Sideshow Sign Co.

I got an email the other day from Jasmin Kaset and her husband Luke Stockdale. They're the creators of Sideshow Sign Co. in Nashville, Tennessee. Jasmin thought their salvaged creations may make a good fit for Sweet Peach and I'd say she's absolutely right on that...

They specialize in throwback prints and light up marquee letters. On first glance you may think their wares are vintage finds but in fact, that's just the inspiration. Luke makes everything himelf. As he states, "Everything I make is carefully aged and expertly wired, made from fine art canvas or salvage wood and bent steel, speed rusted and banged up proper." 

I really love this idea and his prices are great for the meticulous effort he puts into making these. The Eye Exam print it $90 and the Hand Shadow Puppet print is $140. Either would look amazing in a kid's room. 

The great thing is Luke can customize any type of letters you're looking for- with choices on wood and color. I like the idea of a simple word like MILK above the fridge. It' a quick way to add one of a kind style and flair. 

The Twin Brothers print is a 1950's reproduction that I love as a gift idea for a guy's office (who happens to be a twin)...  and it's hard not to love the museum regulation sign. As Luke says, "For hosting those raised in a barn, it may oddly come in handy." 

Custom words and lettering are Luke's specialty. Reliably stylish and fun, the large letters can work well for either your home or business decor. It's Sideshow's 'homage to diner culture and ghost town salvage.' 

We've all seen growth charts in people's homes but I've never seen one quite like this. It's 100% accurate to the measure, made of sturdy canvas and "hung with banged up wooden rods on the top and bottom, giving them the old school room finish." I love, I love... See all of Sideshow's fabulous creations here.


Photos:Sideshow Sign Co.   Content: Sweet Peach

Nashville's West Vintage Trading Co.

Wood and metal makes me happy. So when I saw Michael West's Etsy shop, I knew I had stumbled upon a great artist for Sweet Peach. As Michael explains, "I love industrial metal objects, light fixtures, furniture, anything unique and from the machine age. They are becomeing harder to find so I thought I would make my own." 

I love the idea of big metal letters and Michael will make them for you any size or style. And it's even better when you can add lights...

These wood and metal holiday stars are such great pieces. He aptly calls this rustic look, "farm punk." Michael suggests substituting the lights for red and/or green bulbs for the holiday if you so desire...I really like their versatility as these stars are an incredible accent and conversation piece, no matter the season. 

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Michael has found his passion inside his workshop. As he states, "Making an object into something people will use and start a conversation about can be addicting. In fact it's hard to sleep sometimes when I have an idea for a new project." His work is becoming more and more popular as country artist, Taylor Swift has just recently asked Michael to create the word "Sing." 

This barn wood and metal arrow has been Michael's biggest seller and is also one of his favorite items. Michael explains, "I use a process to age metal that creates a rusty, corroded soft look and use reclaimed barn lumber to set it off." Such cool work...thanks for sharing Michael. See all of his craftsmanship and collected vintage items for sale here.


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