Lord and Lady

I love a well made skinny tie, particularly one with as much style as this one. Megan Cash of Lord and Lady began crafting ties while attending SCAD in Savannah. Then, little by little, good word followed by good word, a business was born...

Today, her online shop includes all sorts of manly made goods, such as bow ties, pocket squares and cuff links. I particularly love these Auburn cuff links, not because of their sport affiliation, but for how good they'd look with a white shirt on a summer day. I'd have to hug a guy in these...

I recently spotted Megan's bandanas over at one of my favorite Atlanta shops, Crafted Westside. These multi purpose bandanas are super soft with a timeless, rustic design. I keep thinking about that indigo one...  See Megan's entire shop, which includes many more manly options, plus a women's jewelry line, here.


Images: Lord and Lady     Content: Sweet Peach

Wrong Side

If you're one of my guy friends, you know I like pocket squares. I smile whenever I see one and then tell all surrounding men why each of them should own one. Pocket squares add style and swag to an outfit, how could they ever be a bad idea? 

This weekend, while perusing Instagram, I found Wrong Side in Austin, Texas. Founded by brothers, Sam and Josh Newman, the Wrong Side pocket squares are all sourced from recovered materials. With the intention of making something new from old, the brothers find many of their fabric remnants at local, high quality, shirt making companies like Hamilton and Dos Carolinas.

Ah, it's just so good... Find, or gift, a stylish Wrong Side pocket square, here.  


Images: Wrong Side; Hamilton Shirts 


Billy Reid, warm and cozy

If you walk into a Billy Reid store this month for some holiday shopping, you'll most certainly catch a manly, enticing scent in the air. That's thanks to their first candle collaboration with Lafco. As a bit of a fanatic, I can safely say this candle, a mix of cedar, fern and amber scents, is my new favorite. 

On my last visit, I was also happy to see Billy reveal his first pocket square designs. For some reason, pocket squares are my weakness- I smile wide whenever they're in my sight. Such delicious, manly fun... 

For this premiere collection, you'll find 18 designs. The pocket squares are made in Italy and are 100% wool. Perhaps I'm a bit biased in my obsession, but I think every guy needs a stylish pocket square. It's a great gift for the holiday...

As the cold begins to descend on the South, a warm and cozy scarf is another must. Find over a dozen designs to choose from- all scrumptiously soft and beautiful. Happy shopping...


Photos: Billy Reid; Lafco      Content: Sweet Peach


It's hard not to be smitten with dcoybrand upon first glance. They craft incredible men's items from handwoven, vintage deadstock fabrics and only make as many pieces as each found fabric will allow. Some are even one of a kind, like this multi-striped linen pocket square. 

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, dcoybrand was created by Hunter Monsour. Hunter found inspiration from his grandfather, Horace, who had a love of repurposing materials and sewing his own clothes to ensure nothing went to waste.

Hunter offers pocket squares, bow ties and neckties for men (as well as a few items for gals and tots). Each men's piece is stamped with the dcoybrand logo and packaged beautifully in a natural wood carrying case. You'll also find a small card insert that tells you how many pieces were made from a particular vintage fabric.  

Hunter obviously has an impeccable eye for incredible fabric choices. Check out the dcoybrand site for his ever changing stock which is diverse and well priced. And happy Manly Monday...


Photos: dcoybrand      Content: Sweet Peach

Summertime with Fox & Brie

This past weekend's Sweet Peach Revival was an incredible success and I am so thankful for everyone's time, enthusiasm and participation. I'm just blown away by the support and I loved meeting so many new people. And one of my favorite moments was our live auction, which raised $3200 for CASA. I think Beth and I are now addicted to auctions. So, for all those who participated, donated, hung out, supported -we thank you! Pics to come later in the week. Right now, I'm taking a breather and chilling on my porch swing to enjoy a bit of summer. And who better to soak in the summer with than Fox & Brie? 

Jess Decelle started making stylish men's wear just three years ago at her home base of Austin, Texas. Within that time, she's amassed quite a following. Perhaps it's the natural fibers of her apparel items? Or maybe it's the super stylish fabric designs she chooses? Whatever it is, I'm a fan. 

This is pure scrumptious, manly goodness. Every man should celebrate summer with a little Fox & Brie, don't you think? See all of Jess' sunny creations for the season, here.


Photos: Fox & Brie       Content: Sweet Peach

Bourbon & Boots

Amy Bowers, Editor of the fabulous Bourbon and Boots site that is based in Little Rock, Arkansas knows great southern artistry and design. Bourbon and Boots is all about showcasing quality, stylish goods from small business owners and artisans. Without fail, the site delivers on unique and well crafted goods that you won't find at your everyday shop. Amy has been gracious enough to send a B & B goodie box to my house for use at next weekend's Sweet Peach Revival. Here's a sampling...

R. Riveter, out of north Georgia, was started by two military wives who wanted to create full or part time jobs for other capable military wives in their network- jobs that would be, as they share, "as mobile and as flexible as the military lifestyle demands we be." The military wives offer a variety of stylish bag styles that incorporate high quality leather and canvas military tents.

Dcoybrand is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I didn't know they existed until I saw them on the Bourbon & Boots site- they make ties, tees, bibs and these amazing vintage pocket squares sourced from American made fabrics. They hand make as many pocket squares as the found fabric will allow, like The Henley, above, is just one of ten. How is this not the best gift ever? 

Amy also included a gingham dog collar in my goodie box- via Paw Paws of Greenville, South Carolina. I have two dogs so I was instantly smitten...great design and well made. 

Paper and Place, via Dallas, Texas crafts hometown map necklaces that always make a great conversation starter- and remind you of home. Made with real maps, glass and paper, they're hard not to want. 

This fabulous Mrs. Grant tote via R. Riveter will be auctioned off at the Revival next Friday night. And all the items you've seen in today's post will be part of our raffle giveways, if not the auction. So if you're in Atlanta next weekend, I do hope you come on by and see us. Thank you Amy... and thank you Bourbon & Boots.