Royal Highnies

Every year, I always seem to find a few products that quickly become my favorite holiday gifts. You may remember Midnight Moon Moonshine, The Mason Shaker, HollyBeth's Organics skincare, Otis James ties, Emily G's Jams, Loyal Stricklin mugs. Now it's a new love...Royal Highnies.

LeighAnn Yates and Allison Moore of Flinstone, Georgia are the savvy women behind this luxurious brand. After making boxers for a few friends out of a super soft fabric they both fell in love with, their small idea suddenly became a big idea...and the boxers were in high demand. 

So next, Allison and LeighAnn decided on a fun, catchy name, Royal Highnies (the perfect home for the family jewels) and sold their boxers in a men's store in Texas. Just a handful of years later, they're in over 340 retail locations across the country. 

Hence, their luxury line has expanded to include bathrobes, tops, bottoms, gowns, tank tops for both men and women, plus some Tiny Highnies for the boys. 

Although I do have a few people in mind to receive these as Christmas gifts, I may first buy these silky lounge pants for myself. After feeling the fabric firsthand (at Tweeds in Atlanta) I just can't stop thinking about them. I want to lounge in them, sleep in them, blog in them, do as much as I possibly can in them...

Their infamous fabric is 400 count pima cotton (with virtually no shrinkage). It's loungewear that just makes you feel really good. That's always a good thing and personally, I think y'all deserve a pair. Find your Royal Highnies, here. 


Photos: Royal Highnies      Content: Sweet Peach