I saw my savvy friend, Nan Myers of Firefly this weekend and as usual, I questioned her on all her current favorite product lines. One that she shared was this candle company- simply called, Wax. 

Hand poured and packaged along the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas, Wax Candle Company offers a fab selection of manly scents... like Boot, Oak Moss, Lakeside, Smoke Fir, Tobacco Leaf and The Gentleman. And at $18 a jar, there's no reason not to buy two or three. I want...


Images: Wax Candle Co

The Mason Jar Made Pretty...

An artist that finds a pretty new way to celebrate the South's infamous mason jar has my attention. In this case, it's Carmen Jacob from Fort Worth, Texas. These made to order crochet lace jar hangers offer a delicate and lovely way to liven up your Southern decor. You can add flowers, candles, whatever your heart desires...

Carmen crafts these hangers freehand, ensuring a unique touch each and every time. As these are custom made, she can adjust color and size, as well as add flame-retardant upon request. 

I especially love Carmen's rustic hangers that would look beautiful at your next dinner party or garden wedding. Find all of her pretty mason jar creations here


Photos: Carmen Jacob     Content: Sweet Peach

Pretty Details...

When I saw this mason jar image stamped on a pretty knob, I knew I wanted to know more about the artist. All my artists I feature on Sweet Peach are from or live in the South. Kristi, from the shop Vintage Skye, is my one exception. Although she lives in Montana, though our writings back and forth, I've learned how much Kristi enjoys and is influenced by the South, as she tries to visit whenever she can. 

Besides the lovely knobs and drawer pulls, Kristi also makes clay tags. As I spend a lot of time canning in the summer, I really love these mason jar tags as a way to beautify any jar of preserved lemons, beets or peaches. 

Kristi finds inspiration by the world around her. As she explains, "My love of all things vintage, faded and distressed inspires me daily. I will see a pretty bit of architecture or a faded building and an idea will pop into my mind for a new knob." 

She also creates hand stamped knobs that are a bit bolder in design. Find the vintage bicycle here and the floral scrollwork here. 

These bumblebee tags are just too pretty. It makes me want to go buy some raw honey from a local dealer, transfer it to a mason jar and add this sweet bee tag with a piece of twine or ribbon. 

This knob reminds Kristi of Charleston, South Carolina with "its lovely brick work and iron gates." It could complement a classic Charleston or Savannah home quite beautifully, don't you think? 

These knobs can be used on a variety of cabinetry as well as used for hooks to hang keys or jewelry. Caring for the details can make all the difference in a room and I certainly love all the versatile options in Kristi's shop. As she explains, "They go best with a vintage farmhouse, shabby chic or distressed decor, but there are so many designs that there is usually one that will go with any style." Thanks for sharing your work with us Kristi, we look forward to seeing even more designs in the future. 


Photos: Vintage Skye  Content: Sweet Peach

Pretty and Rustic

I've always been a fan of all things rustic and when you add metal or leather, I'm all in. I was an instant fan the moment I saw these mason jar sconces on the Etsy shop, Get Weddy. Made from an old and weathered cedar picket fence, each sconce has a character all its own. 

Based in Lake Jackson, Texas, engaged couple, PJ Brown and Holly Parker work together to create their lovely shop. For these sconces, the leather used was upcycled, which I love to hear, from a box of old leather belts that had been found at PJ's job. The leather belts had worn over time but maintained their high quality. As PJ explains, "Each belt had been used and used well, picking up stains and marks that really added to their character."  

The cedar picket fencing was found tossed in a pile on a piece of property PJ's father recently purchased. Left to decay, the pieces of fencing still exuded durability and beauty so why let them go to waste? PJ adds, "I've always seen the potential in everyday things, even those that have been cast aside." PJ and Holly offer different versions of these cedar posts- some left as is or some that have a more polished look, as pictured above. 

These rustic coasters would be great for a beach house or an outdoor porch. Also made of the once discarded cedar, these are highly resistant to rot. Having been worn and weathered over decades, they each have a distinct, relaxed style. Too fun... check out more of Getting Weddy's goods here. 


Photos: Holly Parker   Content: Sweet Peach