Sweet Peach Revival Prep

I never knew how much work goes into putting on an event but after pondering, planning, brainstorming, deciding, booking, ordering and all the rest of it (as my dear friend Elena would say), the hard work is starting to pay off. 

With just two weeks left until the Sweet Peach Revival, things are beginning to take shape. The talented Stefanie Carter has been working on the Belly General Store window all week. She hand drew the design, scanned it, printed it, drew it again and is now painting it in primer for all to see. She's done an amazing job and I am so grateful for her time, talent and meticulous effort. When I asked her which part of designing the window was the most fun, she replied with a smile, "All of it." 

To help get the word out around town about the Revival, Stefanie also created a two sided flyer I can place at coffee shops and boutiques. Beth Lord, who is putting on this event with me is pretty ingenious when it comes to low cost marketing. No matter your budget, she reminds me that you can be creative with what you have.  

So, to save money, we printed the flyers in black and white. Beth and Stefanie also designed it so two flyers could fit per sheet. Then we had them printed on white card stock at the Office Max on Briarcliff Rd. (little known fact that they're an amazing resource for printing with an excellent price point- 20 cents less per sheet than anywhere else I found) They even cut all of the sheets in half for just $1.18. 

Then I bought a kid's watercolor set and spent a couple hours painting either the peach or the leaves. I got this idea from Beth, as the current flyer she has for her indie-pendent shop has a colored stitch from her sewing machine along the bottom. It's truly adorable and it's this type of special touch that makes people pick up the flyer and talk about it. Plus, it showcases the essence of what our Revival will be- handcrafted, thoughtful design from right here in the South. Stay tuned for more Revival prep photos. We ain't done yet...

For more info on the Revival, please click here. (Remember- Friday night is free but you must register in advance to be on our private guest list) 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach