Content: Sweet Peach



Bellalulu Vintage

Being inspired is the best thing about home decor. And every time I check out the Etsy shop, Bellalulu Vintage from Tulsa, Oklahoma, I know I'll find some ideas for my own home. These two fabulously faded chairs are an incredible find and would add instant charm to a Southern kitchen or porch...

This is the kind of shop that motivates me to get up early to go to yard sales every Saturday. Jill's finds are really incredible, like this vintage hat stand I'd love to own...and this vintage Kodak tank that would look great in a photographer's office.

This handcrafted wooden cabinet with four drawers is full of character. As Jill states on her site, "lots of imperfections- chips, scratches, crackled, faded wood and paint." 


You can't go wrong with wooden crates for your storage or display needs, and the slotted shape and aged metal just makes the above tool tote one of my favorite of Jill's found items. It's perfect for display and is a great functional piece you can use in a myriad of ways. Love, love...


Photos: Bellalulu Vintage   Content: Sweet Peach 


What A Girl Wants, What A Man Needs...

For this Manly Monday, I wanted to talk about what I wish all single men had in their apartment, great furniture. Even if it could be just one nice piece, it gives a woman hope. So I sought out one of my favorite Etsy shops, Cast & Crew in Texas for some inspiration. 

I love checking out Jenny and Cody's shop every month as their fantastic goods are always being sold and replaced by even more fantastic goods. An industrial lamp is an easy get for a guy's desk and it always looks stylish. Like these two beauties above.

A splash of bold color in a guy's place is a great sign if you ask me. Yellow, orange, kelly green, bright red's all good. 

It's the care for design that makes a piece special. Does it have personality? Does it have a look specific to a designer? Or just this one question- does it look great standing alone by itself? 

I go to garage sales all the time and I'm always seeing vintage clocks for sale. They have a classic design and are sold for cheap. The trick to adding character to a space is finding unique items like these that tell a story through their age...

Every guy needs a bench - either for their entryway or bedroom. This Danish modern slat bench can serve just as well as a coffee table too. It's an art piece that looks great piled with books and magazines or completley bare. See all of Cast & Crew's beautiful finds here. And happy Manly Monday...


Photos: Cast & Crew    Content: Sweet Peach