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Tees available in both a men's and women's cut that are super cozy and well designed have my immediate stamp of approval. Then throw in the added bonus that the brand celebrates the South and 15% of each sale helps foster children in the South find permanent homes and I'm reaching for my credit card...

Soon to be Nashville based, husband and wife duo, Megan and Craig Evans started Y'allsome to produce goods that represent the Southern experience with designs that are simple, fun and clever. The tees are so soft because they source their cotton from Ronnie Burleson, a 3rd generation cotton farmer in Richfield, North Carolina. 

Megan was gracious enough to send me the Sweet T tee and as soon as I tried it on, I kept it on. I loved it and I loved Y'allsome even more as I researched their company and efforts to create a brand totally unique to the South. As Megan shared, "We wanted to create a product that was completely made from scratch in the South to support Southern business. Besides making an incredibly soft, heavy-duty shirt that oozes quality, the benefit is that it supports local industry and in doing so, the environment, as the shirts don't have to travel far to be printed." 

Georgia based artist, Ginny Givens stitches custom embroidery on every hat sold at Y'allsome. Just another southern local sharing their skills and love of the South. Check out all the Y'allsome goods, which includes their incredibly inspiring work for foster kids, here. 


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Wheat & Co.

Even though it's not official, summer in the South appears to be in full swing. This makes me smile ear to ear- just like when I came across this fab men's shop over the weekend called Wheat & Co., out of Nashville, Tennessee...

Founder Dan Rouse wanted to create a brick and mortar plus an online shopping experience that showcased the best in apparel and lifestyle. I particularly like his men's shop, not only for its stylish pieces but for my introduction to new artists and companies across the country. 

To experience all of Wheat & Co, just click here or even better, visit the small, beautifully curated boutique in person next time you're in Nashville. 


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The 404 Hotel 

On my last trip to Nashville a few years ago, I was searching for a nice, boutique hotel but for some reason, came up empty. Now, they got something. It's called The 404 Hotel...

Located in the Gulch neighborhood, this small hotel is made up of five king rooms with a mix of furniture both new and vintage. Plus, they feature a rotating gallery of work by artists. All i can do is love that....

Attached to the hotel, housed in an orange shipping container, is the 404 Kitchen. Chef Matt Bolus cooks up local, seasonal fare and the design looks just as scrumptious as the food. The 404 hotel, is officially bookmarked for my next trip...


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The Knot Bag

As much as I salivate over bags, you would think I have a whole closet full. I do not- but I'm working ever so slowly towards that goal. Next one on my list is the Knot Bag by Elizabeth Suzann of Nashville, Tennessee. 

The Knot Bag is a design achievement in simplicity, offered in both large and small sizes. As shared on Elizabeth's site, "The deerskin leather has a Japanese-inspired origami shape with no buckles, hardware or zippers. Throw in your daily essentials, pull the longer handle through the shorter handle to close and you're on your way." 

Elizabeth is a self taught designer with a passion for crafting thoughtful, minimal items of the highest quality. The Knot Bag is just one small part of her impressive clothing and accessory collection. See it all, here.


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Consider the Wldflwrs

Emily Howard of Consider the Wldflwrs in Nashville, Tennessee designs delicate, pretty jewelry without breaking the bank. I like that in a jewelry designer...

Her pieces, which range from necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings, are most often available for less than $50. The style is what catches your eye- simple and playful yet modern and refined at the same time. 

As I love to celebrate my home state of Georiga, I'm a fan of Emily's Tennessee Stamp necklace, priced well at just $40. The Bronze Sling was created with the intention to spread love and joy while the Double Block necklace serves as a reminder that two is better than one. So many good finds in her collection-  a perfect site to bookmark...


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New leather goods... at Peter Nappi

From time to time, I always like to check in with Peter Nappi in Nashville to see what he and his team have been up to. Besides their beautifully crafted shoes, I always seem to be lusting after their leather bags. This Nina Clutch is no exception...


Made of high quality vitello leather and brass hardware, each of the clutches, offered in 6 different color variations, are fully lined in neutral nubuck suede. 

I personally love a simple, classic wallet such as this. The Lia Continental is made in rich brown vitello leather with brass hardware and offers ample compartment space. It's a beauty. 

I'm excited to break out my passport again this summer and I'm starting to think I may just need this Mandorla holder. Such a sucker for new, leather goods...see the entire Peter Nappi collection, here.


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Lesley Patterson-Marx

I love to be a part of the artist community here in the South. There is so much support, encouragement and cross promotion among us as we all believe so strongly in the arts. Atlanta based photographers and filmmakers, Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson are among my friends here and they were kind enough to send along a few photographs they took of an artist they happened upon in Nashville last week. Her name is Lesley Patterson-Marx...

Lesley's workshop, like each photograph, speaks a thousand words. She's a collector, a dreamer, a feeler and maker. Lesley, "Through the process of making prints, drawings, artist's books and mixed-media work, I express my sense of wonder at the connections between human life and abundant beauty of the natural world, my sense of awe at the discovery of order within chaos and my perception of the sublime mysteries that lie within the mundane." 

Her Book Objects are playful yet layered and complex. She is inspired by the histories of people and things and enjoys the process of giving each found object new meaning and narrative. With items like her jars of buttons, old photos, bug-eaten leaves and cicada wings, Lesley crafts rich stories yet to be told. 

Her body of work is impressive as it also includes drawings, sculptural objects and handmade sketchbooks. These intricate books are crafted with hand printed cloth and hand printed paper and are meant to hold and care for your old photos and collected treasures...

I particularly love Lesley's Paper Quilts. Lesley, "In my most recent work, I use printmaking as a form of collage, cutting up textures and images from larger prints that I have made. I then sew them together to form quilt like pieces that are meditations on the interconnectedness of all things, silhouettes from anonymous photographs of a bygone era, on which the viewer is free to cast his or her own narrative." 

Raised in Kentucky, now residing in Tennessee, Lesley is a southern girl through and through. Lesley, "In my work, you will find a cast of characters including the swallowtail butterfly, the mockingbird, the tulip poplar, cicadas, kudzu, my grandparents and many found photographs of anonymous southern people from long ago."

She adds, "The South is a mysterious and complex place, where the beautiful and painful histories co-exist." And history is best told and remembered through art... See all of Lesley's lovely mixed-media work, here. You can also see her work in person at the upcoming 4 Bridges Arts Festival in Chattanooga, April 10-12 or ongoing at Eastside Story in Nashville. 

And click here to peruse the work of Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson...they're all southern artists you need to know about, support and encourage...


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Jodi Hays

Art affects and engages people in different ways, that's the beauty of it. Whether you understand the intention behind the piece or not, if you leave that moment of observation inspired or changed in any way, it did its job. 

Artist, Jodi Hays of Nashville is really good at her job. Her paintings seem to effortlessly draw you in and ask you to stick around and meander a bit. As she shares, "My work is an eclectic abstraction drawing from sound bites, pattern and the built environment. I am drawn to the grid as a formal consideration, as it relates to architecture and landscape." 

Jodi, "The South is a place, rooted in tradition, both dark and light. I grew up in Arkansas and my painting is influenced -even grows from- this kind of view that the world is beautifully tragic and we all have something to say." 

Jodi loves to hear what others may interpret from a piece - but she does name each one in an effort to guide you through the narrative. From top left, you'll find noise averse, Iliketomoveit, the daily and Ladies and Gentleman, introducing...  

This painting is 'Florida (Twin)' and is a homage to the state. As Jodi shared, "There is a building in Destin that was supposed to have a 'twin' built right next door to it but for financial reasons was never realized. I love the potential in this story (and some of my family are from the Everglades) and its parallels to a life of process and painting." 

I feel like I'm an explorer as I study each piece... my eye travels a path and then takes a moment to delve deeper, searching for meaning or feeling. If one of her paintings hung upon my wall, I imagine I'd see something different each day. I like that...

To see Jodi's impressive collection of paintings both new and old, as well as her works on paper, click here. I hope you take the journey...


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Vintage finds by 1767...

Patrick Hayes is a dabbler. He has a lot of passions, which include music, photography, art, design, food and mixology. I first found him after a glimpse at his rustic wall art on Instagram, featuring some incredible pieces made from reclaimed wood in Nashville. After perusing Patrick's website, I learned that he also curates a must see vintage shop.  

As Patrick salvages wood on a regular basis, he tends to stumble upon some very interesting finds along the way. His shop includes over a 100 vintage items for the home, with each item showcasing its old age and character. 

Many of his found pieces have a story to tell, like this round silver boho serving tray. It was salavaged from a home in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville, a home that was just demolished but had been standing since 1930. 

Personally, my favorite find of Patrick's are these mid century drawer pulls, also once a part of the 1930 home. I'd love to polish them up and place these on my own bedroom dresser. Check out Patrick's entire site, which includes his blog and artwork, here.


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The Handmade Book...

These past few weeks, I've been cleaning out closets and cabinets and drawers and have been amazed how many different notebooks I've amassed. I love a good notebook, at home or on the job, where I can jot down ideas and doodle and write to-do lists and goals. So, by my very nature, I'm a big fan of these gorgeous handmade books crafted by Katie Gonzalez of Nashville, Tennessee.

What I love is how Katie studied the art of bookmaking in Cortona, Italy. It's a lovely little town I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago that, like all of Italy, stirs the soul. Katie, "Visiting a medievel bindery, working with luxurious materials and learning to make paper by hand instilled a sense of tradition into my work." 

In her shop, you'll find her latest handmade creations which include sketchbooks, guest books and all manner of beautifully bound keepsakes. These leather photo albums are meant to display small, square sized photos, like those in your Instagram feeds. (Artifact Uprising is a great company for this) These books are also made to order so you can choose your own leather and thread color. 

All of Katie's leather books utilize the Italian longstitch binding which is decorative but also functional, allowing for the pages to lie flat when open for ease of writing. 

And since I threw away many of my old notebooks, I think it's only fitting that I start replenishing with books as pretty as these- books that help emphasize the importance and significance of each doodle or word. Mi piace molto...


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