Jessica Durrant

A love of travel and maps goes hand in hand as it's hard not to love one without the other, right? As a huge fan of both, I was instantly smitten by these watercolor maps by Atlanta illustrator, Jessica Durrant. 

Jessica, whose work has been featured in Target, One Kings Lane, Gilt and more, has a deep passion for her craft. Much of the collection follows her love of fashion and wandering the globe, in search of those moments that instill awe and gratitude. 


What I love about these world maps is they are available in sizes ranging from 5" x 7" to 36" x 48". Plus, it's hard not to love anything watercolor these days. Maybe I need to take one of her watercolor classes too... Find all of Jessica's daydream inducing works in her Etsy shop, here. 


Karla Pruitt

Karla Pruitt lives in Normaltown, a neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. It is here, inside her lovely home studio, where she plays with color, pattern, light and texture. 

Karla is an accomplished surface designer and painter who gets to create new wallpaper, apparel and pattern designs for various companies. (I've always wanted to create my own wallpaper. A couple years ago, I decided my first wallpaper design would be called, Over Easy for the cute breakfast nook. Not exactly sure what it would look like but I like the name of it :) In any event, I'm a fan of Karla's impressive creativity and ingenuity.

Her wallpaper collection for Hygge & West is quite beautiful. Each creation seems to strike a nice balance between glamour and play. 

Karla's art pattern designs and prints are full of color and joy. Most of her artwork she hand paints - the adorable bees she block-printed. So fun...

This is Karla's first collection of art prints created entirely from her own point of view, as opposed to a directive from a client. She calls it The Winter Series. I love how they are displayed against black. The wallpaper makes a lot of sense in her studio as it has that neutral vibe to let her work shine, yet adds just the right amount of sophisticated glam.

To see all of Karla's impressive portfolio, peruse her pretty site. Then do what I do and imagine your life as a pattern designer- dreaming up new colors and designs on a quiet street inside a charming, sophisticated studio in Normaltown, Georgia. 


Rhianna Wurman

Texas native and Illustrator, Rhianna Wurman has an eye for pretty things. Her drawings tend to make onlookers smile and can fill a need in most any home. Residing now in Asheville, North Carolina, Rhianna finds inspiration from her southern roots as well as her English grandmother. 

Rhianna's illustrations, many of which are about the garden, the kitchen and a positive mindset come in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10's that are digitally printed on heavy weight matte archival paper. And each print is signed- that's the beauty of supporting small, local artists.

I need this print today, it's been a not so fun week so far. Deep breaths...good things are coming. See all of Rhianna's work here. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

Rob Wilson

Over the winter holiday, you may remember a Texas artist I featured named Rob Wilson. His incredible images are graphic and bold with a dose of good humor and forever memorable. He's one of my favorite artists and the best part is, his library of goods just keeps getting better and better...

The Shop at Renee Rhyner & Co., based in Dallas, Texas, carries many of Rob's illustrations that are in large, fine art canvas form. He also offers his original images in notecards which run the gamut from wedding and birthday to pets, love, babies, Texas icons and 'fun.' 

Rob's work is instantly recognizable and as far as I can tell, instantly likeable. He's got a knack for great design that draws you in and leaves you lingering for a moment or two- It makes me wonder what his home looks like?? 

For more about Rob, check out his site here, or find his large format prints at the Renee Rhyner shop here. Happy weekend...


Illustrations: Rob Wilson        Content: Sweet Peach


Andrea Cobb

Andrea Cobb is on her path. An illustrator, living in Durham, North Carolina, Andrea has quickly gained traction with her individual style and artistic point of view. Her clients include Anthropologie, In Style Magazine, The NY Times, Target, Ritz Carlton and the Wall Street Journal to name a few. 

Andrea works in a few mediums (illustration, fine arts & surface design) as she explores color, texture and pattern. She is deeply inspired by nature and the vibrancy of life that surrounds us...



The great thing is Andrea offers many of her individual works as prints. Just send her an email with a request and she shall comply...

Besides the clients I mentioned above, Andrea has found much success creating packaging for popular Whole Foods products like sodas, chocolate bars, sauces, lotions and more. The lovely book, Secrets of Simpicity via Chronicle Books, is beautifully illustrated by Andrea as well. She is certainly on her path, can't wait to see where she goes from here...


Illustrations: Andrea Cobb     Content: Sweet Peach