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mb art studios

I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning as I went to bed at 2am and back up at the crack of dawn to start another day on set. But- I did luckily have some pics saved of some really pretty ceramics that I'd love to share from mb art studios today.  

Mary Burrows is from Austin, Texas and followed her creative passion after too many years inside an office cubicle. Mary, "What woke me up was having a child who didn't fit into the average 'box,' he helped open up my eyes to a whole new world." 

Today, she has let creativity take the lead in her life and passionately crafts all manner of dinnerware and items for the home. Mary, "My grandfather's parents were from Sweden and I seem to gravitate towards modern, Scandinavian design. I love patterns, black and white, color, wood, textiles and imperfection." 

I'm head over heels for this ocean blue and white porcelain plate. Mary, "Black underglaze is swirled onto each piece and reacts in the kiln with our own recipe of a clear, shiny glaze. The result is a deep blue and has a bit of mystery to it." 

It's funny, this plate is so needed on the TV set I'm working on right now. The crazy cast are acting, as expected, off their rocker. Oh lord, too many tales to tell. For now, I'll let this be my mantra for getting through the end of the show. I'm almost there... See all of Mary's truly gorgeous creations, here. 


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B By Brandie

As spring is finally here, I'll soon be having some get togethers on the back porch- which gets me thinking on pretty ways to style a table. I always do a mish mash of vintage and new but these table settings by B by Brandie are a nice alternative too.

Brandie Gehan of Dallas, Texas founded her home accessories line in 2012. It's modern, colorful and made to mix and match. I particularly love her collection of turquoise plates, (includes appetizer, dessert, dinner and charger plates) many of which have a touch of gold. It adds that hint of fun sophistication. 

I like the idea of playing with all these pretty patterns, including the tablecloth. What a great style combination to inspire the rest of us. The gold flatware is a perfect complement too.



Although I have fallen for everything turquoise in her shop, Brandie's collection has so much more to offer. See the entirety of her home goods shop, which includes dinnerware, flatware, vases, candles, glassware and more, here.


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Cast & Crew. A place to sit.

An avid Cast + Crew fan, I'm always in awe when I check in to see Jenny and Cody's latest finds and updates to classic designer chairs. Like this beauty, a collaboration between Alexander Girard and Charles & Ray Eames. As stated on their site, "Girard's brick red hopsak upholstery joins forces with one of the rarest of Eames fiberglass colors- elephant hide gray." 

Jenny and Cody are known for adding a bit of vibrancy to their found pieces, like their signature Marfa Red neon powdercoat. I particularly love the color combo chosen to update these stellar stools. These are fully adjustable, with the seat's height ranging from 21" to 27". Plus they swivel round and round. Gotta love that...


Jenny and Cody work hard to retain as much of the original hardware as possible. Any modifications are done to enhance the life of the chair and keep the designer's intentions intact. And it can't hurt to add a bit of modern flair...

This is just a small sample of their lovely places to sit. Check out the Cast + Crew blog and Etsy site to see more. As they live the artist life in my dream destination of Marfa, Texas, Jenny and Cody are well worth keeping track of...


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Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

For two days now, I've been craving chocolate chip cookies. I normally don't eat them as I'm allergic to eggs but sometimes I give in and deal with the consequences...but, then I found this recipe on Katherine Dinger's site, Katherine is based in Dallas and is an experimental vegetarian chef. She loves things to taste delicious but also errs on the healthy side of things. She recently concocted this delicious pairing of oatmeal, dark chocolate and vanilla soaked cherries - in a cookie. This makes me happy...

I think these cookies are a perfect treat for Oscar night on Sunday. Make 'em for yourself or pack 'em up in a brown box and bring along to a friend's house. They'll be devoured in no time. Find the scrumptious recipe here, and enjoy the weekend everyone! 


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Capps Carriage House

A beach house has been on my wish list for years but now I need to add another item to that list - a carriage house. Specifically one designed by Jim Poteet of Poteet Archtitects in San Antonio, Texas. 

This beautifully restored 1890's home is located on the property of a Victorian manor in the King William Historical District of San Antonio. What I love is all the bright whites and natural light that streams in...and a lavender bathroom with a complementary sink is pretty darn fantastic. The original hardwoods, painted black, contrast well and bring a lot of vitality to the space. It's inviting and charming and I must say, the perfect place to be a guest...

These tin ceiling tiles were present when they started the renovation. They were not original to the house but Jim bought the same pattern to finish the entire ceiling, painting it all a glossy white. The ceiling as well as the wainscoting and beadboard got the same uplift with white paint. Jim, "We wanted them white to emphasize the texture and the play of light, particularly in the small spaces." 

The white backdrop to the house allows for all the lovely pops of color found throughout the house. This attractive floor was once Saltillo tile, which the owners and Jim did not wish to keep. A solution was found in applying gray epoxy over the tile which made it smooth and reflective, helping the light carry throughout the space. Beautimous...


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Moose + Pine

A couple months ago, when I was compiling my list of favorite men's wallets, I came across Moose + Pine, an online shop based in Dallas, Texas. I quickly fell for the colorful, tasteful collection and knew it would make a nice fit for Sweet Peach...

Mari Forssell was born in Helsinki, Finland, spent six years in the UK and is now in the good 'ol USA. She took up residence in Dallas and in 2007 began handcrafting laptop messnger bags, camera bags- then wallets, iPad sleeves, Kindle carriers, Smartphone and iPhone cases. A Scandinavian design influence is evident in her simple style and choice of pretty patterns. Oh, how I hope to visit Scandinavia soon...

Above is one of her lovely handmade iPad cases in gray and green wool plaid. Each case offered (she has over 20 iPad covers to choose from) is lined with a sturdy canvas and rivet reinforced straps with snap enclosures. 

I like the idea of having a stylish fabric pouch for my iPhone. I hadn't thought much of it before but when I saw all of these amazing options, I started to think about buying lots of them to match different outfits (if only). On the back of each is an eyelet to allow for your ear bud plug. Adorbs...

These men's wallets are stellar. They're for the guy who embraces a bit of color and is open to something other than all leather. Made of tweed and cotton canvas, these are the kind of wallets that stop me in my tracks to ask, "Where did you get that?" Mari would be happy to make these in any color combination of your choosing. Check out the Moose + Pine site for more info. And here's to Scandinavian simplicity, with an added touch of Southern soul....


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I think my favorite part of the Holiday Gifts Picks I posted in December was how many talented artists I discovered. It was great to be exposed to a new cross section of American handcrafters, which included Natalie Davis in Austin, Texas. Artist and designer, Leah Duncan picked Natalie's leather coasters as one of her favorite holiday gifts and after checking out her site, I was smitten too. 

Natalie expertly crafts modern leather goods that are "tooled, carved, burned and hand-dyed." Her leather trays quickly caught my eye as they have a beautiful richness to them as well as a charming, minimal design. 

What I like about Natalie's goods is how she updates the standard items like a key chain or napkin ring. I've never really had a key chain or a desire for one, but after looking at all the pretty leather shapes in her shop, I really want one. 

Natalie is an artist to bookmark and check in with from time to time. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. No doubt it'll be something that exudes excellent taste and quality- and something that I'll want. Peruse her entire Texan based shop called, Canoe, here.


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Time to Shop...

One of my favorite shops is Mockingbird Domestics in Austin, Texas so I made sure to include them in the Holiday Picks this year. The talented team, headed by Jeff and Laura Daly, support Texas artisans by offering their scrumptious, well-designed home provisions in their popular shop. And lucky for us, their well stocked online shop allows all of us to get a taste of Texas... 

LONGHORN TRAVEL POSTER, $21. These travel posters come in a variety of themes and feature different landmarks around Texas. Plus, as unique works of art, these prints are known to trigger feelings of nostalgia...

BOOT SCRAP WALLET, $42. Made from workshop scraps by the Cobra Rock Boot Company in Marfa, these wallets are simple, rugged and slim. Brown, oil-tanned leather complements the compartments for cash and cards. 

CONCRETE SOAP DISH, $22. This soap dish is handmade in Austin and is perfect for a housewarming gift. Pair it with some Marfa Brand soap and you'll be feeling the love. 

MARFA BRAND CAMPFIRE SCENTED SOAP, $10. A woodsy smoky scent infused with lapsang souchong tea, this soap will have you dreaming of bonfires and crisp autumn nights. 

SET OF 6 TEXAS BEESWAX CANDLES, $12. These candles make the perfect little hostess gift without breaking the bank. They are hand-poured in Austin and their natural honey scent is just perfect. 

CHICKEN TEA TOWEL, $18. These tea towels are hand screened in Austin with love- it even says so on the sleeve. They make the perfect holiday or hostess gift and come in a large array of designs and colors. 

AUSTIN STAR PLANTER WITH SUCCULENTS, $210. This concrete star planter is perfect for your Christmas cactus collection. Plus, it's a nice reminder of the rich heritage of our Lone Star state. 



Textiles, please...

Every once in a while, I like to check in with Mockingbird Domestics of Austin, Texas to see what fun, local fare they have for sale. I was happy to find Constance Garza textiles- via Garza Furniture in Marfa. So scrumptious...

At Mockingbird, you'll find a nice selection of Constance's hand dyed and sewn fabrics that would look so sweet upon a dining table. Particularly with your favorite cheese, wine and tasty tidbits... 

Perusing the Mockingbird site further, I found these herringbone guest towels that I may just have to purchase. I've been wanting to update my towel selection and after spending a couple months in Turkey last year, I've grown to love these super absorbant textiles that are so slim and stylish. These Turkish towels work excellent in the bath or as a tea or dish towel in the kitchen- via Scents & Feel of Miami.

Jeff and Laura Daly, the owners of Mockingbird Domestics, continue to amaze me. I'm blown away by their beautiful selection of goods- which also includes furniture, lighting, art and ceramics. I hope I can visit Austin someday soon, for when I do, my first stop will be here. In the meantime, their incredible site shall suffice. Enjoy...


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Kreeger Pottery 

About a month ago I was perusing one of my favorite Atlanta shops, Star Provisions and found this lovely pottery. Whenever I find new things to love, I look to see who made it, hoping it's southern so I can share it on Sweet Peach. So many times, I find amazing items from Brooklyn or Portland...this time, it was Kreeger Pottery in Austin, Texas. Yes! 

Keith Kreeger has been crafting pottery for over 15 years. He started on Cape Cod, becoming one of the premier craftsman there- then moved to Austin with his family in 2009. My favorite collection of his is the Essential Collection, seen here, which is the most modern and restrained. There's so much beauty (& craftsmanship) in simplicity...

Keith, "I think that a meal with friends that you've spent hours preparing calls for dinnerware crafted with the same care. I think flowers picked fresh from your garden look better in a vase you've picked as well." 

Peruse Keith's impressive collection of pottery, here. Or stop by Star Provisions if you're in Atlanta. I promise, you'll have a hard time picking a favorite... 


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