Starla Michelle

Texas native and current Austin resident, Starla Michelle Halfmann sees paintings everywhere she goes. Endlessly inspired, her work tells a tale as rich and varied as life itself.  

Starla uses the canvas as her sketchpad and lets the painting evolve as inpsiration hits. As she explains, "I enjoy not knowing what the final work will look like and going through the mistakes, trials and triumphs to get it to a place of completion."

The night Starla painted this peacock, she had good friends and neighbors stop by to chat. As she shared, "This night was particularly alive." There was such a positive feeling in the air, she got lost in creating feathers of vibrant colors and design. Starla, "It is a symbol of someone who has much to give, dances freely, lives life fully and loves generously. The kind of person I strive to be." 

Starla loves nature and is deeply spiritual, sharing, "My intent is to consistently paint from the heart." Starla's work is influenced by Van Gogh, Seraphine De Senlis and Gustav Klimt whose lives of inner struggle and artistic achievement have offerered endless inspiration. 

It's easy to get lost in the colors and patterns and textures of Starla's work. And I can't help but feel a sense of joy and wonder. To see more, just click here...