I love a good map, especially one that shares the best spots for tasty, southern barbecue. Amanda Fisher and Paul Bright of Charlotte, North Carolina came up with this fab idea. The Great NC BBQ Map is an impressive undertaking as the well-designed guide features over 400 restaurants, shacks and eateries, and to date, is the most comprehensive BBQ map in the state. 

Amanda and Paul started up their company, EDIA, in the summer of 2014. The name EDIA is an acronym for Every Day Is an Adventure. Their goal is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and create adventure at every turn. 

The map shares important info for any lover of southern BBQ, including whether each locale offers whole hog BBQ or just part of the pig. You'll also learn how the BBQ is prepared and which sauces to expect. And to make your road trip adventure throughout North Carolina even more fun, they created a game pack of puzzles to keep you entertained as you traverse the state, finding your own adventure...seeking out the extraordinary in the ordinary. Perfect plan for the holiday weekend.


Savage Supply Co.

Last week, I received an email from a guy named Alex Chernopiskiy of Charlotte, NC. Alex wanted to share a Kickstarter project he just started, where his goal is to raise $10,000 to craft a line of canvas and leather goods. I like his style so of course I wanted to share...  

Through his company, Savage Supply Co., Alex and his team has created an impressive first collection of goods. Their handiwork isn't flashy or trendy...but functional and classic, meant to get better lookin' as time passes by. 

Alex, "Our mission is to mix practicality with soul." I think this Knife Roll is a perfect example of that sentiment. It unravels to hold 8 knives, made with oil tanned leather and lined with pig suede. Click here to learn more about the Savage Supply Co. Kickstarter project and please donate if you can. More men and women need to adorn a Savage Supply Co. bag, don't you think? 


The Carraway Concept

A well dressed southern man always has my attention. And if I notice a lapel flower, I'm smitten, appreciative, happier, knowing there are men such as these...

Rashon Carraway of Charlotte, North Carolina has a love for design- both in home and fashion. Rashon was a regular guest expert on The Nate Berkus Show and has both an interior design blog and an online shop where he sells these colorful, cheerful lapel flowers. 

These handcrafted lapel flowers, which range from $10-$20, are a quick way to complement an outfit. It's a fashion accessory with the added benefit of spreading a little joy- for it's gals like me that may notice you from afar, smile and think, 'Now, that's a good man...'  


Photos: The Carraway Concept site; Donald Wilson/ first pics    Content: Sweet Peach


Gadgets and Glass

Guys and gadgets seem to go together. This is particularly true for Dan Cordero of Charlotte, North Carolina who likes to repurpose vintage items into something practical for everyday.

I think it would be fun to design a guy's office. If I had the chance, I'd add a light by Dan as they're just cool, like this vintage flashlight lamp or explosion proof cage, which make excellent desk lamps as well as great conversation pieces. 

Dan offers a dozen different glass pendants as well that are hard not to love. They're priced well - starting at $110, and each is meant to showcase the ever stylish edison bulb. See the entirety of Dan's lighting collection that includes all manner of gadgets and glass, here.


Photos: Dan Cordero     Content: Sweet Peach

Ice Cream Cupcake

Last week I took some time off to visit my old stomping ground of Hermosa Beach, California. I was there with two of my nieces, Cassie and Kristen. Since Cassie is an ice cream fanatic, she wouldn't leave without trying the Ice Cream Cupcake offered at Frosted Cupcakery. And how can I blame her? Cassie chose the royal white with vanilla buttercream, filled with strawberry ice cream. 

This delicious concoction is almost twice the size of a normal cupcake and will pretty much make any niece or nephew smile from ear to ear.... it's good. 

While Cass happily finished off the cupcake, I snapped a few shots of her in Bryce's adorable kitchen. I'm in love with this wallpaper which reminds me of my own house growing up... (Bryce found it at Vintage Modern in Charlotte) 

Although Frosted Cupcakery is located on the west coast, there are many bakers creating their own versions here in the South. And if they're not- perhaps you could put in a special request to the baker. Afterall, ice cream and cake were meant to be together. Forever and ever. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

Worley's Lighting

Ever since I stumbled upon Worley's Lighting shop based in Charlotte, NC, I've been a fan. Artist, Shelli Worley creates some creative and illuminating table lamps that I have a feeling you'll want for your own bedroom or office. 

Shelli is a fan of the edison bulb and many of her creations are built around this well designed light source. She offers the pedestal lamp in dark walnut, oak and gray. 

I love her glass hurricane lamps (pendant or table option), which in most design shops would cost in the hundreds. Shelli sells them for under $70. 

I like her small modern desk lamps which come in four colors, including a bright cherry red. These would look great in just about any room and as Shelli shares, "they make a great night light." Add a dimmer here. 

What would a Southern blog be like if I didn't mention mason jars at least once a week? Shelli offers these mason lights in both the pendant and desk lamp option and with either a vintage clear glass or blue glass.   

Every time I check Shelli's site, she has something new and fun on there, like this chalkboard lamp or these tree branch candle holders. The candles are great for a rustic setting or your everyday porch party as they have a warm tone to them. Once lit, they will make your space super cozy and inviting. See tall and small options here. 


Photos: Worley's Lighting   Content: Sweet Peach



Every man could use a good leather bag, particularly one with a classic desgin that only gets better with age. That was the motivation behind the creation of ColsenKeane leather goods, created by Scott Hofert of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Scott set out to make bags that would hold the things that men use on a daily basis. He wants these bags to be practical and useful. As Scott shared on Bearings, "I often tell out clients that this bag will not really be theirs until they spill some coffee on it or have to run through the rain with it. In other words, use it. Let your life, schedule and reality make their mark on these pieces." 

Scott crafts all manner of leather goodness, which includes satchels, notebook holders, iPhone holders, belts and iPad covers. And he loves to custom design a piece for your specific needs. Just send him an email here.

I particularly like his MicroWallets, offered in tan, brown and black. They have a simple, clean design that exudes a manly sophistication. The wallets hold 6-8 plastic cards, 7-8 folded bills and are small enough to keep in your front pocket. No need for a bulky, unattractive wallet, these handsome holders help a guy keep it simple...

For an overnight stay, Scott's Minimalist Toiletry Case is the perfect way to carry along your bare essentials...in style, of course. 

See all of Scott's creations here, all of which are lovingly handcrafted with great passion here in the South...


Photos: Colson Keane      Content: Sweet Peach

Enlighten Me...

If you want to spend a little extra money on one item in a room, a well designed light fixture is a safe bet. After all, a pretty and unique light can quickly become the focal point of a room. And since lights have the power to be brightened or dimmed, they also dictate our mood...

Two different light companies have caught my attention on Etsy this week; Worley's Lighting based in Charlotte, North Carolina and Dylan Design Co. of Baltimore, Maryland. It's industrial chic at its best. I really love the pendants with the bright red cords. I just want to design a whole room around the set of three...

This industrial lamp, via Worley's Lighting is made of "sleek metal, finely aged barn wood and topped with a glowing beacon of a bulb." Great piece...

Find this vintage inspired Rocket Lamp with Edison bulb here. And how can you write a Southern design blog and not include mason jar lights? Always a fan favorite.

It's fun to see designers play with the Edison bulb as it's such a great invention. These rustic bookends are made from salvaged wood and would look great in a home office or just the right shelf...

This pair of sweetly rustic lights can work as wall sconces or desk lights. And at $45 per light, it's a great deal. Happy Weekend everyone. I'm hoping to stay in and get some work done, perhaps watch a little Olympics and if we're all lucky here in the South, listen to the rain...


Photos:  Worleys Lighting; Dylan Grey     Content: Sweet Peach

Three Trees Bindery

Journals are a weakness of mine. I have way too many scattered about the house and if I stumble upon a new one in a store that catches my eye with a great feel and design, I often just buy it. Binding books is a passion of artist, Michelle Skiba of Charlotte, North Carolina. As she states, "For me, the making of a blank book is only the beginning of the creative process. I am one thread in the fabric that will continue to unfold as the books fall into the hands and lives of others." 

One of my favorite features is the visible stitching. This book, with wood covers antiqued in shades of black and cream, can be custom made for your wedding or special event. Michelle will personalize the book with names and a date, hand stamped on a silver, brass or copper plate. Thread colors and end sheets can also be customized with the colors you desire. 

Her wood covers are really special as they are made from cuts of black walnut, cherry, mahogany... sturdy and full of character and natural detail. These are journals to last a lifetime. 

Check out Michelle's Etsy shop, Three Trees Bindery when you get a chance to see all of her lovely handwork. Thank Michelle... 


Photos: Three Trees Bindery     Content: Sweet Peach


The Modern Birdhouse...

If I was a bird, I think I'd be doing my best to get dibs on a modern birdhouse like this one. Jumahl of Upper Marlboro, Maryland is the mastermind behind this idyllic aviary abode. But this modern camper isn't built for just any bird. The hole size, just 1.5 inches, attracts primarily bluebirds, tree swallows, wrens and sapsuckers. 

Jumahl offers some sage advice, "It is important to put these in deep shade so the metal top doesn't turn them into solar cookers." And it's best to take good care of your camper house as Jumahl has certainly taken the best care in handcrafting them. As he explains, "Even though most people prefer to display these indoors, i do go to the expense ($125/sheet) of using marine grand Okoume plywood from a local lumber supply store, which is both sustainable and weather resistant, for durability outside, along with exterior enamel paint." 

Marc Ellis of Charlotte, North Carolina handcrafts some really beautiful birdhouses from a variety of wood to increase texture and depth. This one, called Wave, is made from South American Canary, African Padauk and American Maple. 

All of Mark's birdhouses are eco-friendly. The materials used are salvaged scrap wood and all glues and finishes are water based. 

Mid Century Modern is one of my favorites. I love the combination of wood textures and I just know my backyard birds would be fighting for prime position in this swank hangout. Thanks for sharing your amazing handiwork Jumahl and Marc. We so appreciate your passion... and great taste.


Photos: Jumahl / Koolbird    Content: Sweet Peach


Dublin Dog

I first found these dog collars when I lived in Los Angeles and became an instant fan. I own a pug and a lab, and for all of you that have retrievers, you know well the mess they make. My lab loves to roll in dead animals, mud, manure, go jump in a lake, then run out, shake, and do it all over again. So when I saw that these collars were waterproof, solidly built, easy to clean, well designed and boasted a 'no-stink' claim, I became a customer for life. 

Dublin Dog carries leashes, apparel and dog toys as well. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, their products are wonderfully made and much appreciated by dog owners everywhere. They really do make a hike into the woods that much more fun. My lab has had the same collar for five years now and it still looks like new. And trust me, it's seen some pretty bad days...


Photos: Dublin Dog   Content: Sweet Peach