Maritime Supply

I've worked on a lot of boats during my tv career and I have to say, I'm never that big a fan. I love the water but I hate rocking back and forth far from shore, feeling sick and wondering when I'm going to get off. But- that's me. I have a bunch of guy friends that love to spend time at sea, which is why I'll be emailing them this blog post today. Ian Nigh of Greenville, South Carolina started making anchor bracelets bent out of 6 gauge copper wire and slowly evolved his line into finished pieces like this Flemish (or figure eight) loop. Ian, "Knots like these are invaluable to workers on wharfs throughout the world as they dock ships for loading and unloading cargo."

These buoy bracelets are pretty ingenious. Ian, "Buoys have many uses in maritime culture. From warning signals of rocky perils to markers aiding fishermen in their daily trips." Each buoy is hand painted and distressed with the twisted cotton rope turned in a small American mill. These are also pre-shrunk. (I love these!) 

The Captain's Link bracelet quickly caught my eye. Ian, "In boating, this knot is known as the 'Duncan Loop' and is used to join almost anything to a line while retaining almost the full breaking strength of the line." The highest quality bolo is used to create this Dreadnought bracelet, which I love too. 

With such quality, original work, Ian's shop, Maritime Supply Co. is growing an impressive following. Ian, "A lot of the brand inspiration comes from and was created by Greenville local, Zach Landrum. He designed our Maritime Anchors and the Maritime Supply Co logo." 

This is quite the handsome bracelet for any boat guy. The Maritime Anchor is hand crafted and is one size fits all. The anchor comes in a silver or copper casting which is paired with an antique brown hand-treated leather cord.


Ian's Maritime Anchor Necklace is his best seller. As with all his products, his intention is to represent the rustic, old soul of America. It's a beauty...see the entirety of Ian's very manly maritime wares, here. And funny enough, I'm about to go work on a boat today. If only I had a stylish buoy bracelet to make it more fun... 


Photos: Maritime Supply site      Content: Sweet Peach