Bloody Band-Aid Cookies....for Halloween

When my friend Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object posted this pic on instagram the other day, I was impressed but not surprised of her creative baking skills. She's the mastermind behind the cutest stamps on the planet- plus the illustrator of Sweet Peach Sweet Spots. These cookies are a really fun Halloween treat... 

Sarah suggests following your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Then take gel food coloring and follow the instructions for achieving the light brown Band-Aid color. (Sarah notes the dough looked more purple before baking but turned out perfect once baked.) Refrigerate dough. 

Next, roll out dough on floured surface. Use your preferred kitchen tools to achieve a rectangular cut for each cookie (Sarah used a pizza cutter and a ruler). Try an angel food cake cutter to add rows of holes for each Band-Aid. Bake cookies, cool. 

Make your favorite icing recipe. Place the icing in a piping bag or plastic bag with a cut hole in corner. Dab white icing into shape of a square in the cookie center, then add red spot either with an icing writer or another piping bag with red dye (after white icing has dried). Let the cookies sit out a bit and harden, making them stackable for your serving plate. So cute...and scary. Thank you Miss Sarah.


Photos: Sarah Neuburger;;;    Content: Sweet Peach