Candy Cane Marshmallows

I'm not much of a cook, but I like to bake and make pretty things, like these homemade candy cane marshmallows. While recently visiting my mom in Greenville, South Carolina, we followed Martha Stewart's recipe- doubling it to give us 32 big and fluffy marshmallows that we could then divvy up into clear bags with a bow for gifts. Easy and sweet...

As you'll see, the recipe isn't difficult, but it is time consuming and you shouldn't multitask while making marshmallows, the recipe needs you're constant attention. I'd give yourself an hour to make them and just be sure you have a candy thermometer before you begin.

There's a lot of whisking, waiting, mixing...but trust me, it's worth it. A helping hand is a good idea.

In this recipe, the sugar mixture needs to reach 260 degrees, which takes longer than you think- at least 15 minutes. 

Since we doubled the recipe, during the mixing, the marshmallows rose to the tippy top of the bowl and I was worried we'd be in trouble. But my mom didn't flinch, she knew it'd be fine. How do moms know these things? 

After you add the red food coloring, (or whichever color you like) just take a toothpick and mix around. My tip would be to add a few drops at a time as I got over eager and put in too much coloring at once, and then, you know how it goes, you can't take it back. So start off with just a few drops and build from there. 

We fit three marshmallows per plastic bag but there are so many fun ways to package these. My mom and I were at TJ Maxx and found these sweetly labeled hot cocoa blends- a perfect combo. And peruse Martha's site as she has a lot of great ideas, including vanilla or egg nog marshmallows. Yummm.... 


*A 9X9 tray is best as it makes the marshmallows a little less thick

*After letting them sit for at least a few hours, lift them out of the tray and place on a cutting board to cut

*Cut the marshmallows with a large butcher knife sprayed with PAM cooking spray

*One fun thing to try is to crush candy canes in a ziploc bag, pour the marshmallow mixure into the pan halfway, add the crushed candy canes and then pour the rest of the mixture into the pan. It'll make for a fun surprise...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach