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Tricia's Treasures

A fan of Haskell Harris, I follow her wonderful southern inspired blog, Magpie. And it was here that I found her gushing review of Tricia's Treasures in Birmingham, Alabama. As I was planning to visit there a week after I read the post, I bookmarked it- knowing I had to see this much hyped antique shop for myself. 

As the pictures reveal, this place is a treasure trove. With over 20,000 square feet of inventory, it's packed with incredible finds- row after row, stack after stack.  

Owner, Tricia Thomas has been in the antiques business for 31 years. As her parents owned an antique shop, she learned the business early on and found a love in hunting for treasure. Tricia, "I love to buy things that I think people will love as I'm always thinking of who may like something. I buy all kinds of styles too because people have lots of different tastes." 

One thing that Tricia's Treasures is known for is its incredible selection of mirrors. They have hundreds of them, priced from $150-$3000. 

I brought along my good friend, Bradley Odom, who is the Director of Design Education for West Elm. I liked following him around with my camera as he oohed and aahed over this or that. There were just so many great finds- and good prices too. 

Home decor shops come and go but Tricia's Treasures has become a bit of an institution in Birmingham. Everyone knows the name and there is a constant flow of customers and designers in and out the front door. Tricia is succesful because she buys various styles and price points, plus she has an incredible eye for what will sell. Tricia, "I'm not a trendy person but I have a few trendy things you'll find too." 

I think the best part about Tricia's is the southern hospitality. Her, along with a colorful staff, can be found just a few feet inside the front door. They all say hello and ask lots of questions - Where are you from? What are you looking for? Where did you buy your cute shoes?... There's a lot of great finds here but I like to think Tricia is the biggest treasure of all. Go'll love every moment of it. 


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Revitalized Artistry

Christopher White is an impressive guy. As a junior Marketing major at the University of Georgia in Athens, he's already created an eye catching line of home decor pieces that are as stylish as they are distinctive. 

Utilizing worn and weathered mid century furniture, Christopher gives the pieces he finds a much needed face lift. Adding bone white paint to contrast with the typical shades of brown found in mid century furniture, Christopher creates upcycled home decor pieces that have a unique look and feel. As he shares, "During restoration, I like to infuse my own style within the detail of each piece." 

See all of Christopher's creations here...and bookmark it. He's a designer to watch. 


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After dealing with an unforseen medical diagnosis and brain tumor, Brannon McCaleb left his job in the music industry and made some big changes in his life. He found inspiration in the time he spent as a kid with his grandpa, who lived near the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. As Brannon shared, "His barn was my playground." He wanted to rekindle his passion for barns, for carpentry & the simpler things in life. That's when his home furnishing company, ReBarn, based in Knoxville, was born. 

Using old barn wood, Brannon handcrafts headboards, tables and various items for the home. I particularly like his side tables that quickly add a heap of character, history and texture to a space...

Brannon's headboards can be custom made to your width, height and coloring specifications. This one comes via a 1900's horse farm and has quickly become a shop favorite. I understand their popularity as all of his headboards have an amazing look and feel, plus, they're well priced, starting at just $375. 

It's not easy to transition from one part of life that you know and feel secure in to something completely different, even opposite. But if you're brave and have a little patience- much like Brannon, good things can come. Check out all of Brannon's incredible handiwork here. 


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Reformed Wood

I've been searching for a reclaimed wooden crate bed for my pups for a while now and as it turns out, it's being made just across the Georgia border. Artist, Kevin Mulrooney of Birmingham, Alabama has been working with reclaimed wood for years- and has created some impressive pieces to show for it. 

I can see this chalkboard crate working just as well on a General Store shelf as it would atop your office desk or to organize a kid's room. And this wine crate has a worn, stylish cool that makes it work for any myriad of uses, from storage to display. 

I think my favorite piece of Kevin's is this side table that he handcrafted from old barn wood- an old Alabama horse barn to be exact. It has steel hairpin legs with a gray/silver patina that complements the worn wood quite beautifully.  


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Official Design

At Official Design in Dallas, Texas, you'll find thoughtful, high quality furniture. This is the Peanut Rocker, inspired by the traditional rocker, but given a modern twist. As stated on their site, "We worked the steel by hand, from the milling of the runner connections to the welding of the upper frame. We sculpted the walnut seat and runners with a CNC router." Simple screws and bolts were the finishing touch. 

Mark Leveno, a graduate of SCAD, is the furniture and architectural designer at Official. I particularly like his Mango Bench made of mango wood and steel and inspired by a three dimensional line drawing of a cube. 

This is the Yeti. With a cushion made of wool, it is referred to as the "softer, more tactile cousin of the Mango bench." The Yeti was featured in the Milan Furniture Fair of 2012. 

The Droid Stool was also exhibited in Milan. See the process of its creation here. 


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Moran Woodworked Furniture 

A story teller at heart, I love any handmade piece with a tale to tell. Which is why I'd have a lot of fun hanging out at the workshop of born and bred southerners, Michael Moran and Celia Gibson. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Michael and Celia use great care, patience and skill to craft stunning pieces of furniture. 

They both care deeply about the natural world and work with a sustainable mindset. As stated on their site, "We are interested in the interaction of the natural and handmade worlds. We work to discover where these worlds intersect and how they can complement and balance each other." 

Michael is the accomplished craftsman of the pair while Celia handles much of the business side of things, yet together they design each piece. Looking through their gallery, they can create just about anything, but specialize in cabinetry, tables, benches and chairs. 

Every tree, has a story to tell as evidenced in the two pieces above that vary greatly in look and feel. Working in an organic way, Michael and Celia allow the natural characteristics of each tree to dictate the direction of the design. As Celia shared with me, "We hope these objects offer a sense of the origin of things, of the calm, quiet physicality of the world of a tree." 

Michael and Celia believe in what they refer to as Good Wood- or wood that "comes from family run mills where sustainability and ecological soundess are essential values." They salvage recycled wood as well as take advantage of downed trees. 

It's a rumor that Michael Moran hugs trees whenever he gets the chance. He and Celia's love for their craft need not be spoken, it's understood. Their thoughtfully, beautifully constructed pieces are a testament to their care for our trees, their care for their craft. Simply put, they've found their passion and it shows. I like a story with a happy ending...

See their salvaged cherry candlesticks, made exclusively for Garden & Gun, here.


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Checking in with Cast & Crew...

I must admit, I have a love affair with the Etsy shop, Cast & Crew. Jenny & Cody just do such a fabulous job finding and curating their stunning vintage collection. They create these simple scenes with beautiful chairs, tables and props....I just want to be there, with a martini in hand, adorning a cute vintage dress and handbag. 

As Jenny shares, "We are quite simply a couple with a craze to find and resurrect pieces of the past." Their individual talents meld together beautifully as Cody has a knack for thrift shopping and dumpster diving, while Jenny has a love and a talent for photography.

You have to check their site weekly as the pair are constantly adding and refining their favorite finds. The Cast & Crew shop is a pretty showcase of both large furniture pieces as well as a small selection of great home decor items. I particularly love this Pukeberg Gasbruk mid century decanter set. The colors of the glassware are just incredible. I want, I want...

I'm a fan of vintage school maps and charts and this German one would be so great in a home where one is learning German, is German, loves Germany or a German cook, (the chart is titled "Making Margarine"). 

No matter when I check in with Cast & Crew, I find an Eames chair that I love, that I yearn for. I've never seen one with this colored 'bikini pad,' which is all original. A rare find indeed, but that's what Jenny and Cody do best. See all of their beautifully curated pieces here, including this Eames rocker in purple. Pure Perfection...


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Modern 50, Tables and Desks

If you like to pass time perusing furniture sites, then you need to bookmark Modern 50. They curate and assemble incredible furnishings for both retail and the tv/film industry. This incredible mercantile desk is circa the 1890's, made of oak and built to last. The wear and tear over the last century shows...and that's a good thing. 

I was going to showcase a cross section of their wares but I couldn't get past the first category on their list, Tables and Desks. They're all such amazing pieces ranging in age, origin, condition and purpose. If you have a specific vintage piece in mind, chances are they have it...or can find it. 

Based in Paint Branch, Maryland, the creatives behind Modern 50 have a knack for finding amazing pieces, all with an industrial, salvaged or mid century feel. 

If I had to make a speech, I'd prefer to make it behind this 1930's vintage podium table. And I would very much like someone to buy me this Greenwich Slate Industrial Bar Cart. It's from the 1930's and the worn green patina on the salvaged steel frame is a bit dreamy, don't you think? 

This drafting table is an early American design from the 1920's. In wonderful condition, it would be so great in an artist's studio. It has a story to tell, and artists like stories...

As my mother could attest, I'm always drawn to the most expensive item in a room, and this gorgeous Danish rosewood and black vinyl dining set is evidence of that character flaw of mine. At $14,500, this dining set is certainly a stunning centerpiece. Made in the 1950's, the table is by Neils Vodder and the ladder back chairs by Neils Kofoed and JL Moller. Furniture sites are fun to peruse, until you get depressed by them. Sigh...

See all of Modern 50's beautifully curated or created finds here. 


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Garza Furniture

I already have Marfa, Texas on my to-do list so I can stay here, but now, with discovering Garza Furniture, also located in Marfa, I have even another good reason to take an excursion westward. 

From their site, "All Garza furniture is hand crafted in Marfa, Texas using top quality materials like saddle leather, powder-coated steel rod, local and specialty woods." 

Creators and owners, Jamey and Constance Garza have perfected and upgraded the Acapulco chair. Their new saddle leather chair comes in either round, oval or square shape. It sits atop an iron base that can be plain, black or a choice of seven powder coated colors. That's good times right there...

It's modern, stylishly fun furniture straight out of the wilds of Texas. I'd love one of everything please...

For pricing, purchasing or to call in your own custom order, contact Jamey or Constance here. 


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Skram Furniture Company

If you're familiar with the furniture scene of North Carolina, then you're familiar with Skram Furniture. They craft furniture pieces that are timeless and modern utilizing natural materials such as timber, leather, stone and metal. 

Rocking chairs are a constant feature of the South. And I love when I find a modernized version that still looks comfy and inviting. This is the V5 rocker and I think I need a pair of these for my back porch...

The Vidalia Vase is Skram's modern take on the flower vessel, made from either santos rosewood, fiddleback sycamore or figured European beech. Wood and metal always make my happy so I'm liking this Piedmont Cafe Table made in walnut. 

I'm truly in love with these console tables that offer so much versatility- plus they are just beautiful to look at and admire from afar. 

I like wine but I'm not the type to ever have enough to warrant a wine cellar. I think this Linground Tower would be perfect as it allows you to showcase a few bottles and provides enough storage for a few extra behind the walnut timber doors. 

This may be my favorite item by Skram, the Lineground Round Mirror and Entry Shelf. It comes in various shapes and sizes in either European beech or walnut. Simply beautiful...

A. Jacob Marks, who was recently named one of the top 50 young designers of the Americas, serves as principal and lead designer for Skram. Learn more about his work and style here. 


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