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American Native  

For some reason, I don't own an apron but I'm a tad obsessed with them. They seem fun and stylish and I want one, I'm just not sure what I'd use it for? Perhaps that idea will come after purchase...I'd like to start with one of these please, made by American Native in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Each American Native apron is made with durable Cone Mills 12 oz selvedge denim that will help protect against your next art project or afternoon wood shop session. The aprons all have a wide leather pocket with copper rivets, available in either natural, butterscotch or brown. 

American Native was founded by two brothers, Bobby and Clayton Chamberlain who take great pride in crafting quality goods right here in the USA. See their entire shop, which includes leather bags, belts and wallets, here. 


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I hope this past storm was the last of it as I, like many of you, are completely over cold, ice and snow. So, as winter eases in ferocity making way for spring, there will be many manly men out there eager to camp, hike, hunt and fish. And before doing so, may I offer a suggestion. Check out Mollyjogger.     

Mollyjogger is an online shop based in the Ozark Mountains in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The name comes via the original Mollyjogger Fishing and Hunting Club from 1890. In keeping with their adventurous spirit, founder and Ozark Mountain native, Rick Stagner curated a shop of provisions to suit the forests, fields and streams that surround him and his family. Above is a floating knife, a basic red knit cap and a plaid blanket- at once practical and stylish. Gotta love that. 

This is a nice group of goods that include waterproof notebooks, wool blankets and some gorgeous handmade paddles. I especially love the Scrimshaw Knife Kit, based on the American art form, scrimshaw, that began in the late 1700's. While the whalers had plenty of free time at sea, they etched drawings into items available like bones and sperm whale teeth. As Americans traveled west, so did this art form, which was adapted to knives and other utility items. This kit allows you to carve your own images or words into a bone handled pocket knife...

These popular Field Notes come in 3 packs labeled as Ales or Lagers. The color of the Lager books are gold (pilsner), brown (bock) and pale yellow (pale lager) while the Ales books are dark brown (stout), warm red (amber ale) and rusty orange (India pale ale). 

Check out Rick's shop to see his ever growing shop of provisions that blends great style and practicality for the modern outdoorsman. And although spring is not here just yet, we can all start thinking about it, planning for it, dreaming about it. C'mon spring, we're waiting for you...


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Today is a happy Tuesday as I arrived back in the States about one day ago from my trip overseas. Being away for almost two months takes a toll...but I'm happy to reunite with family and friends and return to life in the South. I've been passing out my gifts, some of them handcrafted - which reminds me of how handmade pottery, no matter where you find it, is a one of a kind gift idea that is as decorative as it is functional. Keeping this in mind, Weckery, a shop based in Fayetteville, West Virginia, is certainly worth checking out...

Married couple, Emily and Brad Weckesser combine their talents to create these pretty pieces. Brad brings woodworking and potter skills to the table while Emily adds her talent in painting, color and design. 

They've chosen a speckled white color scheme for this collection, which I really love, but Emily and Brad are more than happy to customize the glaze, or even add personalized words or phrases of your choice. 

At the Weckery shop, you'll find beautifully hand thrown, hand glazed and handcrafted mugs, vases, pitchers and serving sets that complement many home styles. So next time you're searching for that perfect gift idea, it's a good shop to have in your back pocket...


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Kelly Bermudez

I'm a sucker for pretty flowers- real, imagined or otherwise. Perhaps that's why I emailed Kelly Bermudez the moment I saw her simply beautiful watercolor piece, Blue Fields of Love. 

Kelly, based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, describes her Etsy shop of watercolor paintings as "my journal or diary." Adding, "I want each of my paintings to have depth and meaning behind them." 

Kelly found inspiration for this watercolor of wrens in an Ecclesiastes quote, "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed." 

Kelly's favorite painting is Romance in the Rain. As she shared, "My ultimate desire is to use this gift to bring hope, joy and inspiration to others." She's off to a good start...



Stacie from Arkansas

Stacie Bloomfield from Fayetteville, Arkansas has some lovely prints and pillows available on her Etsy shop. 

I always like to find a good calendar for the new year and her owl prints are just too sweet. Stacie has a variety of animal prints to admire, just click here to see them all. 

These adorable pillows are made of a soft cotton/linen fabric and each one is hand sewn. As Stacie shares on her site, "I am a wife and mother. I am a bit unorganized. Inspired by fall colors. I love to doodle and sew and watch Gilmore Girls on repeat." See all of her lovely goods here. 



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Retro Prints

Ellen Beeler of Etsy shop, Visuaria in Fayetteville, Arkansas loves art, food and all things retro. I loved the first kitchen inspired print I saw from her shop, as I have many happy memories of my mom dancing in the kitchen. As Ellen says, "I just think dancing in the kitchen is one of life's most pleasurable activities, whether alone or with someone. It's fun and spontaneous and everyone should try it." 

Ellen's cats love to hang out on the backs of chairs- like most cats I imagine. This print colorfully exemplifies their absolute dominion in our households. Ellen also designed this sweet and colorful Eat Colors print, with the intention to help celebrate healthy food. 

I really love the design of her Soup print. In her words, "I love making homemade soups and people are always asking me how to do it and they usually think it's difficult. I made this visual recipe to let them know that it's not hard and that there are many ways to customize the basic recipe to your tastes." I like the visual simplicity of this as it caters to my not so refined culinary side...

Cultivate is a great word and even better when visually interpreted in this lovely print. Ellen shares her thoughts, "I love the simplicity of this design and the way it can be interpreted many ways- from a gardening print to an inspirational print. To me it means nurturing all the many areas of my life that I want to develop." See all of her smile inducing, retro prints here. Thanks Ellen...


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