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Bold MFG

Besides white washed floors, another item I yearn for in my home is a cool mailbox. Someday, I suppose. Until then, I will lust after the steel, modern beauties made by Bold MFG in Austin, Texas. 

Each style can be chosen with or without a lock feature. Made of raw steel, the mailboxes will develop a brown patina with time, looking weathered and lived in. I like that...

I particularly like their offerings with the classic 'Post' or numbering- and for some of the models, when the light hits it just right, will shed a cute shadow on the wall. See all of Bold MFG's creations, which include larger scale steel mailboxes and house numbers, here. 


Images: Steel House MFG   Content: Sweet Peach



The recipe for success is elusive, ever changing, subjective...but when I read about Austin based artist, Shay Spaniola, I can't help but think she's got it all figured out. 

Shay has a keen eye for color and design, plus she loves to travel and be inspired. To better understand marketing and retail, she was once a part of Anthropologie's visual team as well. Combined, her many talents allow her to stand out amongst the fray. Her work feels original and visually engaging. And my hunch is it's only going to get better and better...

In Shay's shop, Bunglo, you'll find these gorgeous pillows with her hand painted patterns as well as artwork, ceramics and furniture to name a few. Color and energetic patterns are her niche but there's a softness to it. As she shares on her site, she seeks to transform "residential and commercial spaces into meditative environments with light, soul-lifting patterns." 

These sweet jewelry dishes are a collaboration with Bunglo and Kristen Saksa Juen- an incredibly talented Austin artist I blogged about last week. 

And then there's the original Knoll tulip chair. How great is this? Shay found this vintage gem in disarray and gave it a much needed makeover with fabric of her own design. It's tasteful yet modern and fun. It's a piece with staying power too, just like Shay. If I had to guess, both will be around for a long time to come...


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The Hinkley Barstool

I have admiration for a good barstool. I spied this one over at Arteriors in Carrollton, Texas. The Hinkley barstool combines wood and iron with a swivel seat and natural wax finish. 

These stools add a modern, sophisticated charm to a space and stand tall at 34.5". 

I just love the look of these handsome beauties lined up one after the other. Barstools to drool over... see many more manly pieces for the home over at the Arteriors site, here. 


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Kristen Saksa Juen

One of the joys of having my own blog is hearing from the artists themselves. What is their process? What are they inspired by? For ceramicist, Kristen Saksa Juen of Austin, Texas, it starts with natural forms. 

Kristen, "I am deeply inspired by the textures, forms and tiny details that I find in nature and there is so much to discover here in the South!" Based in Austin, Texas, Kristen molds modern, organic forms by hand. Her process is open and free forming, never rigid or absolute.

Kristen, "I prefer to design without patterns or guidelines in order to keep exploring new ideas. For me, the creative process builds on itself. Sometimes a 'failed' idea spurs several other successful designs. I push myself to design with a healthy does of randomness which ultimately gives my work its unique, organic look."

Kristen finds pure joy in her work and I have to say, I find pure joy in this trio of precious, earthy bowls. See more of her work and be inspired too, here.


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Kia Neill

I love when an artist expresses their wholly original point of view. Like Kia Neill of Houston, Texas who creates seductive and fantasized versions of mother nature. 

Nothing is literally 'drawn' in her drawings but images come to life in a very slow, deliberate yet spontaneous way. Kia, "To produce my drawings, I use a hairdryer to manipulate puddles of thinned down pigment on paper. The hot air current speeds evaporation and moves the puddles around. The process is unpredictable and induces a type of meditation."  

She continues, "As I gradually layer the marks from the dried puddles, I recognize form and pattern similar to what I see in nature, such as the ridges of clam shells, linear folds of sedimentary layers or jagged tree lines of alpine forests." 

Such beautiful images to get lost in...see more of Kia's impressive work, which includes sculptures and installations, here. 




I'm back in town after a long weekend out west and have a bit of time to share a few pretty things that caught my eye on the flight home. My endless gratitude for Gogo inflight...

I'm currently searching for more artwork for my own home that is original yet affordable. Painter, Lynne Millar was raised in McLean, Virginia, and sells her floral-themed oils on paper at such great prices. ($80 or $40 for these....) 

Then, there's the gorgeous water cut candles I spotted over at JM Dry Goods in Austin, Texas. These eye catching candles come in 8 different colors for $62. 

And checking back in with my favorite Mississippi shop, Amelia Presents, I spotted this gorgeous hand painted clutch for $60 that is offered in blue, green or pink tones (or simply request your favorite color). It's exlusive to Amelia and I dare say, such a good find. 



Side Project Skateboards

Jake Eshelman is a meticulous kind of guy. Just check out his wall of tastefully framed art, his tailored shirt and well groomed self...or more importantly, that gorgeous, carefully crafted skateboard he's holding. That perhaps speaks loudest of all. 

Jake grew up in Houston, Texas, at a time when skateboarders were well traveled on the main and side streets of the city, often barefoot, bold and spirited. It inspired him to craft his first skateboard - and then another...until word got around and he had a good side gig. Now, through his company, Side Project Skateboards, Jake continues to craft one of a kind skateboards by hand in his home town of Houston. 

Reclaimed Cherry, Maple, Walnut and Ash all make repeat appearances in Jake's shop and he relishes working with the various grains, colors and idiosyncrasies the natural woods provide. I don't have a current need for a skateboard, but if I did, I know exactly where I'd buy it... here.


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Oh Happy Day...

It's chilly with gray skies for most of the country today but there's a couple rays of sunshine to hold on to. First, it's a Friday of a long weekend, so that's a good thing. And secondly, I just found this shop called Love Ding, and it's nothing but happy, beautiful, colorful things. I can't help but smile ear to ear...

Denise Roberts has always had a love for finding, arranging, sprucing and finessing both vintage and new home decor pieces, so she smartly created a space to let her passion flow and share with others. Love Ding is located in Austin, Texas as both a brick and mortar and an online shop. 

Denise's shop carries a bevy of well designed, pretty things- from dishware, pillows, tables and chairs to blankets, artwork, tea towels, clocks and dressers. Vessels too, like these beauties from my friend Courtney at Honeycomb Studio. So much to smile about. Happy long weekend everyone...


Images: Love Ding


Wrong Side

If you're one of my guy friends, you know I like pocket squares. I smile whenever I see one and then tell all surrounding men why each of them should own one. Pocket squares add style and swag to an outfit, how could they ever be a bad idea? 

This weekend, while perusing Instagram, I found Wrong Side in Austin, Texas. Founded by brothers, Sam and Josh Newman, the Wrong Side pocket squares are all sourced from recovered materials. With the intention of making something new from old, the brothers find many of their fabric remnants at local, high quality, shirt making companies like Hamilton and Dos Carolinas.

Ah, it's just so good... Find, or gift, a stylish Wrong Side pocket square, here.  


Images: Wrong Side; Hamilton Shirts 



Helm Boots

Quality craftsmanship is always appealing- and readily apparent inside the Helm retail shop on the east side of Austin, Texas. 

At the core of Helm is their specialty creation... boots. All their boots are made in the USA with high quality materials like soft, durable leather and are designed with clean, classic lines. Each pair includes a signature white midsole and are built to be used and abused, for the working man...

Joshua Bingaman is the man behind the brand. An adventurous soul, Joshua cares deeply about creating quality shoes that stand the test of time - shoes that will get us from one place to the next with reliability and swagger, during our own personal adventures around town or across the globe. 

The Helm retail shop looks like an incredible place to visit. Opened in 2013, the shop includes their current selection of boots and a plethora of accesssories for both sexes that are carefully curated, of high quality and made in the USA. Quality, attractive craftsmanship appears to be the mantra. Gotta like that...


Photos: Helm Boots; Michael A Muller;  Content: Sweet Peach