History Posters

I love a good Kickstarter project, like this one from Johnathan Yeman who combined his love for graphic design and historical figures into a series of thought-provoking, black and white prints. 

Johnathan, "The idea for the series of posters sprung out of two desires. One, to explore a long standing passion of mine and two, to connect my work with a larger audience." This photo, and subsequent print above, is from the Voting Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in March, 1965. 

Johnathan has created 18 prints in all and hopes to raise money through Kickstarter to cover the costs of printing as well as to purchase the finest papers and archival inks for the project. To note, the photos above inspired the prints adjacent. 

Johnathan has picked voices that were poignant, important and deserving of a spotlight. These include Abraham Lincoln, Fanny Lou Hamer, John Muir, Ida B Wells and more. Some you've heard of, many you have not. Johnathan, "All thoughout history, incredible voices, great and small have shaped the world around us and have inspired individuals to become difference makers in their own communities. However, too often these voices go under-remembered and un-heard. My hope is to change that."

I love the modern and clean look of these prints and the meanings they share. Johnathan extensively researched each one and he includes the source of each quote on the print- in hopes that others will be inspired to continue reading the words of these important historical voices. To support his efforts, check out Johnathan's Kickstarter page and make a pledge. His intention is to share and inspire, to remember and respect....I have to say, I like that in an artist.