The Written Word...

The moment I saw these pencils I was smitten. Beautifully hand wrapped in genuine Japanese washi paper, artist Melissa Griffith of Austin, Texas created them simply for the love of writing. She's a champion of the written word, hoping that "in some small way, I bring the joy of writing by hand back to a type-and-text world." She has dozens of different styles on her Etsy site, but my favorite is vintage wallpaper, featured above. I'm the kind of person that thinks better with a pen or pencil in my hand. I love the idea of adding a Melissa designed pencil to my life where I can think and look stylish at the same time.

Much care and time is taken to create these but Melissa knows it's worth the effort, "The most exciting part for me is when I've made hundreds of pencils and they're all lying on my work table ready to be packaged- seeing them sprawled out in all their cuteness puts a smile on my face." Each set is lovely in its own way. From left to right: Rice petals, innocence and forest floor.

The mini, graphite #2 pencils (approximately 3.5 inches long) come in sets of 10 in their own gift box. I always love gifts that are thoughtful, unique and well designed and these certainly fit all that criteria. I hope to see more stylish thinkers out in the world very soon...Thanks for sharing Melissa. 


Photos: Melissa of Maoiliosa   Content: Sweet Peach