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Cast & Crew...what's new

Forever a fan of Jenny & Cody's impressive furniture and home decor finds, I was in the mood to check out their online shop this morning to see what's new...

Based in Marfa, Texas, the pair have a knack for photography and design...and knowing which pieces are worth salvaging and recovering. Like this piece they fully restored- the Eames rocker in solid black. 


See the entirety of their ever evolving Cast & Crew shop, which always includes stunning chairs and taxidermy deers with hand dipped antlers, here.


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Antlers, prettified

If you're a Sweet Peach fan, you know I follow Jenny and Cody of Cast & Crew in West Texas. They always seem to curate the coolest stuff from the 50's, 60's and 70's. As they say, "We are quite simply a couple with a craze to find and resurrect pieces of the past." 

Their latest venture are custom deer antlers. Last year, the pair came upon several crates of old antlers from a longtime hunter and saw an opportunity to craft a unique and stylized product for their shop. Inspired by the graffiti knitting craze, Jenny meticulously wraps the antlers with various shades of yarn.

The antlers are then flush mounted on an arrow wall plaque made in either dark walnut or natural maple. The final product is both modern and playful. 

Have Jenny and Cody customize your own set of deer antlers here and click here to see their entire Etsy shop. 


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Checking in with Cast & Crew...

I must admit, I have a love affair with the Etsy shop, Cast & Crew. Jenny & Cody just do such a fabulous job finding and curating their stunning vintage collection. They create these simple scenes with beautiful chairs, tables and props....I just want to be there, with a martini in hand, adorning a cute vintage dress and handbag. 

As Jenny shares, "We are quite simply a couple with a craze to find and resurrect pieces of the past." Their individual talents meld together beautifully as Cody has a knack for thrift shopping and dumpster diving, while Jenny has a love and a talent for photography.

You have to check their site weekly as the pair are constantly adding and refining their favorite finds. The Cast & Crew shop is a pretty showcase of both large furniture pieces as well as a small selection of great home decor items. I particularly love this Pukeberg Gasbruk mid century decanter set. The colors of the glassware are just incredible. I want, I want...

I'm a fan of vintage school maps and charts and this German one would be so great in a home where one is learning German, is German, loves Germany or a German cook, (the chart is titled "Making Margarine"). 

No matter when I check in with Cast & Crew, I find an Eames chair that I love, that I yearn for. I've never seen one with this colored 'bikini pad,' which is all original. A rare find indeed, but that's what Jenny and Cody do best. See all of their beautifully curated pieces here, including this Eames rocker in purple. Pure Perfection...


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What A Girl Wants, What A Man Needs...

For this Manly Monday, I wanted to talk about what I wish all single men had in their apartment, great furniture. Even if it could be just one nice piece, it gives a woman hope. So I sought out one of my favorite Etsy shops, Cast & Crew in Texas for some inspiration. 

I love checking out Jenny and Cody's shop every month as their fantastic goods are always being sold and replaced by even more fantastic goods. An industrial lamp is an easy get for a guy's desk and it always looks stylish. Like these two beauties above.

A splash of bold color in a guy's place is a great sign if you ask me. Yellow, orange, kelly green, bright red's all good. 

It's the care for design that makes a piece special. Does it have personality? Does it have a look specific to a designer? Or just this one question- does it look great standing alone by itself? 

I go to garage sales all the time and I'm always seeing vintage clocks for sale. They have a classic design and are sold for cheap. The trick to adding character to a space is finding unique items like these that tell a story through their age...

Every guy needs a bench - either for their entryway or bedroom. This Danish modern slat bench can serve just as well as a coffee table too. It's an art piece that looks great piled with books and magazines or completley bare. See all of Cast & Crew's beautiful finds here. And happy Manly Monday...


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Modest and Modern Texas...

Jenny and Cody of the Cast & Crew Etsy shop down in Texas have an incredible selection of home goods I just had to share. 

Together, they've accrued a handful of well curated pieces on their site, which is constantly changing. I'm loving both this wonderfully inviting chair and white eyeball floor lamp...

You'll find a few Eames/Herman Miller pieces on their site at any given time. They rightly describe this one as an Eames treasure with the "tendency to rob the attention of any other object in the same room." Made in 1954, it's a white wire, side rocking chair with solid maple runners. In excellent condition...I want, I want. 

The iconic Eames armchair in orange is such a great find. I, myself am partial to sage green and am particularly drawn to this Eames side chair. It's in superior vintage condition with an iconic walnut dowl base. 

Jenny and Cody also add a mix of accessories to their shop. With each given their own spotlight, you can better see their visual appeal. Click here for the vintage measuring tape, the vintage cabinet blanket or the retro green and orange book set by CP Snow. And see all of Jenny and Cody's fabulous finds here. Happy weekend...


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