Grandmother's Baking Bowls...

When I think of the holidays, I can't help but think of the kitchen and like many of us, our grandmothers. I just spotted this amazing Grandmother's Baking Bowl set over at the Garden and Gun site and wanted to share. They're a smart and beautiful collaboration between Ashley Leckey Schoenith of IceMilk Aprons in Atlanta and Jeanette Zeis of Portland, Oregon (formerly Atlanta). 

These were inspired by the stacks of mismatched bowls grandmother's seem to always have in the cupboard. Made of vintage white porcelain clay with the added lovely touch of a red imprint laurel design, this set is one to be used, kept, cared for and passed on to the next lucky family member. What a great gift- plus Jeanette is happy to personalize the bowls as each is made to oder. Learn more, here.


Photos: Margaret Houston; IceMilk Aprons    Content: Sweet Peach

Paper & Clay Studio

As much as I hate the idea of chilly days ahead, I do love the idea of a new mug filled with something warm and tasty. The latest ceramic work by Brit McDaniel of Paper & Clay Studio in Memphis has me thinking of all the possibilities. Her beautiful winter landscape mug has five total glazes that combine a matte finish with patches of glossy ice blue and green along the horizon...

All of her work has a Scandinavian influence with modern, colorful touches...

An avid admirer of Brit's mugs, I'm ready for my drink. Winter, on the other hand, can wait. Check out the entire Paper & Clay shop, which includes pretty pitchers, plates and bowls, here.


Photos: Paper & Clay      Content: Sweet Peach

Kreeger Pottery

About a month ago I was perusing one of my favorite Atlanta shops, Star Provisions and found this lovely pottery. Whenever I find new things to love, I look to see who made it, hoping it's southern so I can share it on Sweet Peach. So many times, I find amazing items from Brooklyn or Portland...this time, it was Kreeger Pottery in Austin, Texas. Yes! 

Keith Kreeger has been crafting pottery for over 15 years. He started on Cape Cod, becoming one of the premier craftsman there- then moved to Austin with his family in 2009. My favorite collection of his is the Essential Collection, seen here, which is the most modern and restrained. There's so much beauty (& craftsmanship) in simplicity...

Keith, "I think that a meal with friends that you've spent hours preparing calls for dinnerware crafted with the same care. I think flowers picked fresh from your garden look better in a vase you've picked as well." 

Peruse Keith's impressive collection of pottery, here. Or stop by Star Provisions if you're in Atlanta. I promise, you'll have a hard time picking a favorite... 


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Today is a happy Tuesday as I arrived back in the States about one day ago from my trip overseas. Being away for almost two months takes a toll...but I'm happy to reunite with family and friends and return to life in the South. I've been passing out my gifts, some of them handcrafted - which reminds me of how handmade pottery, no matter where you find it, is a one of a kind gift idea that is as decorative as it is functional. Keeping this in mind, Weckery, a shop based in Fayetteville, West Virginia, is certainly worth checking out...

Married couple, Emily and Brad Weckesser combine their talents to create these pretty pieces. Brad brings woodworking and potter skills to the table while Emily adds her talent in painting, color and design. 

They've chosen a speckled white color scheme for this collection, which I really love, but Emily and Brad are more than happy to customize the glaze, or even add personalized words or phrases of your choice. 

At the Weckery shop, you'll find beautifully hand thrown, hand glazed and handcrafted mugs, vases, pitchers and serving sets that complement many home styles. So next time you're searching for that perfect gift idea, it's a good shop to have in your back pocket...


Photos: Weckery     Content: Sweet Peach

Honeycomb Studio

Courtney Hamill has a pretty good gig. Working full-time in her backyard studio in Atlanta's West Midtown district, she handcrafts porcelain and stoneware pottery. I particularly love her antler series. Starting from above left is a real springbok antelope antler, Courtney's slip cast mold of it, then the final glaze with her signature gold tip. 

Courtney has found her niche in the market. As she recently shared, "There are very few well done ceramic horns and I don't know of anyone making porcelain antlers like this." Each antler is left hollow and is lightweight, making for a beautifully unique and decorative piece. This one is a small white-tailed deer antler

For this past holiday season, Courtney also crafted these decorative Turtle Doves, which have become quite popular. She particularly likes how good the doves look in multiples. Find them in black or white, here. 

Her studio is a work in progress but with the skylights and large windows, it offers incredible natural light. It's a tranquil area for an artist to work- and it's just a few footsteps from her back door. 

Courtney continues to expand her line of wares and has been playing with various sized vessels and holders, all of which I'd love for my own home. With an impressive collection created in just the past year, Courtney is an artist to watch. See her entire collection here.


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

My Imaginary Kitchen

I like my house but the one room I'd love to do over if I had the money is my kitchen. So I decided to peruse Etsy and find some elements to bring my imaginary kitchen-to-be into existence. I chose the color palette of pale blue/green, orange and brown. This whole idea began when I saw this gorgeous platter from Swede 13. Shop owner, Angie from Winter Park, Florida added a few coats of duck egg blue paint to this once silver tray. Now, I'm completely smitten...

Vintage glass bottles with ever fresh flowers in them is a nice thought...and every kitchen needs a clock, this one made by Spartus in Louisville, Mississippi in the 1960's. Jeanette Zeis pottery- well that's a must. I love her oversize teacups in orange. And Jeni from Barking Sands Vintage in Maryland offers this gorgeous silver and walnut salad bowl in her Etsy shop. I think I'd use it to hold fresh fruit...

I recently bought some vintage cocktail forks at Authentique in Atlanta. They came with a little bow on them just like this...and I love them every time I see them in my drawer. So I think vintage spoons should be on my list too. 

Perhaps I should check into a clinic but words can't express my love for this lamp. It's Danish modern with a ceramic and walnut base and so so lovely. If you follow Sweet Peach, you know I have a thing for kitchen nooks- so this is my idea of a key essential for my nook. I'd add this atop my cafe table along with a pretty tablecloth, close to a window. An easy, happy place to daydream...


Photos: Swede 13, Barking Sands Vintage, Jeanette Zeis   Content: Sweet Peach

Monday Freebie...


One of my favorite posts this year featured artisan, Jeanette Zeis. She creates the prettiest pieces of pottery, adding her trademark pastel colors and detail. Jeanette has been kind enough to offer the salt cellar for this week's Holiday Sweetstakes giveaway. It's available in a variety of colors, just look on her site to see them all. And leave a comment to win! This Friday, December 9 at 5pm, the winner will be picked via and notified via email. So don't forget to leave your email address in the comment section.

One of the newest items on Jeanette's site this year are these lovely oversized teacups and saucers with scalloped stitching. As Jeanette says, these would make an "adorable addition to any kitchen cabinet or tea party." See the teacup sets here. 

If you live in Atlanta, be sure to check out Jeanette's Open House this Saturday, December 10 from 12pm-9pm at 658 Angier Ave NE, Atlanta 30308. Live pottery and screen printing demos will take place at 3 and 6pm. Featured artists will be Jeanette Zeis and Kenn Twofour. Thanks Jeanette!  


**This Sweetstakes is now closed. Sweet Peach fan, Kristine has won! Thanks for commenting....


Vessels & Wares

Jeanette Zeis makes her living as a full time potter. And when you see the quality and detail of each piece, you can understand why. I love the style of her salt cellar that is so sweetly feminine. 

Jeanette uses stoneware, a durable white clay that is reminiscent of porcelain but a bit easier to work with. She thinks of her pottery as "clean, bright and utilitarian with a welcoming feel." 

Jeanette loves the focus of attention that her craft demands. As she explains, 'It's such a tactile medium, you have to be fully involved in it and give it all your focus."

Located in the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, Jeanette's workspace is just 400 square feet in size. Yet with large windows and white cement, it's an initimate, bright space to relax and get to work. Jeanette grew up in Greer, South Carolina and is a Southern girl at heart. She recounts her childhood as 'definitely Southern, rural, with lots of okra and pimento cheese." She enjoys living in Atlanta and loves how there is a certain honesty about the South. Plus, it doesn't snow or get too cold here. I copy that sentiment...

Her favorite items (and mine too) are her cake stands, which took much time and care to perfect. All her pedestals showcase the attentive detail that each piece demands as well as her signature scalloping or ruffles along the edges.  

Her best sellers are her oh so lovely berry bowls and cupcake stands. These stands are really fun as I like how they celebrate the lone cupcake. 

Another signature of Jeanette's work is her color palette which showcases pastels and the softer shades. Each handcrafted piece takes much care and time to produce. Adding firing, glazing and drying time, it takes an average of 12 days to create each ceramic item that is as functional as it is pretty.

Inspiration is key for any artist. I liked her wall of art and illustrations and took a few pics as she told me how she is inspired by patterns and colors found in daily life -whether that's architectural detailing in a nearby building or the way someone's colors work in their outfit. 

See all of her lovely creations including dessert stands and hanging baskets here. Thanks for letting me peek into your world for a bit Jeanette...such wonderful artistry at every turn...


Photos: Sweet Peach and Jeanette Zeis    Content: Sweet Peach