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A little color is a good thing...

Too often, men decorate in grays, blacks, dark greens and boring beige. I think it's important to brighten it up a bit- and happily, I think this is a trend happening in bachelor pads across the country. You don't need to go crazy with it but a pop of orange, yellow, green or bright blue added in manly decor....ah, it's just so good. 

It can be as easy as a throw pillow, a blanket or coat of paint, but adding color shows a bit of personality and a care for how things look. Girls like that. 

I hope these pics inspired at least a few manly men out there. Maybe it's sad to say, but if I met a guy with this yellow sink, I'd have to give him a hug. 


Photos:;; living etc; design sponge; desire to inspire; apartment therapy; hgtv;; chicago tribune;;        Content: Sweet Peach


Manly Decor

Great manly decor is easy to spot. It's much like men's fashion- functional with a classic design that will last through fads and trends. Or, as they say, timeless...

Clean, straight lines are one of the characteristics of a guy's space. The furniture has heft and solidity and the main colors are often neutral or dark. 

I love the look of orange in a space and this works amazing in a masculine centric room. It pairs beautifully with the darker tones and the color adds life and personality. Masculine decor doesn't have to be moody gray all the time. That would be boring...

Although men often prefer practical and simple, it's important they embrace a woman's love of details, at least a little bit. This can be as easy as a couple fabric pillows, a few plants, a coat of colorful paint...a cozy rug or two. More than one texture is a good thing...

Brick is a classic, timeless texture and I love it in white. With all the natural light in this room, this mix of blues and whites is a bit blissful I'd say. And manly all the more...


Photos: Apartment Therapy;; Barn Light Electric;;; Nate Berkus/William Waldron;;;  Content: Sweet Peach