Cainnon Combs

I can't help but love a wooden comb, especially these, handcrafted by Cainnon and Kiki Gregg of Tallahassee, Florida. They're made with all hair types in mind and meant to be versatile- for tangled curls, pinning up long hair or even managing unruly beards. 

I love how all the wood used for the combs is salvaged and southern. Cainnon, "Our walnut was salvaged from my great uncle's farm in East Tennessee, our oak is from a fallen tree in Piedmont Park in Atlanta and our hickory was pulled from the Suwanee River down here in Florida." Check out the entire wooden comb collection, here.


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Cloak & Dapper

If I had the talent of a good retailer, I think my first shop would be full of men's provisions. I just love them so. Men's things are often well made and timeless, with a simple beauty you don't always find in women's products.  

Cloak & Dapper is an American general store, based in Winter Park, Florida. Calvin Cearley Jr. founded the company after finding a lack of quality men's products in the marketplace. He partnered with NBA player Ryan Anderson and Orlando restauranteur, Kaleb Harrell to make this manly dream of his, come to life. 

What I love about Cloak & Dapper is that it focuses on the manly essentials. This includes practical yet stylish clothing, grooming products and accessories like bags, barware and books. As stated on their site, "We like to say, you basically need to own one of everything we have. And we mean it. There's no redundancy at C & D. Each piece stands alone and fills a basic manly need." 

These men have good taste...and an incredible roundup of essentials for the modern man. I'm happy Calvin, Ryan and Kaleb saw a need and filled it. That's a good, manly trait, eh? Peruse the entire Cloak & Dapper, made in the USA shop here.


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