Arboreal Paper

Dana Nappi of the fabulous shop, Peter Nappi in Nashville recently told me to check out the work of her friend, Erin Pfister. Erin designs and produces environmentally friendly paper through her shop, Arboreal Paper. Dana shared, "Erin helps run our studio in Nashville and is an expert in all things beautiful." I'd have to agree...

Erin designs and creates stationery, wrapping paper, gift tags and custom invites. She is committed to sustainability. Printing is done with soy based inks, while the papers and packaging are all 100% recycled material. 

Erin is endlessly inspired by travel as is evident in her variety of gorgeous designs based on recent visits to Italy. As she explains, "The design inspiration for Arboreal comes from traveling and experiencing another culture. The architectural elements found roaming the streets of another country...the textures, patterns and colors found in local markets...the inspiring landscapes to be found abroad."

Her next collection to be released at the National Stationery Show in NYC next month is entitled Recoleta and was inspired by travels to Argentina. (sneak peak above) Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities, I can't wait to see all her new creations...

A true artist at heart, Erin is always finding and refining design ideas wherever she goes. As she shared, "I adore design. I find inspiration from everyday things like color, textures, fonts and clean, crisp details." 

I especially like her beautifully designed custom work as seen in the above photos. Add the fact that her work is environmentally friendly, it's hard not to be anything but a huge fan. 

Thank you for sharing your stunning work with Sweet Peach Erin. We look forward to seeing where you travel to next...

See all of Erin's lovely designs at or visit her Etsy shop, here.  


 Photos: Arboreal Paper, Harwell Photography, Kate Murphy Photography, Mandy Johnson Photography   Content: Sweet Peach