The Tension Pole Lamp

Like many of you, I have my list of things I want for my house. So far, this year's list has a new couch, something made with chicken wire and now, a tension pole lamp. My close friend Bryce always has 2 or 3 of these to sell at his shop and I just fall in love with them all over again, every time I see one. 

There are a ton of great features to a tension pole lamp (made in the 60's and 70's). First, they are spring loaded and adjustable to your ceiling height, often from 88" to 102". Also, you can often point the multiple light sources any way you like and turn on just one individual light at a time. 

And, if you're a good scavenger with a little patience, you can find these in thrift stores for pretty cheap- ($25-$100). Bryce shares, "Even if the spring on the pole doesn't work or it needs to be rewired, if you like the lamp, get it. You can be resourceful and bring it back to life fairly inexpensively." Trust me, with the hundreds of compliments you'll be getting on your new lamp, it's worth it. 

The thing is, there are hundreds and hundreds of tension pole styles out there. Every time I see one, it's different than the last. No matter the style, this vintage lamp is a wonderful conversation piece to add to your home and the lighting is soft and inviting- so much better than any overheads. 

This one Bryce and I recently put in the front window of his shop, Curious. I love the street lamp feel brought inside. I think I'm inspired to be a tension pole lamp scavenger now. I'll keep looking till I find thrift store at a time. 


Photos: Sweet Peach;; Two Guys Vintage; La Femme Moderne;; Etsy    Content: Sweet Peach