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Reclaimed Vintage Ties

The go-to guy gift tends to be the standard necktie. I'm all for it but I like to seek out one that stands out from the crowd. These ties, out of Nashville, Tennessee, are reclaimed and repurposed. When a vintage tie with a cool print is found, it is cleaned, taken apart, then resized and resewn for an updated, modern look. 

Well priced at $50 each, Reclaimed Vintage Neckties are a good gift to give. Better to keep your holiday interesting & unexpected & these stylish ties certainly fit the bill... 



The Pencil Factory

I love a piece of white paper and a pencil, it's just one of those great things in life. And now, after seeing these boxes of carefully crafted and packaged pencils, it makes my future doodling seem that much more important... and necessary.

Nashville based company, Hester & Cook (best known for their kitchen papers) is to be thanked for upgrading our everyday pencil experience. They currently offer four different types of pencil sets; Bridge, Carpenter, Chalkboard and Assorted. 

As if a box of assorted, pretty pencils isn't exciting enough, they also offer a set of six colored pencils. I could only smile wide if these appeared on my desk...along with white paper of course. The colored pencils are also Eco friendly, made from recycled paper. Check 'em all out yourself, here.


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Ceri Hoover Fall 2015

Since I first spied the work of Ceri Hoover in Nashville, Tennessee last year, I've been an avid fan. Taking a break from work yesterday to Instagram, I was all smiles to come upon the announcement of her Fall 2015 collection, just released...  

Rich textures, simple, sophisticated... all mantras for this year's fall collection. Ceri's gorgeous handbags, which she began crafting in 2013, have made quite the impact in a short amount of time, as they're currently sold in over 200 stores nationwide, including her latest big get, Anthropologie. 

She has dozens of fab leather bags to choose from on her site, including totes, clutches and crossbody options. Just click here to see for yourself. Congratulations on your new collection Ceri and happy weekend y'all....


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Warfield Supply

As my bag obsession continues, I couldn't pass up writing about this up and coming leather company which I happened upon on Instagram the other day. Warfield Supply is owned and operated by Ricky Foster and Jazmin Lee in Nashville, Tennessee and you need to know about them...

With a passion to create functional, stylish products with their own hands, Ricky and Jazmin have amassed an impressive bag collection made from high quality, raw leather. With almost a dozen bags in their arsenal, they've covered the need from small wallet to tote, from clutch to duffle. 

I always love reading about artisans who feel like they've finally found their passion...because it shows. All of these bags are beautifully made and classic in style. Shop for your personal favorite, here.


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Gunmetal Gray

When I scan through Instagram, I take time to like pics here and there but I love that moment when a picture stops me in my tracks and urges me investigate a bit further- like I did yesterday when Handmade Studio TN posted a pic of their new ceramic dishware in gunmetal gray. Oh my...another set of dishes I didn't realize I needed in my life. Sigh...

Morgan Williamson is one of my favorite Southern artists. I love following her work and her continued inspiration to craft innovative, pretty wares. The gunmetal dish pieces are all individually shaped by hand and glazed with a smooth satin finish. 

Just click here to see all of Morgan's ceramic pieces for the table and the home, which include bowls, boards, mugs and pots... and my personal favorite, the Chamberlin Platter. 


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Tees available in both a men's and women's cut that are super cozy and well designed have my immediate stamp of approval. Then throw in the added bonus that the brand celebrates the South and 15% of each sale helps foster children in the South find permanent homes and I'm reaching for my credit card...

Soon to be Nashville based, husband and wife duo, Megan and Craig Evans started Y'allsome to produce goods that represent the Southern experience with designs that are simple, fun and clever. The tees are so soft because they source their cotton from Ronnie Burleson, a 3rd generation cotton farmer in Richfield, North Carolina. 

Megan was gracious enough to send me the Sweet T tee and as soon as I tried it on, I kept it on. I loved it and I loved Y'allsome even more as I researched their company and efforts to create a brand totally unique to the South. As Megan shared, "We wanted to create a product that was completely made from scratch in the South to support Southern business. Besides making an incredibly soft, heavy-duty shirt that oozes quality, the benefit is that it supports local industry and in doing so, the environment, as the shirts don't have to travel far to be printed." 

Georgia based artist, Ginny Givens stitches custom embroidery on every hat sold at Y'allsome. Just another southern local sharing their skills and love of the South. Check out all the Y'allsome goods, which includes their incredibly inspiring work for foster kids, here. 


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Wheat & Co.

Even though it's not official, summer in the South appears to be in full swing. This makes me smile ear to ear- just like when I came across this fab men's shop over the weekend called Wheat & Co., out of Nashville, Tennessee...

Founder Dan Rouse wanted to create a brick and mortar plus an online shopping experience that showcased the best in apparel and lifestyle. I particularly like his men's shop, not only for its stylish pieces but for my introduction to new artists and companies across the country. 

To experience all of Wheat & Co, just click here or even better, visit the small, beautifully curated boutique in person next time you're in Nashville. 


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The 404 Hotel 

On my last trip to Nashville a few years ago, I was searching for a nice, boutique hotel but for some reason, came up empty. Now, they got something. It's called The 404 Hotel...

Located in the Gulch neighborhood, this small hotel is made up of five king rooms with a mix of furniture both new and vintage. Plus, they feature a rotating gallery of work by artists. All i can do is love that....

Attached to the hotel, housed in an orange shipping container, is the 404 Kitchen. Chef Matt Bolus cooks up local, seasonal fare and the design looks just as scrumptious as the food. The 404 hotel, is officially bookmarked for my next trip...


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The Knot Bag

As much as I salivate over bags, you would think I have a whole closet full. I do not- but I'm working ever so slowly towards that goal. Next one on my list is the Knot Bag by Elizabeth Suzann of Nashville, Tennessee. 

The Knot Bag is a design achievement in simplicity, offered in both large and small sizes. As shared on Elizabeth's site, "The deerskin leather has a Japanese-inspired origami shape with no buckles, hardware or zippers. Throw in your daily essentials, pull the longer handle through the shorter handle to close and you're on your way." 

Elizabeth is a self taught designer with a passion for crafting thoughtful, minimal items of the highest quality. The Knot Bag is just one small part of her impressive clothing and accessory collection. See it all, here.


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Consider the Wldflwrs

Emily Howard of Consider the Wldflwrs in Nashville, Tennessee designs delicate, pretty jewelry without breaking the bank. I like that in a jewelry designer...

Her pieces, which range from necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings, are most often available for less than $50. The style is what catches your eye- simple and playful yet modern and refined at the same time. 

As I love to celebrate my home state of Georiga, I'm a fan of Emily's Tennessee Stamp necklace, priced well at just $40. The Bronze Sling was created with the intention to spread love and joy while the Double Block necklace serves as a reminder that two is better than one. So many good finds in her collection-  a perfect site to bookmark...


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