Hammer & Axe

As a homeowner, I know the value of a good hammer. I had a pink one that my mom gave me after college but through the many years I kept it in my house, it never really had that much power behind it. But this hammer, is different. Made by Council Tool in Waccamaw, North Carolina by fourth generation toolmakers, these hammers are part hot forged steel and part American hickory wood. It's a manly hammer, suitable for striking wood, metal, stone and concrete. 

As last night was the first night I went to bed in a chilly house, I had dreams of having a fireplace in my room. And if I did, I'd have this axe (or this one) next to my outdoor woodpile. Another North Carolina made dropped forged steel axe with a hickory handle, that comes with a leather sheath with buckle closure, it's an axe to last a lifetime.  


Images: Kaufmann Mercantile     Content: Sweet Peach