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We all love our laptops, iPads and Kindles which is why we need to protect them. Why go for something basic when we can have something unique and handcrafted? 

Christa from Atlanta has found her stride in crafting cases for our most loved gadgets. The above cases are for an iPad mini, in which she offers 19 versions. ($28-$45)

These MacBook Pro cases feature German merino wool felt, a leather handhold, a small pocket for accessories and a chrome snap closure. Christa finds much of her inspiration from architecture, as the above Baroque cases were inspired by the fluid forms and curves of the Italian Baroque period. 

These pretty and practical tote bags safely encase all iPads, the 11" or 13" MacBook Air and Pro. Christa, "The outside pocket is made for fast access to your cell phone and the inside pocket is perfect for small items like pens, glasses and lip gloss."  

These very stylish and affordable ($32) iPhone sleeves are also handy wallets. 

I really like her iPhone cases in wool and leather. As Christa shares, "Wool felt is a biodegradable and renewable material, water resistant and self extinguishing." In their simplicity lies their appeal.

See all of Christa's creations here. And feel free to email her if you have specific dimensions for your favorite gadget. And if you'd like one of her pretty cases for yourself or as a holiday gift, Christa is offering Sweet Peach readers a 15% discount! Just enter Sweetpeach15 upon checkout. Thank you Christa! 


Photos: Willow and Company    Content: Sweet Peach

Tech stuff under $50

It's nice when a guy can travel in style. Which is why I really like this handsome and useful roll up travel charger from Restoration Hardware. As stated on their site, "You can refuel up to 4 devices simultaneously while occupying just a single wall outlet."

I think I could put this to very good use as I'm constantly taking out knots in my own headphones. This wood earbud holder wraps your wire like a yo yo. Made of East Indian Rosewood, it's a handsome addition to any man's travel case. 

This next item is called the Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet. Handcrafted by Brook Kirk in Atlanta, these multi fuctional tri folds are a great gift for the guy who needs a little organization in his life...

It's an all in one stylish holder to fit a manly man's phone or iPod, credit cards, USB devices, jump drives, guitar picks, lip balm and earbuds. 

And if you like design options, Brook does not disappoint. She offers 112 options.

For those who like the one pocket holder, I was happy to come upon this iPod case from Jiu Jiu out of Raleigh, North Carolina. It's a good guy's case with black and gray tones and a classicly simple yet stylish design. 

There are almost 200 tech cases offered on the site but I have to say, their gray and yellow digital reader cover and laptop cases are my favorite. They're clean, simple, practical and cool- without breaking the bank. I think most guys can appreciate that...


Photos: Restoration Hardware; Jiu Jiu    Content: Sweet Peach

The BookBook by Twelve South

While I was at a coffee shop in Charleston last weekend, I read a short blurb about a company called Twelve South in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. It's a group of just twelve employees who have set out to make twelve accessories for Mac products each year. As they state on their site, these products "will be as innovative as Apple itself." Their acclaimed BookBook is perhaps my favorite item of theirs and is a unique hardback, distressed leather case (no two are exactly alike) created for the MacBook Pro or Air, iPad and iPhone.

There are two functions to this attractive, attention getting product. First, it can be used as a traditional sleeve to protect your laptop and second, using the elastic corner clips, you can work on your laptop with BookBook still attached. But perhaps the best part about BookBook is its disguise. No one would ever guess your cherished laptop lies just inside the book cover... 

The best part about the BookBook cover for the iPad is by using just a button and a string, you can adjust your iPad to hands free mode to watch a movie or your favorite webisode. All of the BookBooks have a soft, padded interior and look and feel just like an old leather bound book. No matter where you take it, it just feels good in your hands...and it's stylish, gotta love that. 

The BookBook for the iPhone was created as an all in one must have. When you open this little leather book, you'll find room for your credit cards and cash on the left and a protected slot for your iPhone on the right. As a dedicated Mac user, I love that the guys over at Twelve South have created a company that solely seeks to complement the distinctive, well designed products of Apple. They know their audience, they know their brand and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. See all of their innovative work here. And may y'all have a stylish day...


Photos: Twelve South    Content: Sweet Peach