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The Good Union

As the need for locally made products increases, so too is the desire to capture the spirit of an older America. At The Good Union, based in Carrollton, Texas, each product is inspired by the blue collar American worker and recaptures the desire and care for quality materials and craftsmanship.  

I can't help but love their hand-letterpress tees that are all individually hand stamped using 1940's vintage wood type blocks. Each one may vary slightly from the next in terms of coloring and 

As The Good Union crew continues to expand their wares, I'm happy to see these next two items in their collection. The Woodsy hand soap has a clean ourdoorsy smell with a hint of musky wood. I want to try... Then the Industrial Stone Necklace is made from authentic Petoskey stone. See all their fine, American made, manly items here. 


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Miranda Bennett

If I could be more carefree with cash, I think I'd have a closet full of textiles. I place the blame on artists like Miranda Bennett of Austin, Texas...

Miranda's fabrics are created in small batches and are all naturally dyed. The textiles are meant to be functional, worn day or night. 

Miranda also dabbles in fashion, as she should. Her lovely pieces are simple and classic, with a care for Grecian draping and luxe fabrications. See her entire collection of apparel and textiles, here. 


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Guys and Gadgets

Guys love their gadgetry but, as can often be the case, they don't always put much thought into their protective covers- at least not stylistically. Thankfully, Noah Marion of Austin, Texas has stepped in to add classic, masculine design to the tech world. Since 2006, he's been crafting slim, functional leather holders for lots of manly goods and gadgetry.

Noah relies on and prefers working with untreated, undyed natural vegetable tanned leather. Each piece is meant to patina to a darker brown as time passes on by...

Every time I check Noah's site, I see a new piece added to his collection. He's an artist to watch and bookmark. And if you're lucky to be in Austin anytime soon, I'd head on over to his brick and mortar shop for a visit. 


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The Sporting District

Last week I got an email from Josh at Wrong Side who shared with me a recent men's shop that opened up in San Antonio, Texas. The kind that carries small batch, well curated items with a southern, sartorial style and swagger. I'm a fan...

It's called The Sporting District. The name refers to the old 'sporting district' that began in 1889 which became a centralized locale in 22 blocks of the city used for all sorts of sporting activities. Owner Sean McNelis now uses the space to share all things manly like leather bags, grooming supplies, clothing and pocket squares- many of which are made right there in Texas. 

Any good men's shop these days has some good reading material too... books to nurture and shape the modern man. It's a shop I hope to get to visit one day. In the meantime, I'll find solace in their cool online shop.


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Spartan Shop

This tote tells a tale. It's classic, cool and beautifully designed. It's actually the perfect representation of all the gorgeous goods you'll find inside Spartan Shop of Austin, Texas.   

Owner, Currie Person wanted Spartan to be a space to share the things she loves. Lucky for us, that meant stocking her shelves with stunning ceramics made by talented artisans like Kati Von Lehman and Mirena Kim.

And then, there's the weak spot. I'm head over heels for each and every one of these beauties. What I love too is I haven't seen any of these bags before. A meticulously curated shop is my favorite kind...

When you're in the mood to buy something unique and pretty for your home, head to Spartan in Austin, or just peruse their online shop, here. There are hundreds of great finds including clothing, jewelry, books, bath products and items for the kids. All with a good tale to tell...


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Passport Please...

It's a tad hard to write today as it means my trip to Bali has come to an end. I returned over the weekend and can't help but crave a return to that blue gray ocean and waking up to the sweet scents of, all the Balinese people I met along my path who shared such extraordinary kindness and joy of spirit. I am grateful for all of it, as well as the chance to stamp my passport again...which got me thinking of a good Manly Monday post for today...

Amina Munster of Teague, Texas launched a leather company in 2006 and she has been perfecting her craft ever since. The characteristic sunburst leather stain is one she has become known for and the process took eight years to get just right...

I love the worn look of this stain and the great thing is Amina offers custom passport covers with either monograms, logos, personal drawings or short sayings so the cover can really speak to the individuality of its owner. As a passport is something to covet and take good care of, it's only right to treat it to a handsome, handmade leather case. See all the options, here. 


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Romina Bacci

A nature girl at heart, I have a soft spot for the work of Romina Bacci of McKinney, Texas. A photographer and graphic artist, Romina combines her many talents into the prettiest collection of botanical art. In her Etsy shop, you'll find a plethora of well designed cards, prints and accessories, all inspired by mother nature...

Her botanical photographs are impressive. A few years ago, I blogged about some of her early pieces. Born in Argentina, Romina created this series of photographs to document her own visual diary of life in both North and South America. Her work continues to impress...

I'm a sucker for a good calendar and Romina has many good ones to choose from- either individual monthly cards or one complete yearly art print.

As Romina is multi talented, her shop is multi faceted, including an enchanting driftwood mobile and hand dyed, hand stamped cotton scarves too. She's an artist to watch and admire... Click here to see her shop, Miles of Light, in its entirety. 


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The Cell Block  

A good hotel room is worth paying a little extra for but truth be told, some are better than others. Like The Cell Block in Clifton, Texas- a two-cell jail from the 1930's converted into a one room, one bath boutique hotel, complete with a rooftop deck and two complimentary alcoholic libations upon arrival. 

This may just be the kind of solitary confinement you can handle. It's spacious, inviting, smartly designed and private- you can't help but feel safe and secure behind these doors. As an added touch, the resident record player spins prison related tunes only ... just think Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. 

And like any good boutique hotel, The Cell Block has a cool shop of takeaways, like the Don't Drop Soap or the cooly designed matchboxes. It's good all around. Book a trip to the stylish slammer, here.


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Little Low

I'm not sure why, but I'm always a sucker for a pretty, floral illustration. Caitlin McClain of Little Low in Austin, Texas has my attention and admiration with her modern and playful art prints...

I like this one too, reminding me of the bare necessities during an outdoor adventure- and I need another one soon. Being stuck in an office lately has me in dire need of some fresh air. I'd just draw a mattress inside that cute tent and then I'd be all set. See all of Caitlin's work, here. 



The El Cosmico Shop...

The one southern city I really want to visit is Marfa, Texas. I'm always reading about it and I love the idea of driving out to the desert, far away from home, shutting off my cell phone and getting lost under the stars at El Cosmico. I will stay in one of their amazing yurts one day. And now, come to find out they have a gift shop featuring lots of amazing artisans. Even better...

A devout fan of colorful blankets, I can't help but love these beauties made of South American wool- each and every one unique from the other in both pattern and size. 

The shop is, as you'd expect, full of color with a hip, retro feel. Goods include apparel, jewelry and camping gear. See their entire shop, here, or better yet, take a trip to this west Texas desert town. Disconnect, discover, reflect...then go shopping. 


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