A couple of months ago, I was in the Beautiful Briny Sea workspace and noticed that Suzi was sharing a portion of her space with Piebox. I love Piebox and was thrilled to hear that the owners, Adrienne Blumthal, Carol Blumthal and Steven Karl Metzer just relocated their company from Chicago to my backyard in the Grant Park section of Atlanta. Welcome to the South y'all...the epicenter of good pie. 

The simple, modern design of each Piebox is what makes them so great- plus, they're needed. I can't tell you how stressful it is to transport a freshly baked pie from one part of town to another when you have nothing to use but a dinner plate. It's just so wrong... so I applaud them for these stylish, reusable wooden carriers we can have all to ourselves or to gift to our baking loving friends. 

With the success of the Piebox came the Cakebox. This design is clever as it can be used for most 10" cake plates but also, the removable cupcake racks allow the transport of up to 18 cupcakes. And if you want to up your style quotient, purchase this vegetable tanned leather strap for an easy carry...  

As if Piebox and Cakebox weren't enough, there's also Cookiebox which works for all your small pastries and treats. I want one, filled with an assortment of cookies, preferably any containing chocolate, for Christmas. Family, take note...

And as Adrienne shared, the TSA has just allowed pies and cakes to be transported on planes so it's a no brainer to travel with one of these when you head home for the holidays. The sinful southern dessert you make that morning can be tasted and shared that night, hundreds or thousands of miles away. I want one of every box. If you're feeling that urge too, click here. 


Images: Steven Karl Metzer    Content: Sweet Peach