R. Riveter (includes a special discount)

My passion is, oddly enough, to share the passions of other artists. I love discovering someone new- either by a text from a friend or browsing a shop or scouring sites online, then sharing them with all of you. I found out about R. Riveter some time ago and have been meaning to write about them. Then, last weekend, I saw their booth at the Root City Market and realized, I need to get on with it...

What makes R Riveter so special is two fold. First, the bags they make are made by military wives. As military spouses have to relocate quite a bit, holding a job can be hard to do. By providing them with a handcrafted task they can be proud of, the spouses can do this job no matter where they are in the world. Secondly, the bags are made using upcycled military materials, such as duffle bags, wool blankets and shelter halves. 

Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley started the company out of frustration in cultivating their own career path. Based in Dahlonega, Georgia they decided to combine their talents and create their own company to fit their ever changing lifestyle. In December 2011, they founded R Riveter, named after the iconic Rosie the Riveter painting. 

Every bag style is named after a famous military wife, such as the Mrs. Grant or Mrs. Lee

The large Mrs. Buford diaper/travel bag is made with vegetable tanned leather and part of an upcycled US Army tent. As stated on their site, "As the canvas was once used as a soldier's tent, it is durable and water resistant." 

And perhaps my favorite feature is the fabric lining inside each bag. Such lovely pieces by such lovely women that I think we'd all love to support. Learn more details on how they make their stylish bags, here. And a bit of good news- Amy from R Riveter is offering free shipping for Sweet Peach fans. Just enter the DISCOUNT CODE: Sweetpeach and you won't pay one dime on shipping costs. Great deal. Thank you R. Riveter...and happy weekend. 


Photos: Kelly Ivey @ Lovely    Content: Sweet Peach