Winslow Taft

Winslow Taft, a graphic designer from Birmingham, Alabama, has incredible style. His home exudes one of my favorite looks as it combines antiques, modern and thrift store finds. A bit of finesse and a great eye ties it all together. 

Winslow's living room is a treasure. It's one of those spaces you find yourself staring at just to try and figure out how he did it. The orange chairs come from Urban Suburban antiques, then reupholstered. The side wooden table Winslow made from a downed tree in his neighborhood. The large wooden lamp is from Plenty Design Co-op while many of the other pieces were found at Atmosphere Home Essentials. 

The dark and worn leather chair, dresser and cabinets are family antiques. The natural light helps showcase the warm tones found throughout the home from the furniture pieces, textiles, paneling and flooring. 

Creative people produce creative spaces, making it eternally fun to be a fly on the wall. I'm inspired...


Photos: Graham Yelton      Content: Sweet Peach

Celebrating Poplarville, Mississippi

Kyle White likes the charm of the South, specifically the small town of Poplarville, Mississippi- just a stone's throw away from the University of Southern Mississippi, where he attended. 

I think it's fair to say he got a good education. Kyle designed these postcard sets for the city of Poplarville and has accrued an impressive portfolio over the years, now living and working in New York City as a graphic designer. Kyle shares that "these postcards were intended to reflect the town's relaxed atmosphere and landscape." 

I like how Kyle pays homage to Mississippi's state bird and the popular Blueberry Jubilee that takes place in Poplarville every June. I think I need to go to a blueberry jubilee. That sounds fun...

Poplarville is not very populated. With just over 2600 residents, it has small town appeal. It certainly left a mark on Kyle, now it leaves a mark on us.


Photos: Kyle White Design    Content: Sweet Peach