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Barrett Alley's Indigo Wallets

Indigo is not just for pillows, duvets, scarves and bags. Barrett Alley of Dallas, Texas works with skilled artisans to create a handful of sumptious, indigo wallets

Barrett's popular Devilish wallet is now available in plant-derived indigo, hand cut and sewn from a single alum tawed calfskin. Over time the indigo will slowly rub off, creating a cool fade pattern, similar to a pair of jeans.  

The Destiny 5 pocket flip wallet, like the Devilish wallet, is lined with with an antique Japanese cotton boro textile, dyed with natural indigo. As both these wallets are limited editions, there are just a few left to get your hands on...

These wallets are meticulously made by hand, never by machine. Each one is constructed using a traditional saddle stitch, which is more durable than a machine stitch. As described on their site, "If a hand sewn saddle stitch breaks, the thread is only loosened on one side and the stitch on the other side of the material continues to hold the materials together."

Each Barrett Alley wallet is individually numbered. My personal favorite perk is the antique fabric (sourced globally) that gives each piece a unique feel and character. Sigh,...our collective indigo obsession continues. See the entire Barrett Alley shop, which includes belts, pouches and jewelry, here.


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Luxury lighting sounds like a good idea right about now. Maybe it's because I want to upgrade my home a bit, or maybe it's the all the shimmery warm gold of this pendant that keeps catching my eye...

Mark Moussa of Dallas, Texas started Arteriors in 1987 to create luxury lighting for both residential and commercial clients. They collaborate with artists around the globe specializing in different materials, like leather, iron, brass, bronze, nickel, wood, glass, ceramic and more. Diversity (and quality) is their specialty. 

Moussa, along with his design team, produce 600 new light fixtures and accessories each year, many of which are revealed at the High Point Market in North Carolina. I'm in love with these white and brass pendants ($300) made of hand hammered iron...


Mark is half Egyptian and has traveled throughout the world since he was a young boy. This global influence of design and culture is seen throughout his collection and much of his inspiration is derived from current fashion trends. The above, Zanadoo chandelier, is their best seller. 


How gorgeous are these? At $2100, the Granville Pendant is made of solid brass with a hand hammered surface, finished with an oxidized blue unique to each fixture. The Genova Pendant, at $900, is made of vintage brass. No matter your preference, these are some beautifully constructed light fixtures that instantly enhance a room. I dream, I dream... See the entire Arteriors collection, here. 


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I hadn't heard of wood embroidery until I saw the work of Nosheen Iqbal of Dallas, Texas. And now that I have, I'm a bit obsessed...

Nosheen combines thread, paint, wood veneers and bamboo to create some truly stunning pieces of art that she sells from $80 and up. Much of her work is commissioned based or found at local Dallas shops and events. 

Nosheen found much inspiration in her childhood as both her mother and grandmother had impressive textile and thread collections and taught her how to sew at a young age. Nosheen experimented with using wood and thread and slowly she found her own niche in the market, now designing under the name, Noshii. 

This beauty was an installation piece Nosheen did for the Hermes window in the Highland Park Village of Dallas. 

What I love too is her transition from panels to jewelry as she also crafts rings and bangles with wood and thread. Nosheen is currently sold out of these in her Etsy shop but I'd keep a close eye on the shop, or contact her here for more info. 


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Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

For two days now, I've been craving chocolate chip cookies. I normally don't eat them as I'm allergic to eggs but sometimes I give in and deal with the consequences...but, then I found this recipe on Katherine Dinger's site, Katherine is based in Dallas and is an experimental vegetarian chef. She loves things to taste delicious but also errs on the healthy side of things. She recently concocted this delicious pairing of oatmeal, dark chocolate and vanilla soaked cherries - in a cookie. This makes me happy...

I think these cookies are a perfect treat for Oscar night on Sunday. Make 'em for yourself or pack 'em up in a brown box and bring along to a friend's house. They'll be devoured in no time. Find the scrumptious recipe here, and enjoy the weekend everyone! 


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Moose + Pine

A couple months ago, when I was compiling my list of favorite men's wallets, I came across Moose + Pine, an online shop based in Dallas, Texas. I quickly fell for the colorful, tasteful collection and knew it would make a nice fit for Sweet Peach...

Mari Forssell was born in Helsinki, Finland, spent six years in the UK and is now in the good 'ol USA. She took up residence in Dallas and in 2007 began handcrafting laptop messnger bags, camera bags- then wallets, iPad sleeves, Kindle carriers, Smartphone and iPhone cases. A Scandinavian design influence is evident in her simple style and choice of pretty patterns. Oh, how I hope to visit Scandinavia soon...

Above is one of her lovely handmade iPad cases in gray and green wool plaid. Each case offered (she has over 20 iPad covers to choose from) is lined with a sturdy canvas and rivet reinforced straps with snap enclosures. 

I like the idea of having a stylish fabric pouch for my iPhone. I hadn't thought much of it before but when I saw all of these amazing options, I started to think about buying lots of them to match different outfits (if only). On the back of each is an eyelet to allow for your ear bud plug. Adorbs...

These men's wallets are stellar. They're for the guy who embraces a bit of color and is open to something other than all leather. Made of tweed and cotton canvas, these are the kind of wallets that stop me in my tracks to ask, "Where did you get that?" Mari would be happy to make these in any color combination of your choosing. Check out the Moose + Pine site for more info. And here's to Scandinavian simplicity, with an added touch of Southern soul....


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The Dallas Neighborhood Map

Yesterday, my friend Bradley sent me a link to a Dallas based artist he thought I may like. His name is David Anthony Harman and along with having a great eye for design, he makes maps. Of course I like him. 

David is a Dallas, Texas native and loves his home city through and through. And since love and passion go hand in hand, David decided to take his lifelong knowledge of the city and create a map of all the neighborhoods  (over 160) that are 'intown' or located within the squiggly square known as Loop 12.

The Dallas Neighborhood Map took David 6 months of intensive research to complete. Important collaborations with locals, friends and institutions, such as Preservation Dallas, helped him bring this vibrant and varied city to life- on paper. No easy task...

David, "I made this map for all those folks out there who love this city as much as I do." Learn more about David's screen-printed, Dallas Neighborhood Map, offered in six different color combos, here. 


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Rob Wilson 

Over the winter holiday, you may remember a Texas artist I featured named Rob Wilson. His incredible images are graphic and bold with a dose of good humor and forever memorable. He's one of my favorite artists and the best part is, his library of goods just keeps getting better and better...

The Shop at Renee Rhyner & Co., based in Dallas, Texas, carries many of Rob's illustrations that are in large, fine art canvas form. He also offers his original images in notecards which run the gamut from wedding and birthday to pets, love, babies, Texas icons and 'fun.' 

Rob's work is instantly recognizable and as far as I can tell, instantly likeable. He's got a knack for great design that draws you in and leaves you lingering for a moment or two- It makes me wonder what his home looks like?? 

For more about Rob, check out his site here, or find his large format prints at the Renee Rhyner shop here. Happy weekend...


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Hari Mari

I like the idea of embracing some bold color this summer. And one of the easiest ways for a manly man to do so is with a pair of flip flops from Hari Mari.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the Hari Mari flops deliver on both style and comfort. The straps are made with dual colors and even if you opt for the more subdued gray, you can get a bright orange stripe along the bottom. I love that. 

All Hari Mari flops are made with recycled rubber and foam and the toe posts, which are made from memory foam, are super cozy and easy to break in. So, these flops are made well and they're made responsibly. Even better- if you send in your old flip flops, no matter the brand, they will recycle them to keep them out of landfills. Plus you get 15% off a new pair of Hari Mari flip flops. Done. And done. 

I love the idea of some colorful, durable flops this summer as I wear my standard black flops until they are practically falling apart. These are built to last, plus they provide your feet with some fun for once. Peruse the entire Hari Mari shop here.


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Tiny Fawn

Reading Darrah Gooden's bio, I learned that she "was born in the Mississippi Delta to a farmer and an artist and raised in the Piney Woods of East Texas." It's no wonder her work is an artistic, colorful perspective of the natural world.

Darrah now resides in Dallas where she creates paper collages with colored tissue paper. Taking on the look of watercolor paintings, her art pieces are delicate, sweet and deceptively simple. Yet a closer look reveals depth and texture- creatures that come alive and have a story to tell. 

Collage is an artform I don't see very much but when I do, it makes me want to get out some paper and scissors and start crafting. I like Darrah's idea of framing a few together - the prints have a bright, modern feel that can work just as beautifully in a living room or a kid's room. Check out the entirety of Darrah's shop, which she calls Tiny Fawn, here. 


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Pixel Impress

Sometimes you like to keep your favorite shops a secret. You want to covet them all your own so no one else will know about them. But where does that really get you at the end of the day? I'm happy (although I admit a bit slow) to share one of my favorite artists, Pamela Sherry. For a few years now, she's made my stylish calling cards that are mini conversations pieces all their own. 

In her shop, Pixel Impress, you'll find notecards, gift tags, invites, calendars and calling cards- all with great color and design choices. 

My favorite are her calling cards. I use the chevron style, seen here on the left, for my personal business card and had all my info placed along the bottom third. I love the design just as much as I love the perfectly square shape- which still fits great in a wallet by the way. 

When my mom mentioned that she wanted some notecards for her birthday, I knew to go to Pamela's shop. I bought her these cards with a dragonfly design in this pretty and bright yellow. Beautifully made with quality, sturdy paper...and she loves them. 

I loved my work calling cards so much, I had Pamela custom make some cards for Sweet Peach. Vanessa (who created my site) designed them and Pamela printed them with ease- and at a great price. Check out her shop to purchase your own unique cards. But shhhh...let's not tell too many people. 


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