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The High Fiber, fall 2015

I have an odd attachment to pretty tea towels. There's very few I pass by without touching. I think growing up with flimsy white paper napkins every meal has left a wound or two. I find healing through artisans like Daphne Cohan of The High Fiber in Asheville, North Carolina...bland and boring is just not in her vocabulary. 

Bees, butterflies, acorns and bunnies always make good subjects. These new designs mean I can justify new tea towels in my tea towel drawer. I can justify that. Peruse Daphne's entire shop, here.


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The High Fiber

This past Sunday, I visited the Pop-Up shop at 200 Mill in Marietta, Georgia. The incredible artists who run this workshop, studio and retail space, (2 of which I've featured before on Sweet Peach: Ashley Woodson Bailey and Lindsay Troutman) open the Pop-Up one weekend a month. It doesn't disappoint...

The inviting, colorful space quickly gets your attention and the first item I couldn't stop admiring were these lovely towels by Daphne Cohan of The High Fiber, based in North Carolina. 

Daphne works in her home studio in a small mountain town just north of Asheville. She is inspired by nature, simplicity and community, which is apparent in each and every textile. 

As any friend of mine would attest, I love a good tea towel. But I have to say Daphne's really stood out to me- not only for their sweet designs, but because they were so soft. These are exactly the kind of tea towels I love to own. Plus, Daphne hand prints each one using organic, American made fabrics and solvent free, environmentally kind inks. 

Check out the entirety of Daphne's collection, which includes snack bags, totes and shopping bags, here. (or see in person at the next 200 Mill Pop-Up) Plus, peruse her new line of textiles, all made with the help of the sun and environmentally friendly materials, here. 


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Time to Shop...

One of my favorite shops is Mockingbird Domestics in Austin, Texas so I made sure to include them in the Holiday Picks this year. The talented team, headed by Jeff and Laura Daly, support Texas artisans by offering their scrumptious, well-designed home provisions in their popular shop. And lucky for us, their well stocked online shop allows all of us to get a taste of Texas... 

LONGHORN TRAVEL POSTER, $21. These travel posters come in a variety of themes and feature different landmarks around Texas. Plus, as unique works of art, these prints are known to trigger feelings of nostalgia...

BOOT SCRAP WALLET, $42. Made from workshop scraps by the Cobra Rock Boot Company in Marfa, these wallets are simple, rugged and slim. Brown, oil-tanned leather complements the compartments for cash and cards. 

CONCRETE SOAP DISH, $22. This soap dish is handmade in Austin and is perfect for a housewarming gift. Pair it with some Marfa Brand soap and you'll be feeling the love. 

MARFA BRAND CAMPFIRE SCENTED SOAP, $10. A woodsy smoky scent infused with lapsang souchong tea, this soap will have you dreaming of bonfires and crisp autumn nights. 

SET OF 6 TEXAS BEESWAX CANDLES, $12. These candles make the perfect little hostess gift without breaking the bank. They are hand-poured in Austin and their natural honey scent is just perfect. 

CHICKEN TEA TOWEL, $18. These tea towels are hand screened in Austin with love- it even says so on the sleeve. They make the perfect holiday or hostess gift and come in a large array of designs and colors. 

AUSTIN STAR PLANTER WITH SUCCULENTS, $210. This concrete star planter is perfect for your Christmas cactus collection. Plus, it's a nice reminder of the rich heritage of our Lone Star state. 



Wit & Whistle goodness...

One of my favorite stationery shops is Wit & Whistle, which I've featured before on Sweet Peach. Every time I check out Amanda Wright's shop, I see new things to admire...and share. I especially like her venturing into the world of pretty tea towels.

Her 30" x 30" flour sack tea towels are silk screened with her own hand drawn designs. And the best part is the towels get softer and more absorbent with use. 

New to her shop are these lovely pillow covers. Amanda designs them and her mom sews each and every one. I love that. 

Amanda's talents truly shine in her stationery line. Her Snail Mail notecards are beautifully designed and as sweet as pie...

Amanda offers over 50 cards and over a dozen jotter notebooks. It's the kind of shop where you'll want to buy a bunch of items and then use them as needed throughout the year. 

And seeing how Easter is less than a couple weeks away, I thought this holiday card was apropos. And so cute. 


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Celina Mancurti

I'm a sucker for a pretty tea towel so I was a bit smitten when I saw Celina Mancurti's Etsy shop. Originally from Buenos Aires, Celina now lives in Tampa, Florida where she is creating a home collection that is both eco-friendly and sustainable. 

This pink tea towel with a chicken may be my favorite. It's hand-screen printed, 100% linen and has a cotton loop with a vintage button attached. She also offers yards of her pretty printed linens for you to do as you wish. 

She offers 18 different tea towels in all. Her inspiration comes through her travels, her native home in Argentina and of course, mother nature. 

All of her linens are made from the fibers of the flax plant and are eco-friendly. This lovely table runner is $50. 

Peruse Celina's site to see her ever expanding line of pretty linens, which also include tablecloths, napkins and aprons. 


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Alabama Chanin

I've been wanting to blog about the shop Alabama Chanin for quite some time. I keep thinking I'll make my way to Florence, Alabama to meet its founder, Natalie Chanin in person... but time keeps slipping away. So I wanted to at least show off my favorite item of hers before it's too late- the tea towel. 

You can tell just by the pictues how soft and perfect these are. Made from 100% organic cotton jersey, these limited edition tea towels come in soothing colors and simply pleasing designs. And since the company began in 2000, all the products are handcrafted by local artisans. As written by Jamie Stoll of W Magazine, "Hiring local quilters and sewers from her hometown of Florence, Alabama, Chanin was preaching the importance of slow, local design way before sustainability came into fashion." 

These are Southern products through and through. The cotton is grown in Texas, spun into thread in North Carolina, then knitted into fabric in South Carolina. When in the hands of the Alabama artisans, each piece is then hand cut, painted, embellished and constructed." It's all a labor of love to be sure...

If you get a moment, peruse the Alabama Chanin site and you'll see why I love it so... Chanin designs women's clothes as well as a variety of gorgeous products for your the site has an incredible DIY section any crafter would love. 


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