The Sea & Asters Wood Planter

Modern simplicity is on display here and in the prettiest way possible. These small, wooden planters by Sea & Asters of Tampa, Florida quickly grab your attention and admiration. 

Owner, Monica Raguckas offers two types of wood planters. One version is designed to hold a Tillandsia (air plant) while others can handle small cacti or mini soil based plants. These are offered in a handful of poppy hues so you can easily find one to complement any shelf, sill or table. They make the cutest gifts too...

Check out the entire Sea & Asters shop, which includes pods, terrariums and tillandsia, here. 


Carriage Oak Cottage

As the winter doldrums have really started to get me down, I find myself counting down the days to daylight saving time. The spring makes me think and dream of vivid, poppy colors. Which is why I love these vases, created by Kristin Malaer of Raleigh, North Carolina.  

Kristin loves to play with color and texture and therefore chose to cover these glass vases in her own mixture of stucco and cement. The result is something unique and intriguing to the eye. This set of three would look lovely on my front porch, side by side, filled with spring flowers...sigh.  

Kristin is a busy bee, getting ready for spring herself as she now has hundreds of colorful vases to choose from on her site. Sounds like a good plan to beat the winter doldrums... Enjoy the weekend y'all. 



Jewel Tones

I try not to hate anything in life but I can't help it, I hate the winter. I hate cold, gray days. There's no color and it's not fun to be I'm finding solace in colorful pics such as these. I like the idea of jewel toned decor. It's pretty, shimmery and luxurious. Plus, it helps me think of brighter days...

Silver, gold, amethyst, sapphire, emerald green, ruby... pick your favorite saturated color to add something bold and decadent to a space. Or better yet, combine them, as seen in many of these rooms. Jewel toned colors represent the sea, the sky, the fields and flowers and elicit a deeper emotion than any white room ever could. 


Images: henry bourne;;; Design Sponge;;; mademoisellebagatelles; fengshuidana

A little color is a good thing...

Too often, men decorate in grays, blacks, dark greens and boring beige. I think it's important to brighten it up a bit- and happily, I think this is a trend happening in bachelor pads across the country. You don't need to go crazy with it but a pop of orange, yellow, green or bright blue added in manly decor....ah, it's just so good. 

It can be as easy as a throw pillow, a blanket or coat of paint, but adding color shows a bit of personality and a care for how things look. Girls like that. 

I hope these pics inspired at least a few manly men out there. Maybe it's sad to say, but if I met a guy with this yellow sink, I'd have to give him a hug. 


Photos:;; living etc; design sponge; desire to inspire; apartment therapy; hgtv;; chicago tribune;;        Content: Sweet Peach