Adopt Me

Meet Margot. She's a sweet little pup in need of a home. Through my friend Monica, (who last fostered Petunia) I found Margot. She hails from Augusta, Georgia and came to Ruffus Rescue in Atlanta after she had a litter of pups. She needs a home, so I decided to take her picture- but first I put her in the first ever Sweet Peach hat (made by the fabulously talented Bernadette of Sweethoots in Maryland) If you adopt Margot, Bernadette is donating the hat great is that?  

Monica and her husband Chris have been fostering Margot for a few weeks now. As Monica shared with me, "Margot will bring a ray of sunshine into your heart. She is so full of joy and love and she believes that everyone (whether human, canine or feline) is her very best friend. If you look in her direction, her whole body wiggles." 

Margot is about a year old and is now spayed and ready for her own home. When I met her for the photo shoot, she really was so sweet, loving and easy going. As Monica said, "This is truly a happy dog, she even smiles when she sleeps." 

Contact Harriett at Ruffus Rescue to see how you can adopt Margot- and if not her, there are so many adorable pups to choose from. Like Suzi, Monty, Annabelle, Simon, Rosie and Billy. And that's just at one rescue organization- there are thousands of them in every state. As the holiday season approaches, I'm hoping more animals can find a permanent place to call home. A big hug and thank you to Monica, Chris, Harriett and Bernadette...and to whoever adopts Miss Margot. She's a keeper. 


Dogs with hats

I have a thing for dogs in hats. The whole outfit ensemble can prove a bit sad to me as the dog often wants no part of it, but a hat...that's just fun. Even if they get a little annoyed, it's kinda worth it. Above is the Oh Christmas Tree hat, hand crocheted with kelly green yarn and trimmed with red and white crocheted Christmas balls.

Bernadette and Julie, a mother and daughter team from Sykesville, Maryland have lovingly created these hats for pooches of all sizes but the inspiration comes from their three pugs; Jellybean, Pickles and Pumpkin. Pickles has grabbed the limelight from her siblings however. As Bernadette shares, "Pickles loves to model. Jellybean and Pumpkin like to stay behind the scenes." Find the Little Devil hat here and the Dog Groom wedding hat here. 

It's kinda hard not to love your dog infinitely when they put on the Church Mouse hat. If you prefer something a little more subdued, I like the neck warmer which can be adorned with a flower of your choice. 

I do believe I've saved the best for last. Pickles strikes a pose in the fabulous Carmen Miranda ensemble, which includes an apple, orange, banana, cherries and grapes. It's hard to top this ...yet in the new year, Bernadette and Julie will venture into the not so charted territory of cat hats. I look forward to sharing their feline creations that will amaze me in the sheer fact the cats keep them on long enough for a photograph. Thanks for sharing your wonderful dog hats Bernadette and Julie. To see all of their creations, which would make an excellent holiday gift, just click here.