Felix Glenn

My friend Courtney of Honeycomb Studio recently told me about one of her favorite online shops, Felix Glenn. I took a quick peek at their site and realized I wanted to learn more...

Husband and wife team, Joanna and Robbie Ballentine of Birmingham, Alabama, craft these beautiful wooden utensils by hand. They named their shop after their grandfathers who were both skilled carpenters back in the day. 

Their intention with the shop was to create an "organic, imperfect and one of a kind product." Joanna, "We let the grain of wood determine the next move." With each utensil they carve, (made of walnut, cherry or olive wood) they produce a unique, functional tool that has a beauty all its own.  


Joanna and Robbie offer over a dozen utensils to complement any kitchen. The nice thing is, these are tools to stand the test of time and much like the passion and skills of their granddads- be passed down, generation to generation. 

Check out the entirety of the lovely Felix Glenn shop here. The bonus find is Joanna's gorgeous blog, irrelephant, which I just discovered and have now bookmarked. And thanks Courtney, I think I'll add this shop to my list of favorites too...


Photos: Felix Glenn site       Content: Sweet Peach


Time to Shop...

Courtney Hamill of Honeycomb Studio quit her day job to become an artist full time. This turned out to be a really good idea as the rest of us can now own one of her gorgeous ceramic pieces that are currently flying off the shelves, gaining fanfare nationwide. Luckily, she found some time during this busy season to share her favorite gift picks for the holidays. Thank you Court...

1. FELIX GLENN MEDIUM SERVING SPOON, $115. Courtney, I've been totally bewitched by the gorgeous handcarved utensils coming out of this new Birmingham, Alabama based company. Although they're perfectly functional, I'd probably be happy to hang this spoon on a wall and just admire its classic design and beautiful grain. 

2. ICE MILK APRONS ROLLING OF CINNAMON APRON, $85. I think this (and almost all of the other aprons offered by this Atlanta, GA based company) are the prettiest things I've ever seen. The perfect blend of practical and nostalgic, these aprons almost make me forget what a horrible baker I am.  

3. LAUREN McGOWIN ABSTRACT PAINTINGS, $550. If we're talking aspirational Christmas gifts, I'm totally smitten with the abstract paintings of this emerging painter in Fairhope, Alabama. In person, her paintings have a very distinctive voice and wonderful textures. Much of her work also incorporates metallic details, so you know I'm hooked. 

4. NATIVE BEAR 2014 COSMOS WALL CALENDAR, $35. When it comes to calendars, I'm still an old fashioned gal who loves an annual calendar for reference. I'm pretty sure I could look at Leela from Native Bear's distinctive style and color palatte on the wall all year long. 

 5. LOYAL STRICKLIN AVIATOR MUG, $29. Do you need a masor jar cup with a leather cuff from Alabama based, Loyal Stricklin? Probably not. Should you have one? Absolutely. 

6. LEDBURY CLASSIC BUTTON DOWNS, starting at $115. My gift interests skew feminine, but of course I have lots of men in my life that need gifts too. You can't go wrong with any of the button downs offered by Richmond, Virginia-based, Ledbury, who offer shirts with a classically tailored fit and unmistakable Southern style. 

7. FORM FUNCTION FORM BUTTON STUD EASY READER, $82. I love that this watch, made in a Florida studio, would be an equally amazing gift for the guys or gals on your list. Classic design with high quality materials can never go wrong. 

8. JACK RUDY SMALL BATCH GRENADINE, $16.  We all know about Jack Rudy's Tonic, but did you know they have a grenadine too? With all the classic cocktail lovers in my life, this is sure to be a hit.