LG Dunston

In 2010, Florida artist, LG Dunston, discovered the traditional Japanese printmaking technique of gyotaku. (gyo: fish + taku: rubbing) The technique was first used in the mid 1800's by fishermen who coated their catches with Sumi ink then pressed the fish against rice paper to accurately document their size. It's a meticulous process but when done with patience and extreme care, it's also an exquisite art form...

As LG shared, "I am drawn to the raw, unconventional beauty that exists within an animal after it has taken its last breath." She carefully examines each sea creature to be sure to capture any distinct markings, brilliant colors, fin structure (or missing fins that document any battles fought at sea), as well as any unique facial features. 

Each finished piece tells a unique and layered story about that creature's life in the sea. It's a fascinating process and one I'd love to see in person someday... Check out LG's impressive body of work, here.


Images:  LG Dunston; Oysters and Pearls blog     Content: Sweet Peach