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Happy Dogs...

Remember when Big Mike in the film The Blind Side asked for a license just so he could have something with his name on it? There's something about having your name printed in an official capacity that just feels good. It's safe to say these dogs have no idea their beds are branded but hey, they look cute and it makes us owners feel good. Sweet Enzo, I want him in my life...

Kent and Amberlii are the husband and wife team behind Bow Wow Beds. Based in Northern Kentucky, they custom make dog bed covers for our beloved pooches. The fabric is a durable duck canvas which comes in a variety of sizes, including XXXL for the big dogs in our lives.

Besides a bevy of pretty colors to choose for your fabric, Kent and Amberlii also offer these incredibly fun chevron stripes. This is a necessary shop in the dog owner's life as many of us know the pain of trying to find a well designed bed to fit in with our decor. Why not make the dog bed a complementary conversation piece if you can? See all of Bow Wow Beds fashionably cool dog covers here. 

Photos: Bow Wow Beds    Content: Sweet Peach