Marc Nelson

When a guy finds the right cut of jeans for his style and size, it shows. A good pair of jeans is worth every penny as they can be worn for years, getting better with time and wear. 

Marcus Hall grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee- a part of the country where denim once provided a livelihood for much of the community. In 1997, 1800 workers were laid off at the Levi Strauss plant in Knoxville. When it shut down, so did many local restaurants and shops, deteriorating the community. Recently, Marcus Hall had a dream that consumed him- to help this community he called home and follow his passion for fashion. In 2011, he began Marc Nelson, his own denim based clothing line, inside that old Levi Strauss building. 

'Marc' is what Marcus' mom calls him and 'Nelson' pays tribute to his first fashion hero-his grandfather, L.C. Nelson. In just a few years, his 100% made in the USA, craft denim collection has grown in popularity to include straight, slim straight, ultra slim and slim boot styles. 

The Marc Nelson jeans are traditional and modern. As Marcus shared with Metro Pulse, "I'd call it 'conservative grunge.' I'm from the South and I know we're not as wild or flamboyant as people in LA. And I really like the workforce wear here. 'Blue collar elegance,' that's another expression I use for my line."

Marcus learned to sew at age 12 and having liltte access to new clothing as a kid, he often visited the local Goodwill to improvise. Marcus, "I'd go to Goodwill, get an old suit and tweak it- trim collars, change buttons, shorten lengths, turn a bootcut into a straight leg and I'd get noticed." His tenacity and knack for fashion has paid off. Although the denim world is a big ocean to swim in, he's slowly establishing his high quality jeans and brand. 

Find Marc Nelson jeans in over 15 locations throughout the country or through Marcus' website, here. 


Photos: Marc Nelson site; Shawn Poynter (pics of Marcus)     Content: Sweet Peach