B. Inspired: The Kitchen Island & Bar

When I visited Bryce over the Christmas holiday, (seen here with his manager, Genna) one of my favorite pieces in his shop was this Kitchen Island & Bar he constructed.  

The idea for the bar came when Bryce stumbled upon the entire top piece at Habitat for Humanity. (date on bottom of tile was 1978) Inspired to build something around it, he bought the top tile with brown scalloped edging for just $65. 

Using just $50 in lumber, (a combination of leftover plywood and new pine) it took Bryce just one day to build it. And in typical Bryce fashion, he started painting it the same day and was done with the entire bar by the following morning. 

Bryce was very thoughtful in the design. He wanted this to be a multifunctional piece and made a removable shelf for one side. This offers the option to use the cavity differently, such as hanging pots and pans. He also added wheels and made sure there was ample room for two bar stools on the opposite side. 

It's a great piece and available for sale at his lovely shop, Curious. Or maybe you'll be inspired to make your own island creation...Thanks Bryce. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach