A Touch of Pink


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Pink Sofas

I peruse home decor pics every day and every so often, I find that picture of a room with a pink sofa and it always draws me in. I like the boldness of it, the flirtiness of it. So why not celebrate it? It's Friday afterall...

A pink with more purple or orchid tones has a seductive side. 

The lighter pinks excude a soft, subtle sophistication and look great with grays, browns, blacks and blues. 

I personally love a bold pink paired with green and beige (or gold). It's an incredible color combo and doesn't have to be an overload of the senses. Make the couch the centerpiece, everything else supports it.

A brighter pink, with undertones of rose or raspberry, just makes people feel good. There's a boldness or fearlessness to these rooms, which I imagine mimics the owners' personalities. This obvious passion for a little fun is inspiring and has arrived just in time to cure me of the winter blues. Happy hour anyone? 


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