Waxing Kara

When I saw these honey lollipops dipped in dark chocolate, all I wanted to do was order a case of them. These tasty treats are the brainchild of Kara Brook who started beekeeping as a way to make beeswax for her encaustic paintings. (encaustic paint is made with beeswax, damar resin and pigment) Soon, however, she stumbled upon something quite unexpected. Kara, "In the process, I made the serendipitous discovery that honey is a much more precious gift from bees than wax." 

Kara now creates a bevy of natural products from her bees at Chesterhaven Beach Farm along Maryland's Eastern Shore. A true artist at heart, she finds deep satisfaction in keeping her bees happy and healthy. As we all know, without bees, we as a civilization cannot sustain our own agriculture. Kara, "It is my hope that you feel the expansive energy of life in the bees, sun and the waves instilling within Waxing Kara products." Above, are her wildly popular Honey and Lavender Pops.

Her honey looks and sounds divine. This year's Spring honey has notes of apple, pear, black locust, lavender, tulip poplar, wild blueberry and blackberry, clover, tupelo and wildflowers. The black locust tree is native to eastern North America and this past year it was in full bloom, filling the air with a sweet scent. This made for a bold and fragrant honey that goes beautifully with greek yogurt or bold cheeses. 

Kara loves the Orange Blossom honey mixed with butter on hot cornbread. It also pairs well as a syrup for pancakes or combined with a dark chocolate dessert. The Field of Wildflower honey is an excellent daily honey with a mild floral flavor and a strong, earthy finish. 

As honey is so good for the skin, Kara has also created a Honey Body Scrub and Body Butter. The Scrub is used for exfoliation to reduce signs of aging and brighten the skin texture while the Butter provides lavender scented moisture for up to 24 hours. So much goodness...learn more about her line of face and body products, here

Kara appears as busy as her bees as she also offers six different honey soap options- some with lavender or citrus blends, others with oatmeal or clove and cinnamon. 

I loved learning about Kara and her bees and especially how her love for painting has helped her recognize a new passion for honey and beekeeping. She's helping the planet, fulfilling a real passion and we all reap the benefits. It's safe to say I will be a loyal customer. First things first, I'm ordering some Honey Pops...  


Photos: Waxing Kara      Content: Sweet Peach

Busy as a bee...

The honey bee is a master designer. This fact makes the task of creating innovative packagaing for Savannah Bee Company's honey all the more challenging, yet so fun. Graphic Artist, Collin Cummings took on the challenge for a school project and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. 

Inspired by the diligent work of the honey bee, which is a highly industrial procedure, Collin had to come up with a design that complemented the bees' hard work ethic. As Collin noted, "Although honey production is so systematic in nature, the finished product is elegant and soft." He added, "The clear and simple bottles with a minimal design cause the design to rely on the honey, which is beautiful alone." 

Collin continues, "Typographically, I kept the brand very sterile and minimal to address the industrial quality. As the honey gets ued, each bottle reveals its individual personality through a unique pattern. I wanted to establish a sense of revelation. By slowly expressing the elegance of each type, the bottles would stand out as being timeless." The empty glass jars with pretty patterns could then be reused, another benefit to thoughtful design. 

Collin's stunning work pays homage to the perfected skills of the honey bee. Although this was done as a school project and you can't actually purchase these bottles, you can still buy the wonderful honey that inspired the design. To learn all about Savannah Bee Company and to buy their world famous, scrumptiously delicious honey, just click here. And thanks for the inspiration Collin...


Photos:  Jana Laidlaw      Content: Sweet Peach