Ceramic Jewelry, A Sensible Habit

Brandy Schuman always surprises me. She shouldn't, but she does because every shop I go into around Atlanta lately, I seem to run into something made by her. She started with selling her playful rubber stamps and gift tags...another day I saw her cute and colorful textiles...next, art pieces and greeting cards. Then, just the other day, I saw my friend Sarah wearing this fabulous ceramic necklace. When I asked her who made it, I should have known the answer...Brandy. 

Her necklaces are big and playful and, as made by hand, are also one of a kind. Each is crafted with stoneware clay, painted then glazed. An adjustable leather cord allows you to adjust to the length you desire... 

Of course, as is her style, Brandy can't just make ceramic necklaces, she also crafts pretty ring dishes and holders...spoons too. And why not? Life is more fun when you can mix it up... Just makes me wonder, what artistic creation of hers will I be happily surprised by next. Peruse her entire shop, here.


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The Coffee Scoop

A few months ago, I fell for a walnut mug handcrafted by April Cox of April Not June. I featured the mug in my winter Sweet Spots paper and instantly became a forever fan of her work. So when April sent me pictures of some new coffee scoops she had created, I was more than happy to share them on Sweet Peach...

April has crafted wooden scoops for quite some time but was recently inspired to play with epoxy resin and more importantly, color. As April used to paint, her skills as an artist were beginning to take on a new shape and scope. In her email to me a couple weeks ago, she just barely contained her excitement. Open and inspired, April is on her exact right path as an artist. How cool is that? 

Currently, April offers these beauties in either walnut or oak with an Orange or Peacock Blue colored scoop. I have the blue one and I'm head over heels for it. But like a side, I'm a forever fan. She leaves me no choice in the matter...


Images: April Not June    Content: Sweet Peach

Felix Glenn

My friend Courtney of Honeycomb Studio recently told me about one of her favorite online shops, Felix Glenn. I took a quick peek at their site and realized I wanted to learn more...

Husband and wife team, Joanna and Robbie Ballentine of Birmingham, Alabama, craft these beautiful wooden utensils by hand. They named their shop after their grandfathers who were both skilled carpenters back in the day. 

Their intention with the shop was to create an "organic, imperfect and one of a kind product." Joanna, "We let the grain of wood determine the next move." With each utensil they carve, (made of walnut, cherry or olive wood) they produce a unique, functional tool that has a beauty all its own.  


Joanna and Robbie offer over a dozen utensils to complement any kitchen. The nice thing is, these are tools to stand the test of time and much like the passion and skills of their granddads- be passed down, generation to generation. 

Check out the entirety of the lovely Felix Glenn shop here. The bonus find is Joanna's gorgeous blog, irrelephant, which I just discovered and have now bookmarked. And thanks Courtney, I think I'll add this shop to my list of favorites too...


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