B. Inspired: Low Cost Picture Frame

This one is real easy...All you need are a few items:

1. WOODEN PICTURE FRAME (these are everywhere at garage sales and thrift stores) The ones above Bryce and I found in a North Carolina thrift store for 50 cents each.  2. SPRAY PAINT  3. SANDPAPER  4. TWINE

You start by lightly sanding the frame to smooth out any rough edges, then spray paint the frame any color you wish. Bryce and his always delightful sister Stephanie show off their new frames...

Next, take twine and wrap it around in any configuration you desire- straight across, diagonal, vertical. Tie it in the back, then use it to hang pictures or clippings that inspire. If you change your color scheme, just spray paint it again. This is a fun and easy one, not to mention a great gift idea. Thanks Bryce! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach